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– I want to hear
about social media. I feel like social media
is impacting us all. Is it adding to our stress? Is it decreasing our stress? What social media doing? I feel like it could do both. It depends on how you use it. Like I’m a media personality so
I stay on social media a lot. But sometimes I have to
catch myself because what we start doing is comparing. I just turned 32 this year. I don’t have children yet. I’m not married yet. And I know I’m not
ready for it yet. So sometimes, you know,
you can get caught up if you see all these different
pictures and you know, our first home. We’re expecting. You know, you can
caught in your feelings. I feel like that goes
back to self care. You have to take
care of yourself. You have to take breaks. Like even though it’s good
for my business for me to know what’s going
on, at the same time, I just stay off social
media for three weeks. I took a little pause because
I needed to do it for myself. Because you have
to– like she said, you have to be in
control of your thoughts. [AUDIENCE APPLAUSE]
CARLOS WATSON: Thank you. I want to hear a little bit
more about social media. Who else has something to
say about social media? Well, social media
can be a challenge. I’m married. I have three kids. I stayed at home with
my kids for 12 years. I devoted myself
completely to my family. And then you feel like
you’re missing out. All my friends I
went to college with are moving to different cities
for their graduate degrees and they’re getting
internships and good jobs. And I’m cutting
up chicken fingers and making macaroni
and cheese and doing all those sorts of things. And so you do start to compare. But I think that you have
to love yourself more and you have to
forgive yourself. And you do have to be
a little bit selfish. So, I do try to work out
and I do try to eat right. And then if I don’t, I
forgive myself immediately. I don’t beat myself up for not
sticking to something that’s very strict because I’m human. Like sometimes, I tell my
family I’m going to work and I tell work I’m
not feeling good. I’m that coming in. And I go to a hotel and
relax and chill out. And I set boundaries
with my kids. Even my little
3-year-old daughter. I tell her pretend mommy
is not here right now. And when I told her that she
looked at me and she said, pretend mommy come back.

34 Replies to “Black Women Discuss Social Media | Black Women OWN the Conversation | Oprah Winfrey Network”

  1. Social media is toxic. Always remember 90% of everything people post online are exaggerated. Please trust and believe, people who have lives and things going on barely have time to post on social media.

  2. Social media is a tool like everything else. The videos i make try to help people financially but there's videos that polarize people towards hatred and violence. Its just a tool that we as people have to ignore, control and/or master.

  3. The lady who said she stayed home for 12 years should be ashamed of herself. She acts like being a housewife is something unimportant. If you're out working like a man, who will raise your kids? You have the most important job as a housewife by raising up the next generation, but you'd rather be selfish and work. I can't believe you told your 3 year old to pretend you're not there. What a disgrace.

  4. I completely agree with both ladies. I’m single with no kids as well as I’m 30 and it does get hard sometimes when you look at others making moves that you haven’t made yet. So cutting yourself off of social media for a while helps in a major way but also time for you to reflect on ourselves. Including getting away from family and friends. Going to a hotel for a day or two just relax and not think. I plan on doing that for my birthday and just go by myself and relax.

  5. I cant stay on social media more three days. After that time I deactivate it and go away for about 1-3 months. I initially used it to connect to "friends" I don't often see because health problems I have. The way folks have treated me is like I am the 11th of the 10 plagues. But I realized social media has given a platform to the attitudes and conduct people already had. For example, if everyone on the earth(every family head that is) was give $10 million to do what they wanted some would indeed use the money for positive/constructive things. And there are some who would use the money to engage in dishonest and corrupt practices. Why? Because they were already dishonest and corrupt before the money. Social Media is the same. Some use it for useful things. However, I personally believe the majority of folks on there just want someone to follow them. They are egotistical and arrogant and social media has allowed them to show that a larger scale. I have often said if I wrote my feelings on a sheet of paper and asked random people to checked that they liked it I would be considered a few cards short of full deck(aka CRAZY). So I simply use my page to share scriptural explanations and motivating thoughts from the Bible. Then I'm off.

  6. Social media out of control with the suicidal fools an killers..a 14yr old killed her neighbor. But then again.its taking down alot of racist

  7. black women 80% of your children will NEVER have a FATHER in the home! fckk social media! be responsible! thats why the teens shoot the fCKK outa each other!

  8. This is off topic but all the BEAUTIFUL BLACK WOMEN IN THE ROOM OMG 😍 I couldn’t help but notice. I do agree with taking breaks from social media though . I try to do 4 weeks one time then then try to take it up to a few months. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  9. I notice that this channels subscribers are so negative. YOU TROLLS are one of the most toxic things to social media. Just because YOU'RE not happy does not mean you have to go around being hateful and negative. SHE IS GORGEOUS and i wish her the best of luck with starting her family and dreams. 💕💕💕

  10. Social media is how I earn a living… I am a trained social media manager and marketer.. and that is how I help put my sister through Collage.. although I am a psychologist.. I love helping businesses and brand connect in this techy world of today

  11. My thoughts. Yes it’s how you use it. I probably only like Facebook the most because I find things I don’t get anywhere else….recipes, fashion, travels, things to do, places to go. It’s all in how you use it. I use it for positive not negative. If negative people places or things are on my social network they gots to go. Simple as that. I may stay off for a day or two, no big deal. It doesn’t monopolize my time

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