Blood, sweat and tears pt. 2: A personal look at women’s health

I NEVER HAD MANY PROBLEMS WITH MINE UNTIL MY FIANCE AND I… SUFFERED A MISCARRIAGE. “if that pregnancy implants near that fibroid where it’s not able to establish a good blood supply you can have an early pregnancy loss which is the most common reason for miscarriage in women with fibroids” DR. MARIE ROWE, WITH GREENVILLE WOMEN’S CLINIC – IS MY OB-GYN AND PERFORMED MY SURGERY. SHE SAYS THE PREGNANCY SET OFF THE GROWTH OF THE FIBROIDS… EVENTUALLY LEADING TO EVEN MORE PROBLEMS. “fibroids grow based off of estrogen, around pregnancy that’s when your hormones are the highest and I think for you it was the fuel to the fire, you already had a predisposition with some small fibroids” THE SYMPTOMS LEFT ME TIRED, WITH HEAVY, CONSTANT BLEEDING… IN EXCRUTIATING PAIN… AND MOST TIMES, JUST AN EMOTIONAL WRECK… FOR YEARS, I TRIED SEVERAL DIFFERENT TREATMENT OPTIONS – NONE OF THEM WORKED. “part of the way you felt was also the side effects of putting you on various birth control, because birth control can make you feel hormonal and have unpleasant side effects when it affects your mood some people on certain birth control can feel depressed, so we were trying to treat your bleeding, but it was causing other side effects by the hormonal manipulation of what we were trying to do” MANY OF YOU WOULD TAKE NOTICE DURING THE NIGHTLY NEWS… SENDING ME MESSAGES ASKING IF I WAS TIRED, WAS I FEELING OKAY.. OR… WHY WAS I GAINING SO MUCH WEIGHT. WELL, MY FIBROIDS MADE ME LOOK AS IF I WERE 3 MONTHS PREGNANT – SOME MEASURING THE SIZE OF SOFTBALLS. “fibroids basically they flare and they swell and that’s where the sense of abdominal bloating comes” SO, WITHOUT THE SUCCESS OF DRUG TREATMENT, I WAS FACED WITH LOOKING AT OTHER OPTIONS, INCLUDING HAVING A PARTIAL HYSTERECTOMY. “for the record, i’m under 40 so for me having a hysterectomy, all kinds of things went through my head” “when you go to make a decision about surgery on your uterus and definitely before you’re ready to part ways with your uterus it’s a major decision patients will hear me say I want you to be 150% sure of your fertility options” THE DAY CAME FOR MY SURGERY – A MYOMECTOMY – TO REMOVE MY FIBROIDS, BUT KEEP MY UTERUS IN TACT… SO I CAN HAVE CHILDREN IN THE FUTURE. “for you you had a major, what we call an exploratory laparotomy, where you have an incision that’s very much like you’ve had a c-section” THESE ARE THE 13 FIBROIDS THAT DR. ROWE REMOVED FROM VARIOUS PARTS OF MY UTERUS – MORE TUMORS THAN THE ULTRASOUND WAS ABLE TO DETECT. “i thought before going into your surgery that you had about 3 major fibroids that were the problem “once we got in and saw how many you had, I was surprised as well” THE SURGERY TOOK ABOUT 3 HOURS, THEN 3 NIGHTS AND TWO DAYS IN THE HOSPITAL AND 6 WEEKS OF RECOVERY AT HOME. “you feel every sense, because your muscles and nerves everything was separated in order to complete your surgery in taking those fibroids out.” “so for now, my uterus is fine, DOCTOR: YOUR UTERUS IS FINE YES” ANGELA, HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN SINCE YOUR SURGERY… … IT’S BEEN 3 MONTHS NOW.. AND ANGELA… YOU HAD THE SURGERY – BUT ARE YOU COMPLETELY HEALED FROM YOUR FIBROIDS? YES AND NO, I FEEL A LOT BETTER… THE SURGERY DID REMOVE MY FIBROIDS, BUT UNFORTUNATELY – THEY CAN GROW BACK… I CHOSE THIS SURGERY TO BASICALLY BE ABLE TO HAVE CHILDREN AGAIN… BUT A HYSTERECTOMY WOULD’VE COMPLETELY EASED ALL OF MY PROBLEMS – BY GETTING RID OF MY UTERUS… BUT… FOR OTHER WOMEN… JUST DISCUSS THE BEST TREATMENT OPTIONS FOR YOU … WITH YOUR DOCTOR… WE’VE POSTED LINKS TO BOTH OF ANGELA’S STORIES ON OUR WEBSITE ALONG WITH RESOURCES RELATED TO UTERINE FIBROIDS AT WNCT.COM. GLAD YOUR FEELING BETTER ANGELA… STAY WITH US, WE’RE BACK AFTER THE BREAK. GOOD AFTERNOON!

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