Body Weight Workout

hi my name is Lindsay, and we are here
today to conduct a 45-minute bodyweight workout. We will start with a quick
warm-up, we’ll get into a ladder work out where we have two circuits, 60 seconds of
lower-body, 45 of upper body, and 30 seconds of abs. Those are the exercises
that will go through in circuit A. We’ll do a few rounds then we’ll go to circuit B,
again a ladder exercise, 60 seconds of lower-body, 45 upper, and 30 for abs. We’ll go
through another round of that then we’ll finish with some abs today and call it a
workout. So let’s go ahead and get started with our warm-up. We’re going to
start with feet hip-width apart reach those arms up overhead, deep breath in,
exhale, squat, and reach the arms out. Over head reach back up, exhale, squat, few of
these just to get the body moving exhale down getting deep in that squat, weight in the
legs a few more last one, reach up, and get big, as we
reach up going to take it over Side Bend and back to center, opposite side reach.
Come back to center. Just flow at your pace you can go the same speed as me or take
a little bit slower, a little bit deeper some side bends and back to center. Let’s go ahead bring
hands-down heart reach up. This time I wanted to hinge forward through the hips
all the way reach towards the floor and then round vertebra by vertebra
one-by-one reach up, hindge forward and exhale last time we hinge forward from here we
want to make sure we have a mat or softer surface we’re going to walk it
out onto our mat as we hinge and walk it out into plank position, from here
give me two push-ups and then we walk it back all the way up and roll up big deep
breath and exhale. We can also walk it out onto the knees for our push-ups and
walk it back. One more time. walk it out to full plank or modified
plank and give me two more push-ups for our warm-up. and walk it back reach towards the toes
all the way up and exhale let it out. We’ll do a couple cat-cows here feet hip-width
apart again hands on your thighs flat back round it touch into chest flat back
and round let’s do one more flat back and round
and all the way up, roll those shoulders back shake it out front and back and we’re
good to go we’re going to get started with our
first circuit, circuit A, we have 60 seconds of a squat position to a reverse
lunge so I’ll get our timer started in a minute here but we’ll squat down into
position step back with the right and then step
back with the left so one minute let’s go sit back step the key is to stay in that squat
position as low as we can while we step back really pressing through those heels. You can
have our arms out in front like i do or at your hips if that’s more comfortable.
Just keep stepping back we’re over that halfway point. If you need to
step up and shake it out we can do that and then go right back to it. and one, nice job Alright next exercise we have down dog
push-up. We get onto our mat taking those hips up to the sky downward-facing dog
position we lengthen out fine plank push-up we’re
here 45 seconds. Hinge back, walk it out, plank,
take it down, push up, hinge back, lengthen out and press. We can continue here at
any time we need to take it to our knees take it down Fine Child’s Pose, lengthen
out push up and back so either of those options Two One nice work we’re going to stay down here
moving right into a right side plank take that elbow down right knee extend
left leg and up we’re here 30 seconds. Option, you can
lift that top leg off the ground or make this a full side plank and up give me three, two, one, all right nice job.
Take it down we’re going to go ahead hinge back. Fine Child’s Pose, work your
way back up. This next exercise for our legs is one minute and it’s a forward
lunge for 30 seconds with our right side so same side we step out here we go
forward lunge come back to center same side 30 seconds.
