100 Replies to “Bernie Sanders, Cuomo spar over health care”

  1. Haha what a joke. Bernie had no idea what he was talking about. He’s got the philosophical argument on Medicare for all down though! Pass.

  2. Bernie Mexicans love you and respect you .I hope you can get along with Obrador and make America to be the greatest Continent in the universe.

  3. What's with the negative comments about Cuomo? Do people not realize that Cuomo is playing the devil's advocate here? This sort of "spar" allows the viewers to weigh the pros and cons, and understand not just superficially about the general idea behind universal health care but to truly delve deeper into the logistics behind its implementation. Debating is a very effective mechanism in conveying this because it forces the other side to consider competing side of the argument. I am glad that Cuomo took this approach in interviewing Sanders without compromising the high level of respect that he has given to his guest unlike FNC.

  4. I worked 40 hours a week in a 100 degree plastic factory for 6 YEARS. I started at a whopping $8 an hour and left there FINALLY after 6 years, making $13.75. I had heath insurance. $5,000 deductible. Oh and guess what? My kid was not covered. How much would it have been to cover my child? $98 A WEEK. $400 a MONTH for health insurance with a $5,000 deductible. I only brought home $415 a week. So that would have left me with $315 a week even though I worked my ass off as A MATERIAL HANDLER. Which is a physically demanding job by the way. I had to carry 50 lb bags of plastic up ladders and change gaylords of material all day long.

    Please explain to me how someone in a job like this doesn't deserve to be able to pay to support their family? Please tell me how I was a bum and shouldn't get access to better health care. I PAID MY TAXES. I DESERVE SOMETHING IN RETURN OTHER THAN USELESS EXPENSIVE WARS.

  5. Doesn't matter if something is practiced somewhere else, thereore it's not radical, that's a horrible way to put it, racism and slavery is still practiced across the world, and that is radical. Bernie is that one guy who can't win so he has to pitch free things in order to. Yeah Canada has medicare for all, but a lot of Canadians can't afford private doctors, and they their system is busted, people literally have died waiting because it's such a broken system.

  6. fair segment for once although Bernie can't answer a question lol glad he gave trump some credit. Bernie I think has good intentions but just isn't smart enough to talk about it

  7. He does not likeTrump for sure. Its obvious. I just can not see how he thinks all these things for free can be afforded.cuomo makes great points.

  8. Health care is not a right. It’s impossible for a product or service to be a right because they require consent from the producer.

  9. Here in Canada, our socialized medicine is splitting at the seams! Older baby boomers are around 75 years of age right now and are requiring more health care services for sickness, new hips, knees etc. Hospital emergency waits are long, basic diagnostic procedures (MRI and colonoscopy) are months to year long waits and procedures such as hip and knee replacements are years long waiting times. This is just the tip of the iceberg. We pay about 42% (low ball) of our taxes on healthcare now, so I can't wait to see what happens in 10 and 20 years from now when the bulk of the baby boomer population reach the older ages. The healthcare system will collapse.

  10. CNN you are bad for America. the way C Cuomo tried to trap Bernie with a ludicrous Boston Bomber question at the town hall was deceptive to Americans. How many Boston bombers are there?.. 1 .. How many people are in jail for small crimes?.. tons ..

  11. CNN and MSNBC , is your slogan " we like sucking corporate dick " .. so your salaries are more important than the welfare of all anericans.

  12. If my American brothers and sisters don’t support and elect sir Bernie sanders and make him the leader of this great nation. Then I don’t want to hear from them talking about the Americans fearing and want to make changes in America, seriously am going to be fed of hearing that and believe it’s just a slogan America’s love to cry out and it’s not real. My American people don’t really feel that way.

  13. We all need to rememeber that chris cuomo is just some rich guy who does not care about working class americans

  14. Do you understand Bernie when you tax big corporations they don't care they just raised their prices to make up for it more on

  15. Pruvit burning show some stats on a on a board true stats you know you run your hi ho we're onto you you're a nitwit move to a different country

  16. If Democrats get in you think your money here you're not making money now wait till they get a hold and text you for carbon tax schools for everybody healthcare for everybody listen this government's never gave me a dime I've done it all myself and proud of it we don't need a moron like you to come in and f everything up

  17. We don't care about other countries unemployment all right are presidents working for us not the world

  18. So you're saying Bernie you have the solution the solution is make everybody pay more taxes you're just saying big corporations in reality it'll be everybody we're not morons

  19. Your new candidates that hold charge more taxes hey up but then we have to pay more in taxes carbon tax pay for all these kids to go to school Medicare for all illegals everybody Bernie have you seen how much how many trillions of dollars and you want to add to that debt

  20. Yeah Grassroots on antifa you're the most radical party I've ever seen in my life you will never get into office again we're voting all everybody just both are Republicans

  21. Thanks to Obama your insurance is all screwed up he was on the take he bought a nice new mansion I wonder where that money come from

  22. Go to Venezuela Bernie please you love it so much live there with your millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars

  23. Oh my God you're a moron Bernie you keep going around question buddy you can't answer cuz you know it's not right

  24. What about the homeless here American people that are homeless Bernie they don't pay taxes so you don't really care

  25. This man incoherent… How do you people fall for his bumbling bullshit? Sanders like all Trump haters predicted the economy would suck under Trump, but here we are, watching this moron claim the economy is good because, well… not Trump! Why would I believe him if he predicted a slump….?

    Trump said under him the economy would boom.

