Best Guided Meditation For Inner Strength ♥ Day 7

welcome to our guided meditation day 7 I’m very proud that you’ve decided join me today on our guided meditation for inner strength the focus of the meditations today is to help you find the positive powerful energy that lies within you to help you deal with any stress painful circumstances or just to start your day rejuvinated i believe each of us is stronger than we really think life is a beautiful journey that is not always easy but i truly believe that the universe the ddevine power sometimes puts difficult situations in order to help us grow understand ourselves and find the strength to build us into more stronger confident powerful souls you and i, we together at some point in our lives have been challenged hurt betrayed beaten or discouragged but in the end nothing has defeated you you are not a victim you may have been delayed but not denyed the person or situation that hurt you is weaker than you because you’re still here so don’t let an expereince weaken you let it build you and make you stronger than you were before our job is to find the positive even in the most its the only way we will in when we stop feeling sorry for ourselves we start feeling stronger lofe changes every single day and so can you you can have the new beginning you want whenever you want because life always begins now not tomorrow or the next day but now with that said lets begin our meditation coming into a comfortable seated position with feet crossed in front hands rested on your knees hand position either in yoga mudra or your hands open in order into being open in receiving powerful energy into your energetic field as you find your comfortable position begin to close your eyes bring attention to the space between your eyebrows third eye chakra inhale deeply into your nose exhale slwoly out allowing yourself to sink a little deeper into a relaxed meditative state inhale exhale deep breath in long exhale out become aware of any sensations in your body allow the feeling of relaxation to take over as you let go let go of any worries thoughts or to do lists and dedicate this time to yourself big long inhale in long exhale out feeling coolness of breath as you inahel warmth as you edxhale let go of your fear exhale let go of your worries of the future inhale exhale let go of your weaknesses inhale bring in strength exhale inhale bring in power exhale inhale bring in confidence of your being you are fully on control of creating a happy and peaceful life you deserve allow yourself to accept that inhale exhale out allow yourself to go deeper inward be present and be aware of emotions or thoughts let them go if they arise before i let you go deeper into your meditation lets introduce our entering thought our mantra for today use this mantra through your meditation to help you focus remind yourself of what you are manifesting through yourthoughts repeating this mantra strength surrounds me love guides me peace fulfills me and now silently in your mind its time to release your mantra begin to bring your attention back to your breath taking deep inhale in long exhale out bring attention back to your body starting to move each finger and each toe letting your body know its time to wake up and face the day and face the day thank you so much for joining me on meditation for inner strength before you go on with your day i want to remember to smile even when its tough smile smiling doesn’t always mean your happy and you are love and light to you all namaste

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  1. I honestly dont know how i can show you my deepest gratitude for what you are doing for me. I just love listening to your wonderful voice and your wonderful Meditation. I just love spending this time in the morning with you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful and wonderful person you are. Please please keep on with your videos and your Meditation. I will stay by your side. Thank you sooooooo much. Please feel huged by me. Lots of love and my honest and deepest gratitude for you. Nathalie

  2. Hi Juliana and Mark!
    Usually i don't comment the videos and publications but i really needed to tell you, this was great!
    I have actually transcribed those amazing things you've said to my personal notepad, so that i can read it anytime i need.
    I love your meditations ( and also yoga and workouts videos, actually i use them every day in my home practice), but this one for me was the best, i totally needed to listen to this today!
    Keep on, thanks for bringing so much light in to my life!
    Peace and best wishes from Portugal! 😀

  3. Just curious, beautiful video by the way, but what was your most difficult situation in life? In mine it is now letting go a narcissist I believed to have one day become my husband. Which of course would have never happened.

  4. you really are so wise and i hope you know how much you are helping people like my friend and i feel not stressed and happy more and we are living better lives because of you, thank you so much

  5. Im new to your channel. Love your meditation vids, your voice is so peaceful and calming. I started with yoga with Adriene since last year and would be adding your vids in the mix. Namaste ❤

  6. Hello, I'm enthusiastic to let you know a way where you'll discover good number of new yoga methods. Just simply type: "MindYoga4U" in Google. You will be a genius with the ideas available.

