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– How many of us would
be open to therapy, but frankly would be
hesitant to try medication– anti-depressants and the like? Tell me why. Yeah. I’ve been hesitant
about medication because, you know, as
progressive as I am, I still also think I can
keep it together, right? I mean, here’s the thing. If a doctor told me that
I needed medication, I would take it. Take your medicine. [APPLAUSE] I take ADD medicine
because I have terrible ADD. Growing up, people were just
like, oh, she talks a lot. She’s kind of flighty. And then I was in therapy. My therapist was like, I
think you might have ADD. And I was like, me? No. And then I went to a
psychiatrist, talked pretty uninterrupted for 10 minutes. And she was like, it’s severe. And then I was so apprehensive
about taking medicine because I was like, well,
it’s going to alter my brain. It might take a minute
to get on the right meds, because ADD,
depression, anxiety– they’re all sisters. They’re all in your head
going, we gonna get you. And one medication that’s
supposed to treat one thing might treat a whole
bunch of other things. So I say, try it. While a lot of people are
hearing and relating to what everyone’s sharing,
I gotta believe that there’s somebody who’s
hearing this and saying, I don’t believe it. I don’t feel it. So I want to hear from
a few of those folks. Let me hear from you if I can. Hi. My name is Tammy. I want to talk about the
medication part first. Because I’m a naturalist. And I believe our
ancestors and stuff, they went through
things, and it was natural remedies and
stuff to heal things that we were going through. But at the same time, as a
young child, we was military, and we were forced to go through
therapy because we couldn’t speak about what was
going on in our household outside to anybody. So we had to go through therapy. But I sat there. I didn’t speak. In my older life,
I was pregnant. And I was assaulted. I almost lost my baby,
and she survived. And I wanted to go to therapy. So I looked up a therapy. I did my research. I found a black
therapist, a female. I held so much in. So when I found somebody,
I was ready to just release everything. And I did that. And she opened up her
voicemail and her phone number to me to be able to call
if I couldn’t reach her. I did that as well. After I started doing
that, that’s when she started to, like, fade away. She wasn’t returning
my phone calls. She booked my appointments
two, three weeks out. She just became very distant. So I went back to the
childhood phase of not wanting to go to therapy. I did try medicine. I tried it for probably
a couple of weeks. It did help.
It did. But I didn’t like
the side effect. It made my stomach hurt. I don’t oppose of
anybody else’s view. But I’ve been on
both standpoints. So I just kind of view it
differently a little bit. Thank you. Let me hear from one
or two other folks that also feel like they have
a different point of view. My name is Jill. I actually lost two sons. My oldest son was
murdered at 23. And then my other son went
swimming, and he drowned at 17. So at the time that my
oldest son passed away, I had just entered
into the ministry. So I was preaching. So I was in the pulpit. So I didn’t understand how
I increased the kingdom, yet he decreased my
household, and then turn around and take another son. So that was really
challenging for me. So I held a lot of it in. People in the church
tried to help. But I was very angry. I still have a
little relationship with God I’m working out. But my opinion on
medicine is not to do it. Because I’ve been on both sides. I’ve tried it. I was so numb. I didn’t know whether I was
coming, going, or where I was. For two years, I missed
out on my other son, who was seven years
younger than my one that was taken, his life. And to this day, I’m still
trying to get that back. And that depresses me. And I’m going to
share something else. In two days from today was the
anniversary of my 17-year-old when he went into a coma. I don’t know– I really didn’t
know why I was here. And don’t think I don’t
have a connection with God, because obviously, he put me
here now for this situation, and I really appreciate. Because as I look out and I
look amongst everybody here, I see loving, caring
faces that really understand a woman’s hurt. It gives me that strength to be
able to stand here now and know that in two days,
I have to relive that moment of my 17-year-old. I would love to go
back to therapy. Because guess– I
fired my psychiatrist. I fired my psychologist. I feel like they let me down. Telling me that I had
bipolar did not work. Putting me on all those
medications did not work. Praying, unfortunately,
it does not help. So when I leave here,
I do want to know how to get in touch with you. Because I need help
right now, you know? I do.

