Beth H. Geneux, M.D. – Obstetrics and Gynecology

I was born and raised in Thibodeaux, Louisiana. After that I went to undergrad at LSU in Baton Rouge and got a degree in microbiology. Actually taught high school for a year in
New Orleans and stayed in New Orleans to do my medical school at LSU New Orleans. I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina and did my OB/GYN training at Carolinas Medical Center. I was really excited about joining Pierremont OB/GYN Specialists. Just to be a part of this group. I think they’re a special group and have
a lot to offer. Just to be part of the hospital system where everything is so accessible. It’s so comforting to be working here in
the office and we can easily be on Labor and Delivery in a moment when we have patients laboring. We have access to everything, the labs, referrals to other physicians. It’s a wonderful place to work. I think I’ve taken a special interest in
pregnancy itself. I had opportunity to give birth to my first
children, which are identical twins, shortly before I started private practice. It gave me a whole different outlook on pregnancy itself. It made me more interested, of course, in
multiple pregnancies. It made me more interested in high-risk pregnancies and minimally invasive and robotic surgeries. There is nothing better than getting to take part in people’s lives especially such memorable parts of people’s lives. Having a baby. Seeing the family. And you get to know these patients well. I’ve already had situations where I’ve
delivered several children for a mother. I’ve gotten to know them through those pregnancies. It’s just an amazing feeling.

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