Black Wolf Turbo Lite Cabin 380 Tent – How to setup & pack away

– This is the Turbo Lite Cabin
380 Tent from Black Wolf. It’s a quick pitch tent
with two independent rooms and a big awning. I’m gonna show you how I set
it up and how to pack it away. Let’s get started. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) Hey folks, Ben from Snowys here today at the Brownhill Creek Tourist Park in Adelaide’s Eastern Suburbs. It’s a really quiet little
get away for Adelaidians, not far from the city, or a great stopover for those travelling through the city. Somewhere to park your van, set up your tent and explore the area. I’ve got some space here today
to show you some products and this is the Turbo 380 Lite Cabin. This is a little bit different than the Turbos we’ve known from the past in that it’s got much more head space, it’s got two rooms side by
side with the external doors and a really large awning at the front. Set up is much the same
as the other Turbos and I’m gonna show you
how to do that today as well as pack it away. This is how it comes when you buy it. It’s about 29 kilos in weight and measures around about 130cm in length by about 45cm x 40cm there about (mumbles) I’m gonna start by showing
you what comes in the bag when you buy a Turbo 380 Cabin. So this is the contents of the package when you buy a Turbo tent. So on the left to me
here is the fly sheet. You get a bag of pegs and all
the guy ropes that you need. First, they’re already
attached to the tent. There’s two part sections here. They’re from the ridge pole of the awning that’ll make more sense a bit later on. Two short upright poles for the awning. A long upright pole has got the two black ferrules
so this is the long one. This is the main portion in the tent. And it all fits inside this bag. So the first thing we need to
do is spread the main portion of the tent out here. Now, it’s getting a bit windy here today. So I’ll make sure I
keep pegs in the ground, I wouldn’t leave the tent unsecured at all cause that’s when damage can occur. So I’ll spread this out first. There’s a few straps in place
to keep all these together while it’s packed up. It’s easier to get in the bag,
it’s easier to carry around. The first one is a strap that goes around the base of the tent here and that keeps all the fabric in place. We’re just gonna undo that on but it’s not attached to the tent. So make sure we put that
somewhere we’re not gonna lose it. Secondly, this strap up here is actually attached to the tent. So we undo this and this
keeps all these arms secure from falling out while
we’re carrying it around. We can undo that and just let it go cause it’s actually sewn to the tent. From here, we can let all
the arms drop out now. If we can, we’ll try and
work out where the door is. So that we’ve got the right orientation. It’s a bit hard to tell. I’m just gonna let the arms drop down and then we’ll spin it around afterwards. So just gently let them fall to the side. So I’ve just spun this around so my door is through the
front of the tent here. I can tell cause I’ve got
the Black Wolf flag out here and these zips are coming
to the base of the doors. There’s two doors in the front of this. When you spill it out, just be careful you’re not
twisting the poles too much. Just ease it around or grab a second set of hands to help you. The next step is to go and
put all the pegs in the base. So I’ve got six pegs to put
in each corner like this and then we could the
pole, the frame in place. You might need to find, because
there are six pegs in it, you just go back and adjust them to make sure it sits reasonably
evenly around the sides here and when you pull these pegs out, don’t make these too tight. Leave a bit of slack in it, it lets the pole to sort of adjust once you pop it into place. Moreover on pegs, they’re pretty good pegs that come with your Turbo tent. They’re nice and durable. Pretty good for a moist ground. If you are using a really
soft ground like sand, you might wanna add a few
sand pegs to your kit though. The next step is for us to start to put the frame in the post and pop the frame up now. And there’s three steps to
popping this frame up into place. First of all, the four end roof pole is not these centre ones but the four end ones that need to be extended out like this. There’s a little push
button up underneath here. We gotta pull this out until that little button locks into place. We do that on those four roof
poles and then we go around and we invert this knuckle here until this button pops into place. So now, we got all of our leg strength. We’ve got these two poles and
these two poles extended out. So we’re kinda looking a bit like a spider here at the moment. The next step is to step
inside the tent here. We get up underneath the
hub in the middle here and we push it up until
it pops into place. And that’s the inner tent all set up. Now, all we need to do
is throw fly over the top and then we can set the awning up. So I’m just trying to orient
my fly a little bit, so when I it’s the right way around. Now, the zips and the Velcro are underneath the awning of the tent. So we know that that bit of
fabric there comes out the front and this one to the rear. Now, this is probably a whole
lot easier with two people. I’ll try and throw this over by myself. So we got the fly over the top now. Awning fabric’s hanging
down at the front here. Now, underneath each of these
legs that come down the side, it’s not a full fly. It doesn’t cover this side of the tent but this is still water proof. So this runs down the leg of the frame and up underneath here,
there are Velcro tabs that we can put around the
frame to hold it all in place. There should be two of these on each leg. This second Velcro tab goes
above the knuckle here. We’ll do that one up as well
and then at the very base is the side release buckle that actually clips to the frame down here from there, we go around and we put all of these
pegs in around the corner and then we can set the awning up. So we got the pegs in around
the base of the fly now. So that’s all secure. So that’s the main portion
of our tent set up. We still need to set the
awning up out the front so grab our poles and we’ll
show you how that works. You know there’s three awning, or upright awning poles. The two with the single black ferrule are the shorter ones for the side and the one with the tube-like