We want more we bring that heel up and find balance and switch legs five more seconds to go and one alright taking it down to the
ground this time we have side-to-side push-ups so we’re going to get into that push-up
position on knees or toes and we’re going to take it out to the right
one big stance out out to the left back to center so as we go out and down we come back alright we go for 45 seconds here three, two, one, here we go out left back
to center out right back to center. We can stay in full or knees we’re going to feel it by the end of
this 45 seconds Three, Two, One Nice job, Fine Child’s Pose, swing it
around, find the left side plank. 30 seconds, get into position, take that left
knee down or find full plank extend and lift here we go reach those hips up a little bit higher, squeeze the glutes and inner thighs to help get you there three, two, one, and down, nice job that’s our
first circuit. We’re going to repeat that one more time. If you need take a little bit of a
break here to get some water go ahead and do so alright we’re going to go ahead and get
started back into that second round starting with our reverse lunges from a
squat so go ahead get into position get low, here we go, step back we’re here for one minute stay low with the weight in those heels stayin strong for this last 10 seconds and one, alright going down to the floor. Let’s get our wide push-ups 45 seconds and take it out remember we can stay on knees or go up
to our toes keep it up, keep it up, three, two, one all right. Go right down into that right
side plank. 30 seconds reach and go just checking the time. All right keep it
up and one go ahead bring it down all right
we’re going to go right back up to that forward lunge. 30 seconds, right side, here
we go, step forward, bring it back and switch and one let’s go ahead and just some
down dog push-ups for 45 seconds nice deep breath in, exhale out, let it go,
walk it out, seat up in the air lengthen out push-up hinge back again
repeat push-up hinge back can find your knees if we need to, Fine
Child’s Pose and coming up to opposite side plank left side. Here we go, 30
seconds up and lift you can squeeze those hips, squeeze those
glutes Three, two, one nice job, go ahead, come down, hindge back, Fine Child’s Pose take a moment to stretch it out we’ll go ahead and we’ll
move right on into our next circuit starting with calf raises so calf raises we’re gonna go for one minute, facing
forward with the toes and heels, Here we go lift up those heels off of the ground
come right up onto your toes lift and lower, you can pulse a little bit
faster or slower than me go ahead bring those heels in, toes out, a little bit different angle alright go ahead take those toes and
heels out the final stretch should be feeling the burn right about
now two and one, nice job all right now that we’re done with our
calf raises, we’re going to move right down onto the ground for 45 seconds of
plank. Getting down onto our forearms and toes, we go in three, two, one, up, here we go, lift those hips squeeze those quadriceps press those heels back to the back wall pressing those forearms down, stay strong just a little bit longer three, two, one, down, nice job. Hinge back,
Fine Child’s Pose we’re going to go right up for 30 seconds of tricep dip so
you can flip it over onto your seat fingertips towards your heels lift the
seat, bend and dip at the elbows we’re here for 30 seconds or if we have a
chair we can find the back of a sturdy chair and dip down 30 seconds, keep it
going about five more seconds to go stay strong with those dips, bend those
elbows, three, two, one nice job. Ok next round we have 60
seconds of wall sits for the legs we’re going to make our way to a wall have a seat, 90 degrees with those legs,
get those shoulders back and get comfortable we’re here for one minute.
Hold on to that let me just make sure we check the time we still have a little way to go press those heels down, if we have our hands on your thighs that’s fine just keep them light squeeze those inner thighs keep holding, keep holding. Three, give me
two, give me one more second nice job go ahead bring it up off of the
ground ok we’re going to get down to the floor
45 seconds for back extensions with a crescent so extending those arms out
we’re going to reach both arms and feet over to the left up and over and then
back over to the right so this is option one here option two that’s too much for our back
we’re going to Superman it out or crisscross lift up opposite arm opposite
leg so we’re going 45 seconds, here we go making sure to keep that spine nice and
long lot of space between the ears and the shoulders four more seconds and down nice job, bring it up hinge back, find that stretch with the
Child’s Pose, our last one here 30 seconds we have a burpee with a push-up
so taking it to the edge of our mat we reach up, exhale, down we’re going to hop
out or step, push up, step back in. Here we go reach up take it down, step or hop, push-up, step or
hop in, we can hop up or reach up back down step out push-up, up, step in, you want to add a hop
out you take it and one, nice work bring it up, shake it out, take a little
bit of a break here, we’ll go back for round two alright we’re going to start back with
one minute a calf raises second round here we go toes forward heels back lift up onto
those toes doesn’t take much take those heels in, toes out, switch it
up and take those heels out, toes in, last
stretch here Three, two, one, 45 seconds of plank, shake out
those legs, make your way down to the ground on the knees or the toes for that
plank position, forearms down and lift and go keep the inner thighs tight squeeze
those quadriceps right up into your hip sockets almost there four, three, two, one nice work 30 seconds we’re going tricep
dips find the chair or the ground get those dips go, 30 seconds here we go keep the elbows back don’t forget to smile keep it going Five, four, three, two, one good work. All right we have our wall
sits, taking it to the wall here Three, two, one, have a seat down, one minute, 60 seconds, right against the wall. well just 60 seconds, not one minute 60 seconds,
that would be. we’ll work up to that find your happy place hold on to it, hold onto it, I’m gonna check the time. Oh we’re almost there, five seconds stay low, four, three, two, one, nice work.
