Blue Light Glasses: Fake Gimmick or Real Tool? [SCIENCE & USAGE BREAKDOWN] · Geoff Talk

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  1. Cannot wait for your your next video on longevity . Thanks also for giving advices on blue blocking glasses, it is definitely very helpful for me!

  2. I cannot agree with you more on the concept of pulsing! Everything in nature seems to follow this concept. To me it is like the ying and yang in Chinese philosophy, things are meant to be existing in both opposite phases, and that is a form of balance. We need both stress and relaxation, being stressed or too relaxed all the time aren't good for our health, and being awake exposed to information/ stimulus needs brake in form of good night sleep when our brain can be " flushed" and cleared , ready for more stimulus next day comes. Fasting and feasting are also forms of pulsing, and we see this also in excercise, being HIIT as an optimal/ most effective form of excercise. We can go on and on with numerous pulsing examples, and it is essentially the rhythm or cycles of all existences and phenomena !

  3. I definitely agree with you about the blue light glasses. They are very helpful in keeping our natural body rhythm how it should be. It is disrupted enough without extra help from our computer screens. I also agree that it is very important to unplug from our daily life and get a break away from it all and to truly feel relaxed and I get that rest and rejuvenation that our bodies desperately need in our fast-paced life! 😃

  4. Great information.. it's always appreciated from people who are out there looking to improve performance and life.
    Pulsing is an interesting concept that I have been using for a while. Fasting and HIIIT are 2 ways I do it to "pulse" my body. Listening to you and other people like you talk about ways to improve life or new ideas/concepts, "pulses" my mind.

  5. My food is consistently plant-based keto with a few supplements, and I consistently exercise (running 3 days, strength training 3 days). This works well, but I seem to be getting injured (or else just not fully recovering). I am wondering how pulsing my food and/or exercise could improve my recovery/injury issue.

    (I also wonder what HVMN products could do for me. 😇)

  6. I always wondered about those wearers.. Maybe theyre constantly on thwir phones? I know someone commented on adjusting to them, could that be a reason?

  7. Can Berberin use for Metformin? We fasting to give your body a break from food. Agree with give your body a break, I like the idea of not using electronic for awhile. I heard from someone else about block sound and block light to give yourself a break from all the noise to let your body recover. Love the idea of going nature. Awhile back I learned that barefoot walking in grass help with balancing your energy. Probably the topic that people doesn't talk about is energy and your mind projecting or manifest things.

  8. I'd love to have the chance to talk with you about the concept of pulsing – reason: I'm not convinced that exposure to news/work/etc., by definition results in anxiety/worry. With some practice and work, it is entirely possible to be perfectly aware of all the problems of the world, all the stressors of work, but experience no actual anxiety over it, instead simply feeling motivated to get to work on whatever problem/task is at hand.

    So sure – having time to unplug, recharge, recreate, etc., is good and healthy – but I wouldn't think of it as a binary proposition (work/news = anxiety vs. time off/away = relaxation.)

  9. I work in IT and I use my blue light glasses very similarly to you. While outside I wear normal sunglasses (mainly because I had Lasik and my eyes are weak to sunlight) but I try to wear the blue light glasses in front of screens as much as possible.

  10. Is there any data on the Blue blocking coating for prescription lens and does it have the same benefits as the Amber and Yellow glasses?

  11. It sounds like Geoff is under the assumption that the only uses for blue light blockers are for eye strain and circadian rhythm. The reality is, many of us use them for neurological reasons. He may also not realize that the lighting used for TV interviews and even speaking engagements is harsh for those of us with neurological issues.

  12. Excellent podcast 🙂👍
    I would love to hear more on the use of ketone esters an high intensity biking, do you use them with carbs ? Protein? How long before ?

  13. Thanks for pointing out that Sinclair now takes his metformin on ~Non-exercise days, and for stating your own ~caution that it might not be beneficial for people on regular exercise and a ~ healthy Keto diet. Be Well!

  14. i don't have blue light glasses yet, but i've been using red light bulbs for night lights and my joovv lamp. i need to get some of those $10 glasses. thanks for your perspective!

  15. Excellent video on a nice review detailed review of info on blue light and how it works on the retina. I need the detailed explanations of cell biology integrated into the explanation and he does not dumb done these topics of blue light and also on the longetivity topic in Sinclaire’s book. And he does a great job of explaining . Thanks.

  16. Yes, please do a video on information theory. Shannon might not have realized it back in 1948 when his paper was published by Bell Labs, but his notion of defining "information" as a measure of the probability of a string of discrete elements appearing on the receiving end after being transmitted by a sender (with the amount of information being inversely proportional to that probability; i.e., the lower the probability, the higher the information content) has changed biology from a merely qualitative pursuit (e.g., comparative anatomy) into a quantitative science. Many thanks!

  17. Uvex blue light blockers.
    Uvex Skyper Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses with SCT-Orange Lens, 3-Pack (S1933X)

  18. Pulsing = cyclical rhythms. I always have the blue light blocker on my devices on. I have been intermittent fasting for years. Recently more focus has been on proper nutrients and slightly longer fasts at more spaced intervals. I hope to know my ketones levels soon as I have never tested and am looking at ketomojo. I am 31 years old.

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