Bodybuilder loses ALL strength INSTANTLY!! // ft. Mike Boyd & Gabriel Sey

100 Replies to “Bodybuilder loses ALL strength INSTANTLY!! // ft. Mike Boyd & Gabriel Sey”

  1. I can do the same thing, it’s a simple muscle trick, if you would like me to reveal the secret to this “magic trick” get this to 500 likes. Good luck!

  2. I’d probably be most terrified to lose my ability to communicate not both with speaking but writing as well.

  3. Look at were he puts his hands when he says you will not be able to lift me and look and when he says you won’t be able to lift me

  4. My hands cuz I play video games professionally and I own my own yard work business if I lost my hands I couldn't do nothing that would scare me the most

  5. I’ve lost my speed after I broke my leg you can’t train speed it’s a gift and I took it for granted pretreat the little things. I told people I didn’t need it and now I miss it wish I could take it all back.

  6. Cats do this when they don't want to be picked up. You simply let your body go limp. His shoulders were tense the first time making it easy.

  7. That was an outstanding trick. I'm not sure whether it was actually suggestion or weather there was some sort of anchor. Extremely entertaining and particularly fond of the lead in speech. Made it extremely personal to watch

  8. Great trick bud. Watching it we can see how it's done. But for the person doing the lifting they cant see! Too Kool!

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