Alright taking it down to the ground for our back extensions for 45 seconds take it down. Here we go so lift opposite
arm, opposite leg, or we can Crescent pose taking both hands over to the left, both
hands and feet over the right, so this is not a fast movement it’s nice and slow
either one of those options three, two, one nice job, all right, bring it up final 30 seconds, we have our burpees
with a push-up Ready, set, let’s go. Down, out, back in and
up add the push up at the bottom as an
option or we can forgo the pushup reach, three, ttwo, get one more, nice job.
Walk it out walk around, take a break, get some water if we need it our next segment we’re going to move
right into some abs to finish the class alright we’re going to go ahead and get
started with abs. We have five exercises 30 seconds each we’re going to go
through that twice, let’s get down and start in plank position. Onto those
forearms and toes, lift up, here we are for 30 seconds keep that seat low, press those heels to
the back wall keep breathing squeezing those inner thighs, three, two, one,
take it down. we’re going to flip over onto our back for some toe reaches, we’re going to
take our fingertips up towards the toes for 30 seconds, get those shoulders up
off the mat, here we go bring it up. Just trying to get those
shoulders as high as we can fingertips reach towards the toes. Keep
those legs up straight three, two, one, take it down, alright
crunches here, heels down on the ground tuck them up toward your seat, fingertips
by your ears we’re going up for crunches, 30 seconds
here we go, lift up, press that spine into the mat, keep space between your chin and
chest keep going, we’re starting to feel it here,
three, two, one nice job. Roll up, we’re moving into
Russian twists, we’re gonna lean back into a boat pose, we have the option to keep our
feet on the ground or we can go ahead and bring one heel up or both we’re going to twist side-to-side, here
we go, 30 seconds almost there, five, two, one, last
exercise here, we have some roll-ups so taking it down, back to the ground, extend
those legs completely out, arms overhead we take the fingertips up towards the
ceiling, we peel off of the ground, reach and rollback, vertebrae by vertebrae,
arms overhead again, so continue total of thirty seconds. This is our last exercise in the set just enough time for about one more,
reach, and done, nice job we’re going to go ahead and make our way
back to that plank position, we have one more round and we’re done. So we’ll make
our way down, four, three, two, last set here we go, full plank, up on the toes,
stay there as long as you can. If we need to hit the knees almost there, five seconds and one, nice job, flip it over we’re going to reach up towards those
toes, here we go should be burning now two, one. Crunches, here we go bring it up keep those fingertips light
by your ears lift up toward the ceiling, keep those
shoulders moving, and one, nice, bring it up Russian Twists, here we go last time through, heels can be up or on
the ground Two, one, less exercise, roll down, extend those legs, arms overhead, final 30 seconds up reach, vertebra by vertebra, down four, three, two, one nice job, that concludes our ad segment
for today let’s go ahead and stretch it out take
those arms up overhead, deep breath in exhale, let it out, one more time we’re going to reach, going to go ahead and interlace those fingers up overhead full body stretch, we’re going to take it
over to the side, really get those abdominals, back to center and other side,
full side body stretch and release down let’s take those hands back behind us open up the chest, really reach those
hands back and let it go and just shake it out let’s go ahead and hinge forward from
those hips, feet about hip-width apart reach towards the floor let’s go ahead and walk it over to one
side and let’s take it over to the other foot bring it back to center, let’s roll up,
one by one, round the spine, chin to chest open those shoulders up, give them in a few rolls let’s take it wideer with that stance,
hands on your thighs, flat back, and round let’s do that a couple more times, flat
back, rounded up, last time down and up, bring it all the way up give yourselves a round of applause for
a workout well done

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