Bill only one strike talked to 100 women name something – feels very Doughboy and your man have in common He’s white That’s one good to me that’s the best thing us out of here I Love real answers, man Yeah, like I think nothing else Steve. I’m looking at him. I’m looking at me here both Austin’s white I’ma go what he’s white Come on Rocco, let’s make it happen on a scale of one to ten. How much fun is New Year’s Eve today name something people might get too much of money name something people name something people feel with water a bottle a Cool name the most popular cereal Frosted flakes name a job. That’s dirty, but someone has to do it the plumber Gynecologist Not yet couple months Better check with her after this Yeah Well your buddies at work when this goes on TV Best sex I’ve ever heard You stunned the world with that one right? I don’t know if we’re gonna have enough tape to show the whole thing but you’re sure they do owe you – Rocco let’s go buddy on a scale of 1 to 10. How much fun is New Year’s Eve, you said? it’s an 8 survey said Name something people might get too much of you said money Wow survey said Name something people filled with water you said Swimming pool survey said Number one answer his bottle. I said name the most popular cereal you said Frosted flakes boy when I was a kid me and Tony the Tiger you had a thing going on survey said Cheerios was the number-one answer got 128. We are 72 away name of John Name a job this dirty, but someone has to do it You my man are going to be so famous after this you Core values of double Here we go. Top. Six answers are on the board Name something that follows the word pork That you spelled it come the hell is a pork law. I thought you said long Belly pork belly When I am named something that follows the word pork you pie It’s number one, it’s number one. Oh, really? Robbed every summer farmer’s wife might accuse him and care more about than her his farm equipment the farm More specific is I Kid you not I couldn’t have wrote a joke better That’s the best damn answer Damn answered that ain’t on the board I’ve ever heard Cecily Good to see you. Uh, your sister Tanya she put up 23 points We wit up That’s the bad news here’s the good news You need a hundred and seventy seven point you need just about everything there is to get but guess what? You can make it happen. I’m gonna ask you the same 5 question You cannot duplicate the answers. If you do you’re gonna hear this sound You will not hear that sound this round right here. Don’t even worry about that Trust me. You won’t hear that sound we could have That sound right now I’m diving in the crowd Okay, are you ready, all right, let’s remind everyone of Tanya’s answers You’re 25 seconds on the clock, please Your clock will start after I read the first question We asked 100 men name a part of your body that’s bigger than it was when you were 16 your penis Not so good I Said the medical terminology what you say I Said Bingley Winkie any damn thing Good ain’t gonna sound right The medical term is Army’s worse a slang term would at least make your ding-a-ling something the penis You know, we’re keeping that answer Name a word that starts with para para legal name a kind of knife a Steak knife name something you’d see on a football field during a game a goalie name of food That often gets judged at a State Fair Pie-ya look at her answer. You think you think that’s shocking? Well, you see this first one We asked 100 men to name a part of your body that’s bigger than it was then when you were 16 you calmly said Survey says Number one answer is stumble If your stomach is that big you can’t see it anyway Then I said name a word that starts with peril you said paralegals survey said The number one answer was paragraph Then I said name a kind of knife you said? steak knife survey said Number one answer was butter butter knife. I said name something. You see on the football field during a game, you said? The goalie not the goal After number one if there’s a bit of what you say looking for the goalie survey says Number one answer football players Then I said name a food that often gets judged at a State Fair, you said Hi What’s the number one answer? Oh We need a hundred and fifty six people Yes, we can 415 dollars They’re gonna take another shot old family – I’m Steve are the everybody. We’ll see you next time You You

100 Replies to “BEST ANSWERS STEVE HARVEY Has EVER Heard On Family Feud USA”

  1. OK WHAT!? Loin and Belly got the same amount of points, but they gave it to that one family just because it was higher-up?

  2. Coming soon to Netflix: a Netflix Documentary, “Feud” a new series studying Steve Harvey and his slow descent into madness and despair during his tenure as the host of “Family Feud”…

  3. has captions on
    Steve: Thats about the best answer I've ever heard.
    Captions: Best sex i've ever heard.
    Me: spits out drink I'm sorry, what?

  4. Steve- "this is the greatest answer I ever heard! "
    Translation-"this is the stupidest shit I've ever fucking heard! "

  5. Those people standing there saying pork LOIN, and UPINE while I’m over here saying pork CHOP. I thought that one would be 100% obvious.

  6. I guess I get all of Steve’s money cause He bet it all that no one else said “upine” but before the guy even answered that’s what I said


    I died!!!!😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
    This can never beat.

  8. "Hoe"
    I'm dead again!!!


    This is the only one language you Americans learn one language.

  9. 5:00 I thought the joke was the way she said Loin but the says Name somthing that follows the word Pork… Qpine haha

  10. 3:52 I wonder what the number 1 answer was? I was thinking a Stripper. 12:05 a football field is south america would have a goalie.

  11. Gynecologist! Uncontrollable laughter going on here — and I've seen this about ten times. The look on his face is priceless

  12. The ..cupine one ALWAYS gets me lol. I love how there’s a delay in between when Will says it, and when the audience gets what he said haha

  13. Steve: name something that follows the word pork.
    Will: cupine
    Steve: huh?
    Will: cupine
    Family: its up there
    Steve: pork…….. he said…….. cupine
    Steve: cupine……. Wh Wh Wh Wh WHAT???!!! WHAT IS CUPINE!!!!????

  14. Steve: the best answer I’ve ever heard

    Close caption: best sex I’ve ever heard


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