  7. I must say I didn’t watch many of your other videos mostly because eg fitness videos are just not comforting for ne personally. I like to do my own exercises. Anyways I find your meditation videos really really good. It seems so natural and real and that’s why I’m always coming back as long as I need a guide to concentrate on the moment and to be aware of myself. So thank you. Especially for making the diving into meditation so easy. Because I always knew it’s healthy and now I experienced that it is indeed. Lots of love for you & if you’re still in south east Asia, visit ko lanta (if you haven’t been there yet) I fell in love with the island and especially with the lanta animal Welfare organization.
    Keep up the good work… Namaste. 🙏🏽 🧘🏽‍♀️🌱

  8. Namaste. You made me feel like a beautiful pure dawn with little rain. 💙💜 Thank you dear. The Almighty bless all . . .

  9. Im so glad I did this one tonight it made to feel strong and that I can achieve my dream ,thank you Juliana and Mark love and light to you both xb

  10. I have a question: is it possible where two people who are meditating can communicate with each other without talking? Like by changing energy centers like the chakras?

  11. Thank you Juliana for sharing this meditation and for your kind words, I'm having.a tough time right now and this truly helps me! Love and light 💓

  12. You guys always have such meaningful thoughts to meditate on during practice. I'm glad i tried one of your meditations. Thank you!

  13. Lovely meditation. 😀 Smiling doesn’t mean you are always happy. Smiling can mean you are strong in the face of adversity. 😀 in Texas. 🙏🧘🏻‍♀️

  14. You are so wise!! I completely agree and I am working on my new beginning well I guess I have been for a few months now. It's been a long trying journey but I'm never giving up!! Thank you for your time and making these videos. Namaste 😁

  15. A smile opens the door to positivity and strength if you let it. A smile can be encouraging to those that need it a smile opens doors to many things I've learned. So yes always smile, let your mind see the reasons that are right in front of you! All of you beautiful souls just smile because you can 😁😁💋

  16. You single handily have pulled me out of depression. Been watching your vids for years now. You really are my mental health doctor 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 Thank you ❤️

  17. Discover – love your videos of yoga and meditation. I follow you night by night. Trying and practising it as good as i can for each movement, each word to find the real me. Your voice is so sweet and peaceful. Yeah. I remember: " smiling. It means im strong and im".
    Thanks so much.

  18. Thank you~❤ your style of meditation really connected with me~ your words of kindness we're deeply needed this day~ 🙏~❤☀✌~

  19. Hello dear Boho, a beautyful channel. I too, a Bavarian poet wants to carry love out into the world. please listen to this song.https: // v = cYbxQcgqph4

  20. Ive a knee problem that developed recently so im using this to send healing to the area ,love this thanks so much Juliana, xb

  21. Your mediatations just bring so much joy to my day. You are just so gifted at doing these! Please do a new series of them! I would be forever grateful 💕💕💕

  22. This woman’s videos are so inspirational. I’ve been listening to her for over a year and she always has the rights words at the right time.

  23. You are such a gift and such a beautiful soul. These meditations have greatly changed my morning routines and life. Thank you and Namaste 🙏🏼🤗

  24. I have been using your meditation videos after my workouts and it is an amazing way to begin my day. Thank you so much.

  25. Thank you so much for this meditation. I am a yoga teacher. I have been teaching for over 25 years. I have a severe back injury which is how I got into becoming a yoga teacher.. I suffer from severe chronic back pain and it is difficult for me to teach on the mat so I have been teaching chair yoga that at assisted living facilities. As I am in these assisted living facilities I'm falling in love with these beautiful people each day and today I learned that one of my beautiful students named Gloria passed away. I saw her four days ago and she seemed fine although she said she felt a little weak. I got her some assistance to get her back to her room and I found out when I went to teach today that she had died that same night. My heart was broken into a million pieces. By listening to this video you helped me so much get through it. I can't thank you enough. I hope that you will see this post because I know that this video is not very current so I hope that you will still see this. Thank you so much for all that you do… you help me and so many many many people. I truly appreciate and I'm so grateful for all that you do. God bless you!

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