BioInvent at Pareto Securities’ Health Care Conference 2019

this is Pavas Mehra here at Pareto
Securities’ 10th annual health care conference in Stockholm and with me I
have Martin Welschof CEO of BioInvent a company listed on Stockholm First North.
Martin could you please tell us a little bit more about BioInvent and the
products that you’re working with. Yes so BioInvent is obviously very interesting
company so we have a very nice portfolio so we have focused around a portfolio
and a platform basically and at the core of the company is that platform that
delivers multiple projects that were using in one way for our partners such
as Pfizer but also building their own product portfolio. Could you tell us a
little bit more about the collaborations that you have with other companies such
as Pfizer. Yeah, so we have a number of
collaborations so you know we have collaboration also with Daiichi and we
have one with Takeda and Mitsubishi Tanabe so they have already products all
of our antibody library that they’re moving into the clinic basically and
they do that on their own and whenever they hit a milestone and we had some
money and with Pfizer we have currently very active collaboration which is more
around the discovery of new targets and antibodies and most recently we had very
important breakthrough which means we discovered a target which then Pfizer
picked and selected in order to do for the work on it And what is the market potential in numbers regarding this specific product. Yeah, so regarding this specific produkt it’s difficult to give a number
because then first you have to do all the clinical development etc but if you
look at the Pfizer deal so it’s what structure like this they provided an
upfront payment of three million they did also an equity investment of six
million into the company and then total milestones without royalties is up to five
hundred million U.S. dollars obviously you know it’s a long way to go that but
I think has a lot of potential it’s a great potential and
looking forward more like out of an investor perspective both short term and medium term, are there any
specific events that the investor should be on the lookout for. Yes, so I’m
expecting so we had the first milestone with Pfizer and I’m expecting other ones so
stay tuned in this respect then. Other like Big Pharma? Well in the
Pfizer collaboration itself. Okay. So because we have a lot of momentum and
good progress and you know we think that we should hit some other milestone soon
then as I said so we’re also using our platform to build our own portfolio so
we have now two clinical programs and might structure some collaboration of
the second program that we’re currently discussing so there’s also something
that might materialize during the second half of this year so those are near-term
milestones basically an eventful end to the year basically. Looking forward to
it. Thank you very much very much Martin Welschof Thank you

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