BNP Paribas Factor: Expert Opinion, The Strengths of Export Factoring

Business owners, VSEs and SMEsand we mostly have to deal
with companies with payment duedates of 30 or 60 days.It is therefore very difficult
for a company like ours to keep healthy cash flows. What are the advantages of the Impulsion package? With the Impulsion
First package, the financing of
our invoices is very quick: in 8 hours we have the funds needed
to finance any unforeseen events that we sometimes
encounter on construction sites. The digital aspect is
very important to us. We work out of
the office all day long, and thanks to the
application and website, we can apply for funding
from anywhere. BNP Paribas Factor gives
us the opportunity to continue developing our business
without fearing for our cash flows. What are your future projects? We are currently in a development
stage with growing revenue and a geographical expansion in the regions
of Marseille, Montpellier and Nice. To successfully
carry out our projects, our main goal is now
to hire more people.

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