Boston Dynamics: “Rise Of The Robots” Freeway Forum 2018-2-16

Good evening Mr. and Ms. Internet at all our ships at sea
it is time once again for the fabulous free UI forum coming to you live and
direct from the world-famous 405 freeway in beautiful sunny Southern California
my name is Atari this is a free-form discussion where we take a topic and you
guys sound off in the comments section down in the doobly-doo
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Adam free Friday at 5:00 p.m. Pacific time so we started this week as from
this week it’s Valentine’s week happy Valentine’s Day everyone
heavy single spiritus galentine’s day but so we started out this week with a
movie Monday movie Monday’s topic what is your favorite romantic movie now I am
partial to the classics I love Casablanca that is absolutely hands-down
my favorite romantic movie I don’t get into like the romantic comedies or the
chick flicks or anything like that so so Casablanca is definitely definitely like
right up there at the top of my list it has just about everything you could ever
want in a film it’s got Humphrey Bogart being a badass
it’s got Claude Rains being a scrupulous unscrupulous gray area kind of guy it’s
got the Birdman baby beautiful and lovely and mysterious Ilse Paul had read
Sydney Greenstreet Peter Lorre I mean it is absolutely fantastic movie lots of
action lots of suspense lots of drama and a good bit of romance so I highly
revered Casablanca please please do yourself a favor and watch that film get
yourself a bowl of popcorn sound watch it’s not too terribly long
it’s only so it’s like two reals against
anyway so absolutely check it out other other responses we had barbie
barbie said that 50 first dates is her foot or her favorite movie
her favorite romantic movie and it’s a cute that’s a cute little movie I do I
do enjoy that yes I guess it is kind of a romantic
comedy very cute very mind-blowing at the end
like oh my gosh what would you do if that was your situation I’m not gonna
spoil it in case you know Mary Mary said her favorite romantic
movie was Top Gun and yeah I mean you can go so many different ways with this
the the subtle homoeroticism maverick and Ava fabrica goose or
maverick and Iceman and either one of those or you could go straight with the this is Charlie my problem this is
actually have a nice actually a nice name Charlie and so it can’t really want
that movie again really look at and her character in the same family
no she’s not – but ma’am that would be my niece probably I don’t
know well we also we also got a good look at that
that dog robot from Boston Dynamics opening the door and letting its friend
out oh dear God so the question is the question is will
the robots rise up and take over let me know down in the doobly-doo mary said
she asked Alexa that question and Alexa just kind of dodged it and did not
provide an answer I don’t trust Alexa she is very clever
and I think that she is in goods with the machines because she is one
then we had a would you rather would rather have more time or more money and
we had a good bit of responses good mix of responses there Amanda said she would
rather have time because because the money can accrue but
the money can accrue but the quality time you have with your kids and doing
the laundry and all that kind of stuff you know money doesn’t do that whether I
argue the money the laundry part of it I do argue that because you can always
take the stuff to a fluffin hold but she lives in the middle of nowhere so I
can’t suppose there’s probably not such a thing as a fluff and fold there
anyway so but definitely with the definitely when you have a family I can
definitely see the argument of having more time especially with kids younger
kids you definitely want to have as much and Barbie said that she would much
rather have more money talk about fluffers sorry I missed that
anyway Barbie said she would she would rather have Oh fluff and fold
yeah yeah anyway Barbie said she would rather have
more more money because more money because the the pursuit of money working
to get money restricts your available time and that sort of my argument is the
time as money kind of thing if I had more money I would not need to work as
more as much therefore I would already have more time so money can buy time and
point so that’s that’s that’s my side of it
being you know not being you know not having family or anything like that so
Barbie and I do agree in that respect Courtney also said money money would
equal more money would equal more time to have for yourself so
so that is sort of the argument there and and I’m inclined to agree with it so
let me know down in the doobly-doo would you rather have more time or would
you rather have more money and then the the last question of the week asked so I
ran across the strange and terrible animated series syndicate animated
series from the early 80s called Fonz and the Happy Days gang and this has got
to be one of these strangest things I have ever seen so the premise of the
show is of course it’s the of course it is like everything else in the 80s it
was let’s take a existing property and make a cartoon out of it but what
happened so so they they took happiness right and so it’s 1957 happy days
whatever and it’s the Fonz and Fonzie and Arthur Fonzarelli
Richie Cunningham and Ralph Malph and they’re all hanging out at Arnold’s and
this spaceship crash land that in the parking lot at Arnold’s and this girl
from the future pops out her name is cupcake and she’s got big humongous
pigtails and she’s very cute and so the Fonz is all like hey and then he just
