Bodybuilder loses ALL strength INSTANTLY!! // ft. Mike Boyd & Gabriel Sey

– What would it be like
to lose the ability to do the one thing you’re good at? As a magician, if I lost the
ability to move my hands, that would be completely terrifying. If you were a photographer, and
you lost the ability to see, or if you were a runner, and lost the ability to move your legs. Well, meet Gabriel Sey. Gabriel is a bodybuilder and
runs a fitness YouTube channel. Now, as you can tell by Gabriel’s shape, he can lift a thing or two. In fact, the one thing
he’s extremely good at is lifting things. (“Supa Rap Pt 3” by Ilajide) I thought that today, I would take away Gabriel’s ability to lift things. Here’s what happened. You guys need to check out my guy here, Gabriel Sey official on his YouTube. All about, you know, junk food, and how to stay lazy. Obviously, no, check
him out, check him out. I could probably use some pointers, but today, I’m gonna give him, I’m gonna give him a run
for his money, because… He’s alright, he’s got a little muscle. It’s not everyday that
somebody can lift me up, because I’m a big guy. I’m like what? Six three, 220. Not everyday that someone’s gonna be able to lift this guy in the air. I wanna see if this guy can lift me up. Go ahead, lift me up. Okay, that was a little too easy. That was a little too easy. This time, I want you to
look at me right here. You’re not gonna to be able
to lift me again, okay? Go ahead. (record scratch) Now, let me interrupt by saying that none of this was staged. There are no actors in this, I did not tell Gabriel not to lift me. He is trying with all
of his might to lift me. Really try. You’re not lifting me. (Gabriel laughs) You can’t, I’m too heavy. – I don’t know, I don’t know
what’s happening right now. I think it, I think its voodoo. I think you are a witch
doctor, pretty much. (Gabriel grunts) – You’re really trying though. It’s not a joke, (mumbles) Alright, try again this time. (snaps) You got your powers back. (laughter) – Dude. Dude. (laughter) I don’t understand what the
hell’s going on right now. Dude, you’re freaking crazy. Literally, don’t understand. Now, you can kinda tell
by the fear in his eyes. I mean, just think about it. What if you were really good at something and someone just said you
can no longer do that? Whatever you were working
on for your entire life, we’re gonna actually take that away. So, that’s a terrifying
feeling to experience. But we didn’t stop there. He took my powers like,
literally within an instant. (snaps fingers) Stole my powers, like all of them. My gains were gone. And now he’s teaching,
this guy right here, now he’s teaching Mike… Actually, check out Mike’s channel, you’ll see me on his channel, too. Where we do… But that’s a different story. But now he’s taught him how to do the same trick, to steal my powers. He’s making people my kryptonite. You know what I’m saying? I don’t like this. (laughs) – [Mike] Are you guys ready? – Yeah. – [Mike] I weigh 70 kilograms. So, should be easy for- – Should be able to lift
that pretty easily, actually. – [Cameraman] What are you
dead-lifting these days? – [Gabriel] My max is 320 kilos. – So almost four times my weight, right? – See, that’s what’s gonna make
this even more embarrassing. – Almost five times my
weight, almost five times. – Jesus, alright. – [Cameraman] You ready? – So, stand close to each other. You weigh 70 kilos, you can
lift 350,000 Kilos, right? So, this should not be
a hard problem for you. So, just give it a try, try to lift Mike. You will be able to lift him. Right, pretty easily, right, not too bad? A little bit lighter than I am, I think. Mike, I want you to
look at him in his eyes and tell him he will
not be able to lift you. – You will not be able to lift me. – Say it louder. – You will not be able to- – Louder! – You will not be able to lift me. – Go ahead. (laughing) (Gabriel grunts) (claps) – You ain’t got shit! – Look, look, look! Look at him in the eyes and say you will be able to lift me. Say it. – You will now be able to lift me. – Louder. – You will now be able to lift me. – Go. Give it all you’ve got. (hip-hop music) – I lit- – Magic baby, magic. – Witch doctor. (laughter) But seriously, I tried my hardest. Veins were popping out
of my flipping forehead. Shit! He’s teaching people to defeat me. He’s like the biggest, the worst super villain ever known to man. I’m out. – So, there you have it. That’s what it would be like if someone lost the thing
that they were the best at. That’s it, I want to thank Gabriel Sey. Check out his channel below and also Mike Boyd from Learn Quick. Him and I will be doing a
collaboration very soon. And also I want to thank
you and ask you a question: What would be the one thing you would be most terrified of losing? Comment below, like this
video if you did enjoy it, and if you’re not already subscribed, go ahead and do that now,
probably a good time. And we’ll see you in the next video. Peace! (R&B music)

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