Best Ankle Rehabilitation Exercises for an Ankle Injury (Sprain or Fracture)

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  1. Thankful for you amazing experience to help us 😊
    But excuse me if that possible I need Some exercises to treat Vibrio because I’m a soccer player and it’s almost hit me

  2. This video is just what I needed after breaking my ankle 11 months ago. I'm past the early ROM and strengthening exercises and walking normally. The "grapevine" is something I hadn't seen before, and may get me comfortable enough to dance the Howrah at my nephew's wedding! Thank you!

  3. Thanks so much–some much more interesting and challenging exercises than I've seen elsewhere. I broke my ankle in 3 places about 10 months ago and because of an infection, having a second surgery to remove the hardware and my incision dehisced, I was only able to begin range of motion and strengthening exercises about a month ago. Although I've made progress, it is very slow. I'm worried that, with the amount of time that's passed, I may not get back my full range of motion. (I'm 70 years old…). I'm really working at it, and I'm starting to see some progress, but it's very slow. If I concentrate, I can walk normally but my steps are pretty short. I know everyone's different but how much time should I expect before I might be able to have my range of motion at least somewhat back to normal? As you might imagine, the ankle is very very stiff. Kind of disheartening…but I'm not giving up. Thanks again.

  4. Hi Docs! What's the typical/average timeframe of rehab for a fractured ankle? I broke my ankle 7 weeks ago and should start physio next week. I didn't need surgery, no ligamennts were torn, clean straight brake. Thanks!

  5. There is not a link for their products as they stated in the video.  I have noticed this on their other videos also.

  6. Awesome video. I'm recovering from an anterior talofibilar ligament sprain of the left ankle. I'm going to physical therapy. Any advice about exercises that I can do to be able to wear high heels again. Incidentally, I sprained my anterior talofibilar ligament of my left ankle wearing flats, lol.

  7. Thank you for this video. My ankle started feeling weak, and I don't recall injuring it. Will try these exercises.

  8. Bob and Brad – you two are my PT Heros! Thank you for posting your videos and keeping me so well informed! You provide such helpful tips, exercises and you both are just SO DANG FUNNY!!! So between you two…who's the Mary and who's the Rhoda? heeheehee

  9. I'm 3wks post-op from ORIF of my ankle. I fx tibia, fibula and talus bones after I fainted. I was having PT but the Dr stopped it until 8 wk post-op bc he said he didn't order it yet, Idk. He wants me to do passive ROM myself. I'm a nurse but now I'm a scaredey-cat.
    I don't exactly know what to do. I think I'm afraid of falling again or the pain or both. I feel like I can't move or flex my foot. It seems just frozen. I'm trying to Dorsi-flex and extend but it feels like I can't move it or I'm afraid too. I do have a moderate amt of swelling, I'm still iceing. Do u recommend iceing 3wks out? Some ppl say it causes more issues ?!?. Can u recommend what I should start w/ in-regards to Passive ROM. I'm still NWB but Dr told me to start moving my foot on my own & he will order PT next month. Plse help. Thank you Judy

  10. I can't do beetwen right leg to left leg your video 9:15 minutes. What am i problem? Glutes, hip, ITband, ankle…

  11. hello,
    thank you for the video.
    I have a query..
    I had ankle sprain 3.5 weeks back, and i Have been Using RICE technique. Now, that there is no pain and i can just move my ankle forward and backward and also walk slowly…
    I tried to move by ankle side ways (as shown on 5:01 of this video), it still pains sharply on the ankle…
    so i was in doubt if my ankle has not recovered properly, and can i go for these therapies or should I again go for another round of check up and Xray?

  12. I broke my ankle in 3 places did 6 weeks after surgery cast is off ..My big toe gives me trouble to move it’s very stiff ..Still walk with a limp Any thoughts on what i should do

  13. Dear BoB and Brad,Thank you for your post and I greatly enjoyed watching them.  Keep up the good work!I had my left ankle fracture for about 11 weeks now and I dislike using the cam boot as suggested by the doctor (with 50% partial weight after 6 weeks).  I have a few questions here to ask if that's ok:1. Do you think it is ok not to use the cam boot?  2. I started walking with or without crutches (@ week 8) but everytime I move my leg make a "click" sound – is this normal?Many thanksRegards,Emelia

  14. What if i sprung my ankle multiple times in last 4 years (last time 1 year ago)? When i try this exercises i feel stinging pain on the sides of my ankle. My ligaments aren't torn i checked it with the doctor. The doctor said that my joint capsule was torn but it healed. He also said that i will feel this pain for the rest of my life :(. What should i do ?