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  1. Ladies it is ok to not feel like putting on anyone’s super Woman’s cape. We are human, we feel every emotion. That is absolutely normal. Be ok not being perfect. I am a black Woman who was kidnapped, raped, beaten then the stranger tried to drown me three times. The next day I was found. I have never been the same again. I have written two books. I feel another one coming as we share. I’m not famous, however I’m real, in perfect, challenged, I feel strong today. I walk in grace. I bought Eve some shoes. She gave them to her shadow. In my soul I have sun to direct my day. I know there is plenty of room on the sidewalk for us all to share. My PTSD is better I’m able progress in my day. I send well wishes to you all and a kite to your inner child. #Authorsandranorthard

  2. I feel you about your sons the pain of losing love ones is a pain that only GOD can heal…lost my mom when I was only five…ten years later my dad died from a massive heart attack… my daughter died only to live one month and two weeks and my nephew was killed two days before Thanksgiving in 2017..Nobody but GOD has keep me 🙏

  3. We have been through soo much as a race Jesus.. the last woman has PTSD and it's very apparent I want to give her a hug

  4. The lady with the denim jacket we went through the exact same thing!. 🙏🏾❤️ Lets leave the medication alone. Pray and support each other.

  5. Man people don't know the hurt that women carry…they always think it's about a Man. Most hurt comes from being let down, because u know u do the right thing and u are liviing by example and things still seems to fall apart…We know God is still in control, but it still hurts.

  6. Those broads are GIGANTIC!!!!! I didn’t watch this but I hope they addressed their unhealthy weights cause it’s a huge problem. Pun intended

  7. Lord, I'm hurting so much for that woman. God please save her. I'm praying someone like Tyler Perry swoops in and changes her life. I know it won't make the loss easier. She just needs to be loved on in big ways. God, please forgive me for not appreciating this beautiful life.

  8. Life and it's storms! The longer you live it's likely you'll be in one.I believe in Our Creator and his guidance through it all.Strength,courage,peace,self worth l could go on…Just a taster of what l receive from my relationship above 🙏🏽

  9. I’m sorry that therapist let Tammi down but you can’t allow one disappointing experience to deter you from your healing. You must vet a therapist like you would a life or business partner, medical doctor, job, bank, contractor, etc. Every therapist ain’t for everybody and every client ain’t for every therapist. Once you find the right one, driving to their office and speaking words out of your mouth is only a PORTION of the work. You MUST do ALL the work to fully heal, i.e. journal, get still, breathe, feel the pain, cry it out, dance it out, walk, say affirmations aloud, read self help books, apply what you learn, change your diet, whatever you need to do. Prayer and medication did not work for me but therapy, determination for birthright possessions, and doing the work necessary has saved my life.

  10. Nobody needs any medication! They make you sick so you can pay to live! Phenol look this up on CDC website. Now look up Hitler and phenol on wikipedia. They were experimenting in death camps I'm living proof!!! Phenol was found in 1832 nothing is hereditary. You're paying for a slow death! Anyone can have my records. Jesus Walks

  11. I would like to know the name of the therapist that wasn’t invested in her mental health. If she wasn’t interested or unable to help then she should have recommended someone else.

  12. I love the girl in green!! So honest!! ADD medication can change your life for the better!! My goodness I feel so sad for the lady that lost her two sons!! God bless her!! 🙌🏻💜🦋

  13. I'm not against medicine, but I'm against us not asking what the ingredients are in it. In 1991 the desire for drugs and alcohol was taken from me and never had a desired for it at all again. I had asked Jesus into my heart and had gotten saved and then asked the Lord to take from me drugs and alcohol and it was not instant but it did come and I remember standing in a liquor section of a store and had no desire at all. Well, I apply this to medicine, I find out what is wrong with me,. listen to the doctor, then I want to know what are the ingredients of the medicine I'm taking and side effects. I also look into homeopathy medicine as well and see what's in it and the side effects and from there I make the best decision for me. Most people of color in this country do not even ask what are the ingredients in any form of medicine as well what are in the shots we take and the shots we allow our children to have. Do you know that in the immunizations shots and vaccines shots, there are animal dna, other dna, formaldehyde, aluminum, and other chemicals, including contaminated blood from an infected person?

