27 Replies to “Boston Dynamics’ humanoid robot an expert at extreme jumping”

  1. Fools…Next up to rule the earth are the children of Israel. This is all smoke and mirrors. No invention of the white man has the capacity to stand before the Almighty God of the Hebrews.

  2. We all had better study robotics so we know what make them tic and how to stop one if it’s out of control.😐

  3. this is why machine guns need to be legal. talk about a mob attack. immagine a bunch of democrat robots, just like the flesh and blood human ones the democrats have created. what a mob. and now you want to create a bunch of these, and let me guess, give them the right to vote. am i right, or am i right??? i am right. seen your playbook MSM new world order.

  4. Those robots will be great for removing the unemployed from their homes and businesses when they fail to pay property taxes. You have 20 seconds to comply. Trump and his friends will be buying up everything on the cheap the way they like it.

  5. You may say, these things are not evil. Agreed. Their purpose depends on the purpose of the of the owner and the government. And if that government doesn't support human values (like many governments in the past) well, these things could be used for bad things.
    What would have happen if f.e. the nazi german state had had a bunch of robots like these? It is not a science fiction story anymore. Hope that bad people will never get these.
    Btw the technical background is fascinating but I completely understand why people are not so happy about AI and powerful robots.

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