  15. I have Charcot foot. I was in a total contact cast for twelve weeks and recently transitioned to a crow boot. Can I do these exercises. I cannot bear weight so it’s only going to be the sitting down for now. I’m told I’ll wear the crow boot 6-12 months

  16. Who sang that song at the beginning of the video? I like the music. By the way, did doctor Bob and Brad sing it when they were young or did they hire a young man to sing it for them? And I'm looking for ankle rehab exercises for my grandmother who had an ankle surgery and is now on a bed rest. I will tell her to try the exercise you showed. I wish she'll soon recover!

  17. I fractured my ankle (lateral malleolus) last July. It did not require a surgery because the ankle bones were in alignment, and it healed well. I was already jogging about three months after the fracture. By December my ankle was completely fine. Or so I thought.

    Last January I made a couple interval sprinting sessions and since then my ankle has been a mess. I cannot walk with it long distances and it always feels stiff and weak. It feels like something is wrong with my ankle, I just feel and sense it.

    I had an MRI in the late February and it revealed that I had a tear in Syndesmosis and Medial ligaments. And I had a partial split tear in my peroneal brevis tendon. My ortho thinks that it should not require a surgery though.

    Do you think I caused more damage to my ankle in January when I made those interval sprinting sessions?

    I have tried to rehab my ankle lately with many kinds of different programs, but my ankle just gets aggravated. Rest improves things somewhat, but once I start to walk and rehab more the stiffness, mild pain and feeling of "something not being right" in my ankle instantly returns.

    I'm getting a bit desperate with this situation. What should I do?

  18. This is a great tutorial! I'm 4 years post ankle fracture and dislocation (w. ORIF and PT). I have some residual neuropathy and occasional balance issues, so I will be using these exercises as a tune up. Thanks for sharing.

  19. The moment when you don’t listen to your orthopedic and have repetitive sprained ankles to go to PT. I have gone twice and every time they say I need PT. Now I’m in college and I’ve rolled my ankle at least 3 times this year.

  20. I’m doing the Abcs without being weight bearing. Feels so weird. But easier to do with my leg on a bed or couch. When it’s dangling, my leg always always to move around with my ankle.

  21. Ok so what about fused ankles? I was told due to my fused ankle. I should not walk to exercise. I am really struggling on what to do for shoes due to right leg being shorter than left. In addition what exercises I can do due to hip bone issues.

  22. hello there ✋ thank you so much for this . I wuld just like to ask if when is the right time to do dis rehabilitation?

  23. hello, I really hope you can answer my question. I sprained my ankle 7 weeks ago and it turn out to be complete tear of of atfl. my doctor has sent to me to physio I just wonder is there any hope for me to get back to playing basketball after I recover ? can I back to playing only by physio and without surgery?

  24. I broke my ankle 8 weeks ago and have been given the all clear by the consultant. My ankle feels fine but all the pain comes from my heal and toes. Would this just be from the ligaments and all the stiffening? and with these exercises will they all loosen and the pain go.

  25. Thanks , these exercises are a much after 14 weeks of an ankle sprain, they really loosen up my ankle bones that were so stiff, if a person doesn’t stretch all those ankle bones , ligaments, etc , the aching will not go away….you two guys really show how to stretch….

  26. Love you videos! Question on the “dance move” with the cane – (zig zag). How do you limit the external rotation of the hip so you are focusing on the eversion aspect of the ankle joint?
    Big fan! Thank you!

  27. Hi Bob, Brad, and the PT community! Sorry to bother, I was wondering whether anyone could share any suggestions regarding my current foot struggles. I've been struggling with peroneal tendonitis (went to a podiatrist for this diagnosis) for 9 weeks after walking around in high heels (stupid I know, since then I've donated all my non-flats) for a few hours. I've been wearing a boot to walk for about 5 weeks, in conjunction with anti-inflammatory meds, msm, and stretching exercises at home. I rely heavily on a heating pad for relief instead of ice, as I have Raynaud's phenomena. I've been careful for the most part, but the first two weeks I didn't realize that I majorly injured my foot, so I walked on and off. The last 7 weeks I've been very conservative in treatment. Any suggestions? I'm really upset. I'm a student with 2 jobs and my stress relief is going for walks, which I have not done in almost 2 months.
    Thank you in advance if anyone has suggestions!

  28. I have a question: I have a bad ankle sprain and can bear some weight on it now (it could not bear weight the first 3 days). But I can’t support my full weight, so I walk with a limp. Is it better to use my ankle with it’s limited range or is it better to use crutches?

  29. Great video. I managed to slip on a grass slope at home and got a spiral fracture in my Fribula and a couple of small fractures in my Tibia, with a syndasmosis injury to top it off. Surgery was a couple of week ago and things are feeling pretty good. (I hope so considering the medical bill!)
    Thanks for the video, it gives me a great idea of what is ahead for me.
    I have just ordered the resistance bands.

  30. So how to do all that on both? I broke both ankles. surgery on one, but the wt bearing will be the same timeline according to the Surgeon.

  31. Thanks guys these exercises are great especially the chalk between the toes drawing letters , helped me out heaps , thank you very much

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