    Do you remember the test that was given to those black men, injected with syphilis, where do you think they got the infected blood from and then injected the infected blood into those men and watch step by step until they died. Do you ever wonder where most of our diseases come from, it all starts in the immune system the gut. Now think about all the shots that have been taken and the effects it has on the immune system, let alone being overweight and not eating correctly, I found out that our gut is our problem and I start changing my diet. I do not take shots that doctor recommend for me to take and why not, because I know of some people who died from the shots and others start having depleting health problems and I found out what the ingredients are in them, I now do to a plant-based diet as much as possible, lots of water, exercise, garlic regime, vegetables, apple cider drinks and other plant foods, my intake of meat is low and I notice the difference. But for some of us, we don't think we just say ok or yes and do not ask what is in it. We need to read and research and ask what is in it. Our gut has the answers, research it and most physiology are European educate system, I go to God and then search myself or look at my self and ways, what did I do and what did I allow someone to do to me, look at yourself first then proceed, because a lot of times we have the answers to the problem. These shows are nothing more than a repeat of history shows. Reseach the 50s thru the 80s and bring it to the present. We as a people need to wake up and look around at us and diagnose ourselves. God help us.

  14. I felt so heavy reading the title. I was also anti-med before I got depressed and suicidal thoughts almost took me. Medication can save your life if you need it and are using it with a doctor. I also believe in changing your lifestyle and eating better. The stigma and ignorance is real. But natural remedies are very much needed a well.

  15. i do not like these segments because unless you are a docter, how you gon take advice from someone who has no knowledge on medicine? But I feel like I'm wasting my breath because people will think what they think

  16. All the ladies especially the last one I wish they would have captured someone going out of their way and giving her a hug.. 😔😔 My Heart aches for her 💔

  17. Praying does help, God placed you in that room at that time around someone who he will use to help you. God's help may not come when you want it or even look the way you expect it to look, but he will help.

  18. Being a naturalist just means medicating naturally through herbs, eating well, exercising, therapy, meditation, etc. I'm a naturalist after realizing that pharmaceuticals did not help with my severe anxiety, ptsd and depression. Eliminating the medication and focusing on my whole self is what really pulled me out of a total nervous breakdown.

  19. Just guessing but sounds like the first audience member was blowing up her therapist way too much and taking up more time than the therapist could give to one patient. I’d love to hear if other people got that impression too

  20. Black women carry so much including the pain from the ancestors (the study of epigenetics). Please look @ alternatives like cannabis CBD and psilocybin mushrooms. I say this with love ❤️

  21. those tears hurt my feelings bc i cried them before. no therapy bc the dr i loved the most is gone. and replaced w/ a piece of crap

  22. It's so weird how they group together just because of the color of their skin. Why do they exclude those women who aren't black. This isn't right.

  23. The last lady seemed so put together for the first few seconds and gradually became more and more unglued. Not sure but I see why the shrinks thought she was bipolar.

  24. I'm not going to lie I am in tears. I hate seeing my sisters in so much pain. This show is teaching me so much and I'm glad black women have a platform and a space to be this vulnerable.

  25. I’m on anti depressants, it also helps with my sleep and my anxiety, however I also do therapy once a month. I think therapy and medication(if needed) is a great way.

  26. She says praying does not help… No it doesn't if you don't believe. I am 52 no health issues and have never had medicine. I pray, fast, drink water and exercise. You can't treat your body like a trashcan. Your body is your temple.

  27. My heart goes out to people that have lost someone ,but that poor lady who lost her 17 year old,,we in the black community have to get and broaden our access to various activities in a way, her son should not have lost his precious life that way, he deserved to know how to swim just like any other teen

  28. Therapist, FTW. I believe all ADOS should have a naturopathic therapist. That’s who are and where we came from.

  29. Don't be afraid to get the help that you need. Even if it means medication. Don't let others opinions or circumstances deter you from your healing. At the end of the day….when it's quiet… have to be satisfied with yourself

  30. When you have depression it is already hard enough to get through the day. Sometimes cognitive therapy several times a week while trying to work and do life is hard and even more stressful . Also IMO medications had a better effect than the ongoing therapy.

  31. This woman is grieving the loss of two sons. A grievance is not something we need to be cured from. It is a necessary step that follows trauma.

  32. It is a work in progress. I took meds for little over a year. I was num. I have been off meds for almost 14 years now. There has been times when I wanted to go back but I am glad that I didn't. What I find to work for me is praying, reading my bible, having a hobby. I like to create things so to me that works well I fell better when I start and finish a project it helps keep me to focus. I used to also workout. It is not easy it is a steady work in progress.

