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[email protected] [email protected] all the right choices CompareQuotes is an independent company that hand selects the most reliable, professional and affordable businesses in the trade and service industries. The following business has consistently met our standards and they are a supplier that we can highly recommend. Rob Rotin: Hi, I’m Rob Rotin. I’m the Managing Director of Big Apple Roofing. At Big Apple Roofing we have fifteen employees. We do re-roofs, new roofs, roof restorations, terracotta roofs, cement roofs, zinc roofs, color bond roofs, we do all your guttering basically a one-stop-shop for all your roofing needs. When we do roof restorations we do a full coat color system. A lot of other companies do it two or three coats, but at Big Apple we do four coats of color. One of the major benefits of the four-coat color system is its longevity. It means that the color would stay on the roof a lot longer and we give you a written guarantee. You need to have good staff members and I think I’ve got one of the best teams in Melbourne. I have got three registered licensed plumbers, I’ve got roof tailors, I’ve got roof restorers and at the end of the day they all are number one to me. Adam: I have a friendly environment. Everyone gets along really well and that makes our jobs go smoothly. Brett: We do a variety of work. We can put on metal roofs; we can do gutters, the end parts, pretty much all your roof plumbing needs. Speaker: We’re outdoors; we’re not stuck in an office. We get to meet people, communicate with people and that’s a big positive. Tom Hodgetts.: I got Apple Roofing entered to restore my roof. I contacted Apple Roofing. They were the, actually they were the last one that I contacted and gave me the best deal. So I gave them the job. And I found them to be very good firm and lived up to all the promises they made. Rob Rotin: Big Apple Roofing keeps the weather away. For all your roofing needs, ring Big Apple Roofing. Big Apple Roofing Call for a FREE Quote 0411 180 799 undefined

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