Best Friends Swap Diets For A Week • Kelsey and Michelle

hi I never ate sushi whenever I go to a sushi restaurant I get chicken and rice [Music] hey I’m Rochelle Kaare and I’m helping Peter Kay in this week we are switching diners I have not really changed my diet in probably a couple years on my channel I do a show called challenge accepted where I take on a variety of different extreme life changes and every time I take on one of those episodes I work with a professional nutritionist so my diet varies completely based on the episode but what I’m going to be giving you today is what I call my in-between time which is what I do is I pretty much rotate the same types of grilled chicken and spinach and rice in various different ways I don’t normally like eat Carvey stuff but that’ll be like a fun experiment cuz it’s been a while since I’ve been incorporated those things in my diet so it’d be cool to see if actually don’t eat carbs thing holds for me I think my dad’s generally fair it’s like slightly paleo keto inspired but honestly is just kind of like I’m actually looking forward in this because I think everyone who’s around me is tired of me ordering the exact same thing every time we go out I’m more of an adventure okay so I pretty much don’t have anything that is on her list so I’m gonna go grocery shopping I still doesn’t drink coffee so I guess he’s not drinking coffee for a week you’re shopping phobic with Kelsey’s list and some items that I usually don’t eat are zoodles okay I’m back from the grocery store and here is my crush is still a Michelle Carey Hall these are all the things that I bought and then I have some things already at home like some rice and quinoa so yeah it’s gonna be interesting so I just got home from training in a really long day so I’m going to do be postmates option on Kelsey’s meal plan and she apparently likes to order from a Greek restaurant I love Greek food honestly there are like three babies in here that I’m just like not a huge fan of olives I really don’t like olives I think that cucumbers are basically crunchy water and I don’t want touchy water personally and then pepperoni pepperoni pepperoni but tonight I’m gonna be open-minded you know it’s only day one don’t want to knock anything in your taste buds greatly change every seven years so maybe might have changed Rochelle just texted me that she is ordering from my favorite Mediterranean place my tech Mediterranean salad and I’m so jealous because I would pull right now oh okay here is dinner and there are the olives honestly it’s not that bad it’s pretty good so first night for dinner I’m doing cook quinoa I’m doing some mushrooms and some grilled chicken looking good good morning it is day 2 and I’m about to have some dairy free yogurt this is actually something I usually eat in my regular meal plan the difference here is that I usually eat it with other things and I don’t know how I’m going to make it until noon it’s the morning and I really wish I could make my coffee here’s my breakfast I have this six egg whites which sounds insane and a whole cup of raspberries and 1/3 a cup of granola with milk ignore my rollers I’m going to a thing today thank whites every day gets boring luckily the fruit and granola or more tasty that’s pretty good I would do this again so I just went for my lunch from creation cafe where Kelsey usually gets a suit in a small side of chicken I am starving I am honestly starting to get a little bit of a headache because of how hungry I am finally made it to the weekend where instead of having a green juice Kelsey’s a meal for breakfast and we’re making banana pancakes mashing some bananas over here one thing I like about Kelsey’s diet that’s different from mine is that she eats different things on different days of the week a weekend’s like fun banana pancake time and the rest of the week she’s on a more strict smoothie green juice type of thing it is fun to kind of have this little like reward of pancakes we’re filming on location so I had to pick a spot that looks pretty healthy so I just sent Michelle attack to be what she would order and I guess I’ll just order whatever she’s helped me at about this mmm it’s really good oh my god Michelle just texted me back right after I order that I ordered what she ordered an unexpected thing about this week for me has been that my to forgot that along the way I would be learning new recipes and that’s really exciting we’re out to you that there’s a selfish that I actually really like but I have to eat one ality to fish salad I’m craving I also added the mushrooms but I just love mushrooms we were up until 1:00 a.m. filming last night I’m dead inside and I needed a cup of coffee to comfort me I am deciding to do or two days in a row but here we are for breakfast today I’m gonna try this Pocoyo living coconut yogurt that Kelsie eats I hope this is good because it was $5 per container it tastes kind of like busy like kombucha this isn’t just eating tons of chicken lots of veggies okay okay she will have a few drinks a lid no cheese no cranberries but double chicken double beets what are you they slash me you will be how dream my classic chicken cobb salad no balsamic no cheese no – yes like the first couple days I was just like super hungry I had a headache yeah well what I ended up actually doing is you know how you gave like four or five suggestions for each meal yeah I would pick two iniba all right how’s it going what do you think did you eat your tortilla last dinner on Michelle’s diet is another one of quinoa chicken and mushrooms I’ve eaten so many mushrooms this week I’m good actually but I’m excited to get a little bit more variety back home I miss my diet a little bit but I’ve definitely learned a lot my final thought is I’m ready to be back on my old normal ass – wow I feel a little bit hurt my diet rocks your diets boring no I think that I learned a lot though from eating your diet oh and there’s certain things that I’ll definitely keep which is pretty cool some of my favorite things that I’m definitely gonna keep cooking are the zoodles the only reason I miss my old diet was just because it was routine in habit but I also feel like it was important for me to try new things your diet is so much more protein dense than – so I think that I felt pretty heavy and it took a bit for my body to bounce back of being able to break all that protein down one thing was the egg whites I was so sad the other thing I didn’t love was the exclusion of coffee and I will admit that I cheated twice and I definitely have coffee on set what I really needed it so I kind of went into this thinking Oh like this will be a fun challenge we’re just for a week and it really made me think critically about food and where food comes from and how much community is connected to food I felt like it gave me a new perspective on your life and like what you do everyday and it made me feel closer to you in that way and also just like sharing meals together is something I think we especially in America take for granted a lot one thing I noticed that I when you said brings us closer together I actually felt the same way because I thought of you like three times a day you know like because we’re breakfast lunch and dinner I would be interested to like swap diets with another person yeah yeah I also think that I would definitely eat some of these things that I ate this week definitely again [Music] you