    Bernie said under Trump the economy would tank

    Economy booms and Bernie claims "it's only because…"

  26. CNN, owed by AT&T Oligarchs, is scared to death of Bernie Sanders. Are you an Oligarch? No? Well do not listen to CNN lies. Find out for yourself. Then vote for Senator Sanders.

  27. Of course Medicare for all should be cheaper now that ObamaCare and the progressives under you and Pelosi have caused so much chaos: in the industry for the last decade and a half. You've pushed Americans into a corner deliberately thru DNC and media manipulation. "You're going to have to pass the plan so you can see the plan."

  28. G7 ( the 7 top-ranking capitalist countries in the world) – Canada,
    England, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United States of America – Which
    country among these is not a universal healthcare system… Please tell America
    and tell the truth… Tip for puppets – there have been over 115 Universal
    healthcare countries ( UHC) in the world until now … Israel is also a good
    Universal healthcare country among 115 UHC … Tell Rupert Murdoch of Fox News,
    Australia is also a good Universal healthcare country (UHC) …

  29. There's no need to worry about the numbers. Relax people, relax. Here's how you pay for it all:

    Exhume all mall fountain coins. Bam. Done.


  31. Okay, I've got To cut Chris Cuomo some slack now. he did an excellent job on this interview with Bernie. He did what so many of us want to see journalist do and news people in news anchors do is ask newsworthy questions. Don't let him squirm off the line or off the hook so the question is answered. I got to give you a credit on this one Chris excellent 👍.so at least for the moment and for this interview I've got to eat a little crow and say that Chris did a good job. Now I have to go wash my mouth out with soap

  32. Funny how the likes of CNN don't mention how expensive tax cuts for the rich are or how expensive the wars that they unquestioningly cheered on are or how much the cost is in money and lives when deregulation leads to more pollution in the water and air or how the food is now more likely contaminated and more products are dangerous because they are no longer checked for safety. When its bills they benefit from like tax cuts, deregulation the likes of CNN are silent.

  33. So the US is capable of going to the moon, help win WW2 but cannot join the rest of the developed world and have universal healthcare.

  34. I think what most people are afraid of is if they support what Bernie is espousing the 1-3% will pull the plug on the economic growth and they'll wind-up worse off than they are now. This is freedom?

  35. One more thing, a for profit healthcare system is evil. It's okay to keep the profit model by killing people? Which is what happens when some can't afford their healthcare.

  36. Money is one of the incentives people invent things.
    Doing a good job at somthing is sometimes profitable.
    It might be true that medical breakthroughs saved people lives. When a life is saved it is often a good thing.
    Many advancements in medicine is due to new inventions.
    It could be advantageous for humans if more inventions occurred in the medical field.
    Does it makes sense to think the further humans advance in medicine the better quality of life will be?
    If there is less money to be made in inventing things to do with medicine in the medical field could it decrease the amount things being invented?
    If the advancement in medicine is stunted will humans quality of lives continue to get better?
    If there is no prophet or less incentives to invent stuff in the medical field will there be less medical breakthroughs?
    Will free healthcare make it so doctors are making less money? Will free healthcare make it so the people that invent Medical devices and create medical breakthroughs make less money?
    Will free healthcare be bad for humans?

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  38. When i hold $15 in front of my face and think abt what i can buy with it and how much work i did for it in exchange for making someone else a millionaire… It seems like such a small amount of money

  39. I find it hilarious how Bernie Sanders supporters get so outraged anytime Bernie’s feet are held to the fire LOL anytime Bernie actually gets tough questions and pressed over his ridiculous rhetoric and over how his policy changes would cost an absolute fortune and would hurt the middle class and Bernie fans Haidet because like most on the left they hate disagreement. Another thing, Bernie has the audacity to state that Donald Trump wants to kick people off of their health insurance when in actuality Bernie Sanders Medicare for all would kick every single person in the country after insurance because in order for everyone else to get Medicare they would have to lose their existing policy with the private health insurance so Bernie is full of shit! Bottom line is this, Bernie Sanders is a absolute fraud who has never worked a real job in his entire life, yeah he’s been saying the same things for years but so freaking what I mean I hate to used a strategy of Democrats but Adolf Hitler before he became Chancellor of Germany held the same views long before he took power, just because someone has been rigid and I’m waving with their politics doesn’t mean shit. Bernie Sanders is a fraud and a clown and I really hope it’s him going up against Trump because Trump will eat his fucker for breakfast just like he did Hillary Clinton lol. Bernie Sanders doesn’t have what Donald Trump has and that charisma and presence and he also has terrible socialist plans for the Country. I mean just look at this clown LOL

  40. Infant mortality rates in countries with Universal healthcare are half what they are here with our profits above lives policy, thats thousands of babies that will die every year because you are afraid of a minor tax increase. Fredo was never very good at math🤔

  41. Political puppets don’t care about the health of American
    people – Remember – there have been over 115 Universal healthcare nations (
    UHN) on earth – All UHN are poorer than America.  All of those provided its citizens with
    different health coverage policies because more than half of those are

  42. For Cuomo – Simple
    and true philosophy: Patriotic and honest lawmakers always work for public
    interests (of the majority of American people – 99 %) – Greedy cowards and
    DISHONEST POLITICIANS just work for filling up their own pockets, bosses bts
    and selfish crony …

  43. how many fucking study's do you need for health care jesus how many years is canada going on now were everyone there has medical and they aint having any fucking issues jesus people are fucking stupid

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