Black Desert Mobile Ultimate Beginners/Advance Guide

Hey guys the global version of Black
Desert Mobile is finally out, and aside from the great graphics and gameplay
there are actually a lot more mechanics that new players may not know how to
fully utilize. And so we are here to guide you in the different secrets and
tips that players from the Korean version is doing in order to efficiently
play the game. This is your ultimate beginner’s guide for black desert mobile The most frequently asked question so
far when I play the game is how to level up fast? Although your character level
is not what really all what you want in the end, it’s no denying like that all
other MMORPGs out their, level is definitely a defining factor on how
strong your character is. However here in BDM grinding mobs does not really give a
lot of experience, and in order to level up fast you will need to get quest which
is by the way very very important. But note that there is also another way of
leveling alot faster, yes way way faster than auto grinding mods, and that is through
life skills. You heard it right, life skills like foraging mining lumbering
fishing etcetera etcetera gives a lot more experience point than just grinding
mobs. And what’s more is that fishing in particular can be done in AFK mode. Just
go near a body of water like in Velia Wharf or in Heidel river or in your very own
camp and press the fishing button and viola see your experience points shoot
out over night. And if you want to level even faster you can even do the manual
fishing which is a bit boring at the long run but does give you a way faster
XP. This is a very great way to level up up until level 50 and still good until
60 though you might want to consider random mobs during those times instead
as you will miss a lot of Silver’s black stones and equipment drops if you just
do fishing all the time so just keep it balanced guys but during the early game
it is a great way to have a level advantage than those who doesn’t know
about this mechanic the next question is how to increase combat points well there
is actually no rocket science behind it but there are several tips that you want
to get in mind first is don’t be afraid to enhance your equipments meny doesn’t
want to enhance as it may be a waste of resources to enhance low-level
equipments but as a result having a hard time killing mobs
now here in BDM there is actually a transfer enhancement level mechanic
under the block spirit menu what this does is not once you get a better
equipment you can transfer the enhancement level to that new equipment
the catch is that your current equipment will be destroyed and the new
enhancement level of the new equipment is a bit
but hey that is a very lowest of resource in exchange for faster grinding
during early levels the second tip is to feed your black spirit this little guy
here will eat extra weapons armors accessories and these special stones
click the dark energy option and feed it to him every level will gives you bonus
combat points and there are some additional skills like the black spirit
rage which you can unlock later by leveling it the next question is where
to get metal gears there are actually two ways to do it the first is to
shikaku and the second one is to marketing
buskers but let’s not talk about the latter one for now as it requires a lot
less materials to make to start let’s focus on shikaku
this is a rng draw which lets selection shikaku coins for random equipments in
ascending order of reality there are white green blue purple yellow orange
and red colored equipment the higher the equipment grade is the better it is you
can get higher grade in Shikata with a low chance so you will need a lot of
coins to have better chances of winning to get these coins aside from doing
quest do the boss rush trio camp each run will give you Shikata coins the
hardware test the more coins you will get now note also that in order to get
the scrolls needed for boss rush aside from buying it in the cash shop is
through the daily black spirit quest so basically always try to do the black
spirit quest daily then do the boss rush in order to get the Chicago coins to
exchange for new equipment before we end this video another tip for this game is
that to use the black spirit mode if you are going to log out what this do is
that it will continue grinding gathering or fishing even if you are
offline there is a maximum of three hours only but multiply that by the
amount of time you are flying and it will adopt so before logging out of the
game don’t forget to press that black spirit mode to continue grinding so
that’s it for now guys hope it helps there will be a lot more guides and tips
in the future so press the subscribe button below to
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this week so stay tuned for it see you in the next video peace

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