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  1. The chicken bowl Kelsey had looks like Thai food. The rice is cooked with chicken broth (+fat in it). Not a diet of anyone's dreams but dang delicious 😂😂. That one bowl could take up to 500 kcal LMAO 🤣

  2. I love Michelle but she is the only indian who doesnt eat indian food everyday. I'm half indian and I eat indian food at least 4 times a week

  3. I eat like a two year old. My favorite food is chicken tenders and Mac and Cheese with ketchup and DAIRY free chocolate milk.

  4. this was an actual good pairing for this challenge because they follow similar diets and are ACTUALLY friends. they both actually tried everything and didn’t cheat (except for the coffee) unlike the others who’ve done this

  5. Even though the rules still weren't followed perfectly, the difference in effort between this episode and the one with lara is massive. I loved how kelsey thought to at least ask michelle what she would order when she was having to go off the meal plan on that shoot. It's so much more enjoyable when they actually try and go in with an open mind

  6. Kelsey: I would actually do it again (Looks at Michelle with a grin)

    Michelle: I would be interested to swap diets with another person (looks straight forward)

    I'm crying. Why does it feel like Kelsey was friend zoned

  7. As someone who is trying to lose weight, it’s nice to know that I’m not missing out on something skinny people are enjoying. But at the same time, it depresses me that I have to eat mostly beige and bland food to stay skinny.

  8. I swear I'm weird sometimes, especially watching these vids lol. Like for 3-5 days I'll eat quite unhealthy and in large amounts then I'll go through a period of around the same length of eating very little and quite healthy. Like da fuccc wrong with me.

  9. The "pepperounchini" (pepperoncini), is pronounced "pepper-see-nee" and they are yellow hot chili peppers.

  10. 2:18 Watermelon is like a "sponge" water for me because you can't chewing. It's like 99% water and the taste really isn't surprising at all.

  11. A diet is such a personal thing. And personally I dont buy into the trendy diets. I just eat what I want.

  12. this comment probably wont even get noticed, but they have different body types and different work schedules compared to everyone else in this comment section, so they need a specific amount of nutrients and calories along with the type of work schedule they have which explains why they eat what everyone says is “boring,” it’s a routine and it fuels them while matching their taste buds, eating so healthy also makes your tastebuds more accepting if you will of what everyone else considers bland, it’s probably boring and tasteless to you if all you eat is sugar and salt in excess which makes your tolerance for it super high

  13. “I don’t eat carbs” is so annoying always because yes, you do. Carbohydrates are sugars. Vegetables are just carbohydrates.

  14. I don't know if it's an American thing or just a human being thing, but people are not very adventurous with food.

  15. Eggs have even more cholesterol than steaks. I don't know why Michelle is eating such unhealthy food. The amount of chicken she consumes is also scary.

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