Bodybuilders VS Weightlifters – Czech Strength Wars #2

I am Katka Kyptová and I am a bodybuilder. …doesn´t tell the age… I´m Pavel
Beran. I´m 22 and I am a bodybuilder and powerlifter. I am Pavla Kladivová and I´m former
weightlifter and a fighter nowadays. I am Tomáš Kejík. I am 26 and
I am an oly weightlifter. We are strong in every discipline. Even
in that your pussy Crossfit shit. …so we are not afraid at all.
Right! Not at all! We hadn´t got any special preparation
for today but we are looking forward anyways. We are glad that there is finally some event
in our fucking republic. And it will be worth it! I watch Pavla for a quite long time.
I think that we both are the two strongest females in the Czech republic
so I´m looking forward for a battle. We are really likeable… We are much prettier, right? And let´s
see our strength… And we are more dynamic and that is
a key factor in oly weightlifting… I have some killer punches… We are looking forward for today and
even that they are about 50kg heavier I think we will take it. Right… I´m looking forward for
that lactic acid dose. I think they will underestimate us. And
big thanks to Pavel because I really like the bench press
and cleans too. What do I think about Katka? We know
each other for a long time she is a big professional and really
strong for sure. Let´s see…it will be fun. Don´t think that we will let you win. We will take it! We are better!
Just try…it will be worthless… We are not afraid.
Pavel: Not at all! So Pavel and Katka…We are at home
here and we will do some oly lifts that you don´t know much. So a little
bit shame for you… Welcome guys at the 2nd Czech Strength
Wars! Here we have the team of bodybuilders
with Katka and Pavel and the team of olympic weightlifters
with Pavla and Tomáš. These two teams will fight today to
find out who is the best. So are you ready?Are you ready?
3…2…1…GO! There are 100kg on a barbell for
a 20 reps to press it up… COME ON! COME ON! Great! Let´s go for a HSPU! And there are 80kg on a barbell and
the first cleans! COME ON! COME ON!
BRING IT! It is close but bodybuilders are
in the lead! Come on! Katka is in the lead!
Faster! Come on! 13 reps! Come on! Katka is done!
2 more! And let´s go for the dumbells!
…Great! 1 to go… Thats it! …let him rest…GO! GO! GO! COME ON PAVEL! GREAT! Just 2 reps behind! You lead just for 3 reps! COME ON!COME ON! 40 to go! You don´t know pain! FUCK! COME ON! Stretch that arm! COME ON! YOU´RE ALMOST THERE!!! THE LAST 20 REPS!!! THAT´S IT!!! GREAT!!! THAT´S HOW REAL BATTLE SHOULD
LOOK LIKE!!! 7 more…6 more… That was the real battle! That was how
it should be! Do you work as hard? No, you don´t!
Thats why you don´t look like that! and don´t have such a strength as
these four. Their performance was amazing! 3 were laying down…1 is just walking
around…breathing out… pumped arms, veins, sweat,
testosterone…great show! That´s it! Pavel tell us something… …one more round? Yeah! Right! It was just a warm up!
And now we gonna bring it! Great! Really hands down! Speed up or FUCK OFF! …it was close but bodybuilders took it.
But both teams were doing great! It´s done. It was a brutal fight and
even it was close… Bodybuilders win! So congratulations! I would like to give an awards…and
I would like to say that there are plenty of discussions about sure winning,
sure everything… So less talk, more work! Because it wasn´t sure at all. It was
quite close. And I would like to congratulate to
the team that loss today… Pavla…Thank you.
Tom… And the first place…quite bigger
barbells… Pavel…and Katka… So it´s over today. And watch us!
Because next…it will be MONSTER!

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  1. Pokud vím tak Beran a Grznar se přiznali k užívání steroidů, nevím jestli to už je dnes standart, ale pro mě to nejsou sportovci.

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