100 Replies to “Best Korean Drama OST Part 1 l Descendants Of The Sun OST Full Album”

  1. Ham mo ghe song joong ki va song hye kio!to thich bai hat every time ,..

  2. Tiba-tiba kangen sama film dots, gua tonton lagi berkali-kali. Berharap mereka berdua main film bareng lagi #songsongcouple ❤

  3. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA242o4BcL6jHzGl9iM4D0WXxxZR3KmlB. Watch first full episode of descendants of the sun. English subbed

  4. 아직도 듣고있어.
    Still listening. 2019
    ยังฟังอยู่นะคะ.. 😍😍 2019 😍😍

  5. Everytime: 00:00

    This Love: 3:10

    Always: 6:57

    You're My Everything: 10:23

    Once Again: 14:24

    Talk Love: 18:22

    By My Side: 21:58

    Wind Beneath Your Wings: 25:44

    How Can I Love You: 29:39

    Tantara: 33:59

    Lost Child: 37:30

    I See You: 41:37

    Because It's Love: 44:41

    Such: 47:43

    Can You Hear Me: 52:05


  6. I am in love with the music but feel sad at same time😢
    I sang 'You are my Everything' at my Ex's Wedding😭

  7. Love from India…I can't understand korean but the music is so melodious..I just love these songs and also love song joong ki & song hye kyo

  8. 03/30/2019 , melhor dorama e melhores trilhas sonoras ❤️❤️🌝👌🏽 assisti em 2017 e ate hj esse é o meu melhor dorama ❤️

  9. whenever I listen to it
    I start crying
    just can't stop myself from crying😭😭😭
    love you Song jung ki❤
    and Song hye Kyo❤
    the fans of descendants of the sun will always remember this drama❤❤

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