  33. I use CBD Hemp tincture for everything. It relaxes me and calms me down. I put it under my tongue once a day. I'm 65 yrs old and take no prescription drugs whatsoever.

  34. I totally agree that one needs to do whatever it takes to get help and healing that they need. I however have a difference point of view when it comes to medication because you become totally dependent on it and you sort of get numb like the last lady said. For me medication shuts you off and you cannot feel anything and deal with your feelings which why you will always have manifestations and have to take pills for relief. However if the medication works for u, use it. God gave us a different tenacity and we heal differently. For me therapy, prayer, meditation, exercise and positive self talk helped me a lot. I have not been to therapy in 4 years and I believe depression is gone because I am no longer the same person I was a year ago and I am more in touch with my emotions and I am no longer suicidal. I am positive and when I feel the symptom of depression again I am no longer in denial about it anymore , I just acknowledge them and discard negative thoughts. Not easy but for me prayer helps a lot. I am happier and more peaceful now.

  35. Sometimes we don't have words to express our pain. Our pain doesn't always fit into the category of recognized, defined, diagnosed, and treated types of pain. We are unique in that our culture, religion, and faith differs from the rest of society. You won't "get it" unless you've been through it. How do you get the help you need if ppl don't perceive you as someone in need of help? The "strong" and "independent" mantra helps us to continue to live and not commit suicide. But at some point you need to deal with reality. Black women need our "own" studies, researchers, clinical trials, and science journals.

  36. We go through so much pain and the saddest part about it all is usually everyone looks so angry in person but really it is a cover up to the truest most hurtful moments in our lives that we try to hide.

  37. I took two tablets for depression once and I slept without getting up in the same position, I didn't turn it was like I was dead. I stopped and began praying and that is what helped me. Believing in God.

  38. You never know what a person has gone or is going through so it's best not to judge. I been praying for years as a black lady and I dont feel it helps but I wish it just gets worse for me
    Nobody understands. Meds have side effects too. It's about everybody needs support fun laughter love. Herbal or prescription meds dont help. Therapy has helped. But you still have to deal with trauma etc. I feel like I tried everything and still feel hopeless helpless in deep dispair.

  39. Antidepressants does not work when you lose a child you must heal yourself depression Medication makes everything worse, this is part of the reason why people in the black community don’t get help because they don’t really wanna help you. They won’t to put you on some medications that don’t work talking with someone about your problems douse help a lot, that’s all people need is someone to talk to going to therapy douse work.

  40. Nutrition is an important part of maintaining good mental health. Pharmaceuticals come with dangerous side effects. Exercise has been proven to improve mental health as well.

  41. The bottom line is as black people we need to get the help that we need rather its meds, therapy. We are carrying some heavy burdens in this weighs us down because we are only human. God is there for us, but he also gave the doctors the knowledge to help us as well. There is no shame and getting help. It does not make us weaker, it makes us stronger! My heart and prayers go out to that last lady.

  42. The meds are bandaids, the cover the problem but have nothing to do with healing it. ….. I’m a nurse and I know it doesn’t resolve any issues

  43. Mis-diagnosis and over-medication are epidemic, i.e., the "practice" of medicine. I use to talk to anyone that would listen. Now, I talk to Jesus!

  44. Yes Ms Naturalist…our ancestors didn't use meds…but they also had a life expectancy of about 35yrs in from the 1500s to the 1800s.

  45. The lady with the two sons….one murdered and the other drowning. I felt that. I’m crying. I hope she gets the correct help she needs.

  46. Stop it black women. We need to stop being people who says “I can take on anything…I can do it myself…I don’t need help”. It’s destroying us! I was in a mentally abusive relationship and the only way I got out of it was by Therapy with an objective party who asked me questions and made me turn inward inside myself as to why I was staying in the relationship. If it was not for being in therapy, I may still be wasting my time being around his narcissistic self and I was able to move on an not look back too often. When I do look back it’s bc I am so amazed that I was able to get from out of his web

  47. When are they gonna focus on obesity? All that body fat can't be good for your health or your self esteem. I see a lot of buffalo in that crowd.

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