ferrule is the longer one that goes in the centre, so
we need to get them in place and then we assemble this pole here. Now, this comes in two parts. It clips together. There’s a little push button here or a locator pin in a hole
that that needs to clip into. And then on the other
end, there’s a collar to allow through extenders. So we can make sure the
ridge line of the awning, of the, yeah, the
awning, sorry, is thwart. And then this hole gets situated in the hub of the top of the tent. So we’ll just slide in under there and I’ll show you where that goes. Now, this can be a little bit awkward. So to make sure we don’t
have this facing up to put a hole on our fly. So make sure it’s facing down. We need to get this right up in the hub. The actual hole where it’s located isn’t in line with this pole. It’s just to each side in this area here. So if we sorta slide this underneath, if you fish around a little
bit, you can find the hole that it sits into and that
then locates it in that hub, we can spin this around,
extend this out until its tight and lines up with the eyelet
at the end of the awning here. This is probably the most
awkward part of this set up because this ridge pole is
quite high with the cabin tents. But we now need to grab
our tallest awning pole. We locate it through the hole at the end of the ridge pole here and then pull the eyelet that’s along the ridge of the awning here. Underneath here, there’s
a little brass eyelet and put that eye over there. Spig it in the pole
there, stand it upright and that’s the centre pole set up. We put the corner poles
in, peg our guy ropes out, which are situated in
the little pockets here and the awning’s set up. That is our Turbo Cabin
380 Lite all set up or just about, at least. I’m gonna take a short cut today cause I might need to take it
down again for you, shortly but we should always put
the guy ropes in place. Now, there’s two in each
corner, two here, two here and the other side as well plus an extra one in the
centre in the back there. So nine extra guy ropes in total. That’s gonna give you a Turbo
tent tonnes of stability in over the worst of weather. Now, there’s four windows
that we can set up in three different ways. There’s long windows on each end here and two slightly narrow
windows on the back here, one here and one here but they can all be set up
in the same manner in it like it can be zipped close
completely, like this one here. They all have Velcro tabs in
the bottom to secure this. You can roll it open completely as if the weather’s nice, then just roll this right
up into the top here. And there are tabs up here that you can use to
secure these up and open so you get tonnes of
ventilation through the tent. Alternatively, down each
side, if we undo the, there’s two zippers. If we undo the lower, or do
up, sorry, the lower zipper, there’s this gusset here that
allows us to peg this out with these included guy ropes. These are attached to this one. They come with your kit. We can peg this out like
this as a gusseted window to allow ventilation, while
it’s keeping the weather out. So great for really humid nights. That is how you set up the
Black Wolf Turbo 380 Lite Cabin. Pretty easy. I did it myself, much
easier with two people. I’m gonna show you how
to pack it away now. The first thing though, is
to take the awning down. So I’ve got the awning collapsed down, I’m just gonna take the fly off now. So I’ll go around. Unclip the pegs, the clips at the button. Don’t forget our Velcro
tabs in underneath here around the frame, two on each leg. And then we can drag the
fly off and fold it up. I find it’s a good idea to
undo these rolls of fabric where you’ve got doors and windows rolled up before
you pack the tent away. It’s just gonna make the tent
folding up flatter as well to get it back in the bag far easier. So I’ve got all the windows closed up and the fly sheets off. The next step is to step inside and pull the top portion of the tent down until the frame collapses in. Next step is to go around and
invert all these knuckles. So the button on the
knuckle here, we depress and that allows this to invert and we do that on all six legs. Once we’ve done all sick knuckles there. We need to remember to collapse these four long arms of the interior. So we got a button underneath here So feel around to find it. Depress that and then these arms slide in. From this point, before
we can go any further, we gotta take the pegs out. I like to leave the pegs in as long as I can in case it gets windy, that way, the tent’s always
secured to the ground. So from this point, we’ll grab our strap and maybe just put it in
our pocket somewhere handy so that we’ve got it
ready and we need to start to gather all of these
legs up into the centre holding in, you need a
few hands to do this. We gather them all up in the middle, keeping an eye on where
the strap is that we need to be able to tie them together. So here we go, here’s my strap here. So I’ll just keep that on the outside and that’s gonna secure
all the poles together once we’ve got them
collected in the middle. So we got all our poles
secured in the middle there. So then we’re gonna fold it out and right now, we’re going to
spend a little bit of time now just sort of folding all
this fabric as best we can all out on the side. Try and get the fabric as flat as you can. That’s gonna make it easier or it’s gonna make it
roll a lot more compact and go back in the bag easier. So now, I’ve got this packed up. We just get everything back in the bags up by putting the poles in the bag, poles and pegs in the bottom and then the main portion
of the tent on top of that and then the fly can
tuck in around the edges. Now, for a big tent, that went
back in the bag pretty easily That is how you pack
or set up and pack away the Black Wolf Turbo Lite 380 Cabin Tent. It is an awesome two
room family camping tent or even a solid bulky
tent for 4WD touring. You can grab them online at at our lowest prices everyday. If you have any questions, let
us know on the comments below subscribe to our channel for
some more great info like that or head here, for some other
Black Wolf Turbo videos. (slow music) (slow music)

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