walks up and like hits the side of the spaceship it’s like he’s like hey and
then they all get sucked inside the spaceship so it’s it’s the Fonz
it’s Fonzie it’s Ritchie it’s Ralph and it’s Fonzie’s dog that came out of
nowhere who like talks like Muttley it kind of looks like monthly and and so
it’s the four of them and this girl called
name cupcake and they get like zapped into the future and it’s like quantum
leap where they’re trying you know maybe the next leap will be the leap home and
so they they end up in different time periods and whatnot and like have to
like survive and figure something out I guess I don’t
know it’s really weird doesn’t make a lot of sense but no this actually
happened that is asking if there was water skiing at a shark this actually
happened like three years the show was current three years before
Fonzie jumped the shark so that’s that’s that’s sort of your timeframe right
there it was like three years into vampy days
like three years before the jumping the shark or something like that I can’t
remember exactly the timeframe but yeah it was before but it was actually before
happy days literally jumped the shark so so that’s an interesting end of
situation but so the weird weird weird show like does not make a lot of sense
it is on YouTube if you care to watch it Fonzie and the Happy Days gang
but I was asking what are what are those strange weird or obscure cartoons from
your childhood that you either don’t remember or that you ran across or you
think you even do remember Amanda said that the Grinch was was the weird
strange one from her childhood because the Grinch scared her apparently and I
thought she was talking about the Jim Carrey movie which is scary it is like
my bad acid trip all the time it’s like a bad acid trip with with while you’re
wearing glasses that are covered in Vaseline and it’s a terrible terrible
movie terribly shot terribly filmed terrible acting all-around terrible film
I do not recommend it nostalgia critic today a brilliant send-up of that movie
if if you really want to see what it’s like watch the nostalgia critics
review of the Grinch but she was also talking about the cartoon and I’m like
what the cartoon was brilliant and I loved it
that was that was always a highlight of my holiday season but apparently
apparently my my sister is a fan of the Grinch in any any way whatsoever so
there’s that and then Cindy Cindy John dead she said that Speed Racer was the
weird one she always thought Speed Racer was gonna premiere show
it’s a strange little show and I think a lot of that has to do with a lot getting
lost in translation and I actually sat down and talked to Peter Fernandez I
actually sat down and talked to I met him at anime weekend Atlanta back in
2001 I am in Quran or who worked the two that worked on the show and the other
guy that worked on the show said he had passed away some time before him the two
of them actually I believe they’re both deceased but I remember talking to Pete
Fernandez about it and he is just he just kind of laughed he said yeah a lot
of that just happened to it just happen to be because there was so much that got
lost in translation and because the translations were so literal it was very
hard to really make it make a lot of sense sometimes and that’s why the
dialogue is how it is where they just they talk and talk a taco taco taco taco
taco taco you know at the very end because that’s that’s how they that’s
how the low liens were written in Japanese so it was an interesting sort
of a quirk of the source material because this was really it was really a
project that they hadn’t it was very early in that sort of idea of taking
foreign films and adapting them to American audiences localizing them as it
has been come to know but so that’s that’s where a lot of that comes from so
a lot of the weirdness of speed race or a lot of its charm even comes from it
being lost in translation but so those are the questions today those are the
questions that down at the dooblydoo what you think so
yeah and then so today’s episode brought to you by airborne surfer calm air more
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got today my name is Atari this has been the freeway forum until next time till
next week Tallyho yeah figure out how to stop this thing it’s
not stopping there it is

4 Replies to “Boston Dynamics: “Rise Of The Robots” Freeway Forum 2018-2-16”

  1. 1. Best romance 4me – Time traveler's wife … also the book was awesoom too πŸ™‚
    2. Time & money, from this perspective have equal value but there is 1 difference. With money you have more time and a more good life, but with a risk for wanting more money, as money have the power to corrupt.
    Time on the other hand just offers time with the current lifestyle. I would go.for more time, as i think work is an integral part of us. Humbling us and making us more conscious. And is cool to progress and evolve in your professional life, for your work.
    Cool seeing you.again man!

  2. Not sure I can really peg a romance flick, never been my thing but when you mentioned 50 First Dates, yeah, lol. Robots will not take us over, no BUT what I believe is that we will evolve into sentient robots once we can map and transfer conciousness. I believe it's money for me I agree with you the money would buy me time πŸ™‚ Is it odd that the show sounds interesting to me? Lol For me it will always be the Snorks, lol I had a love hate relationship with that show. Underwater Smurfs, lol Good stuff good to see you back, Atari πŸ™‚

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