Benson Gives Cassidy Strength – Law & Order: SVU (Episode Highlight)

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  1. This was a good episode. Brian was so brave and Liv helped him so much. I can’t believe we have to wait til March 14TH for the next episode.

  2. Olivia Benson/Mariska Hargitay is Wonder Woman, what an amazing character. I just love this show and everyone on it but Mariska is just such a special actress. She exudes empathy, confidence, and I love her.

  3. It’s nice to see two originals from SVU in a scene together. They still have such great chemistry together. The love is still there between Benson and Cassidy. I think they should be the end game once SVU ends for the series finale!

  4. I love Bensidy about everything. This is the best and strongest Bensidy scene ever. I cried so much and I still do it. I wish there was a second part. The episode was so moving and emotional. Brian is still very important to Olivia, that's what I feel. I still hope that the two come together again, they fit together perfectly. The smile that they both ended up having in court and the previous conversation, Liv is so proud of Brian, was so heavily played by both. Big compliment. I hope we see Brian again in Season 21. Bensidy have to get together again. Please.

  5. If I was Cassidy I would've told Olivia that you lost your chance to care about me and tell me what I should do when you dumped me like yesterday's trash you HO.

  6. Can you guys please upload the scene they referred to in this episode where Cassidy freaks out on the stand? I love when SVU ties things together.

  7. I just put it together that Cassidy is the same guy in those hilarious insurance commercials. I love him and I love Bensidy. ❤😍🤣

  8. In every episode Benson gives someone strength.
    Can she ever have an episode where she makes a mistake?
    Make your character a human not a superhero.

  9. I loved this episode but I think there is a slight plot hole. Cassidy told Stone in the doctor pedophile episode that his dad found out his coach was molesting him and beat up the coach. If his father was a cop, why didn't he arrest the coach? Unless I'm remembering it wrong.

  10. Such a tear jerker. When I was molested as a child, I was a Cassidy. I didn't tell my loved ones what they did to me because I was ashamed and felt like no one would believe me. Today, my parents wished that I told them because they would have believed me and put them in jail. Because I was molested, I faced myself with so much addictions. But today I am trying to better myself.

  11. I agree with that. Facing the person and taking back control in the personal life. That's a positive thing. How many people say if I ever saw that person again I'd give them what for.. because they carry that aggression around.
    To me a man is someone who owns their own and holds their own. As in this is what I went through.. this is how I felt. This is how it affected my life. I've realised I've been carrying things that don't belong to me. I'm not responsible for everything that happened but I am responsible for my own part in things. I've taken a personal account of my life and assessed my own behaviours to ensure I don't keep repeating the issues of the past. I've forgiven myself and put it down as a learning curve no matter how painful it may have been.. it's a reminder of where I don't want to ever be again either physically, emotionally, spiritually or mentally. I'm learning to be more responsible for my own life.

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