Benign Gynecology Specialist, Obstetrician Gynecologist: Alejandro Landa, MD

My name Alexandra Landa I’m one of
the OBGYN doctors here at Duke Health. As an OBGYN, I have the pleasure of
taking care of women throughout all the stages of their life, from very young
when they come first to see you for contraception or the first woman health
exams and taking throughout pregnancy. They cure them when they are pregnant and
take care of woman as they get older in age and any other issue
that arise during their lives. One of my interest is doing
minimum invasive surgery, mainly laparoscopic surgery,
that way my patients, woman in general, can recover faster and
then they can go back to their work, their life and their families
in a better and sooner fashion. As an OBGYN, what I love the most is,
as I was saying before, you get in touch with a woman very early on and then you
help this woman in all their needs. And then you help them start a family and
then you get the privilege to be part of the birth of the first kid, second kid,
third kid you help them grow this family and then as they age,
you also age with these patients. As an OBGYN provider, a lot of the times
we are trusted with confidence and secrets that the patients have or
information that they would not share with other providers or
with other people in their life. And then we are able to keep those
secrets and take care of women and protect them when they’re
at the most vulnerable. I think, myself, taking care of a patient
is just being honest with them, discuss findings, discuss what are their
concerns, what are their needs. And try to approach them and
address these needs and these concerns in the best way for
them, but mainly being honest and
having a clear communication.

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