BMI Healthcare’s Mr Faisal Hussain Discusses Managing Arthritis Pain

Exercise is very important to build up the muscles
and it’s not going to make the arthritis worse, or it’s unlikely to make the arthritis worse,
it’s more likely to make the symptoms better by working the muscles and keeping
the range of movements and keeping the function within the knee. So we don’t want patients pounding on their
knees, we want them to build up their muscles without stressing the knee too much, so encourage
them to do things like cycling and swimming. During their good months, they should be exercising,
working on the muscles, keeping the knee going. But they’re going to have bad months as well. During that period, I tell them that they
need to rest their knee, ice it and use ice packs on the knee regularly, try and reduce
some of the inflammation until it settles again and they can get back to their normal
activity and exercise. The other factor that is important with the
management of arthritic knees is pain management. It’s important to take painkillers regularly so when
pain is experienced it is being controlled properly. Weight is a factor when it comes to arthritic knees. When one is carrying extra weight it does
put added pressure through your joints. This is all to do with functional windows. What I explain to my patients is that what
a functional window is, is what they’re able to do comfortably. For some patients this might be being able to
get out to the shops or walking around the house. For others, a functional window might be
playing a round of golf. When they find that when their functional
window is becoming narrower and it’s not acceptable for them any more, that’s the
time to seek medical advice to work out how they can expand that functional window to
the level that they’re happy with.

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