2 Replies to “Black Women’s Health & Wellness Conference”

  1. Great information! I would also encourage black women to learn as much as they can about their maternal and paternal family medical history. Also learn as much as you can about the side effects of various medications that physicians prescribe. Educate yourselves and ask your physician questions if you have concerns. Don’t just blindly accept the recommendations that are offered by the medical community. It’s your health and possibly your life that are at stake and not the pharmaceutical industry nor the medical community. Finally this may pertain more to younger women, but contraceptive education should become a priority in the black community. Young black women need to be encouraged to learn about their contraceptive options especially those that do not involve the use of synthetic hormones. My 20 year old daughter passed away in September of 2018 due to blood clots that were triggered by her use of a combination birth control pill. So obviously this topic is near and dear to my heart and I want young ladies to become as informed as much as possible. Please be careful, be safe, and be informed.

  2. No offence, but relaxed hair, wigs and talking about black womens health is a bit akward. You may have never concidered that wigs and relaxer contain cancerogenic chemicals. They do!
    Please educate yourself about how toxic cosmetic products for black women are. It i ls very important that we wake up. Not just relaxer, synthetic hair or other hair extentions. Everytime you sweat a little bit, when you take a shower you are washing out those chemicals which then get absorbed through your skin…
    Black women are more likely to die from cancer. Guess why? Join the go natural movement and check eveey product you apply to your skin and body. Best thing is to make your own beauty products with natural incredients. You do not need chemicals to look your best! 🙂

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