Braun Strowman’s most jaw-dropping feats of strength: WWE Playlist

100 Replies to “Braun Strowman’s most jaw-dropping feats of strength: WWE Playlist”

  1. 1:00 Notice his hand position before the camera switches to another shot, then when it shows him again his hands are in a completely different position.

  2. Never become a winner… hes not Good I dont know what he was want to all to see…But he is not deserve in Wwe…
    I Dont like you 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  3. Strong man but never become a winner of the universe…and that's true…he is only good for ruining things but to become a winner 🙄🙄🙄

  4. How did roman reigns got out the ambulance without the help of anybody he was tied in that ambulance thing,anyway we now that roman left the ambulance and survived,he saved himself somehow.

  5. Being a Diesel Mechanic I know that is fake. We use a 10-20 ton jack to lift the truck. Still with that jack we can’t lift the whole truck

  6. that bunch of BS how the hell
    flip over truck a truck weight
    10.000 ten thousand no way
    what he incredible hulk and a ambulance

  7. Braun is pure cringe. He epitomises what WWE is. All his feats of strength are total works. over the top and blatantly fake.

  8. آنِآ عٌربًيَ مًيَنِ عٌربًيَ بًصّفُ جّنِبًيَ وٌيَسِبًتٌ وٌجّوٌدٍوٌ بًلَآيَکْ وٌشُتٌرآکْ بًقُنِآتٌيَ 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  9. We must address the Jewish lobby in America. Tired of Israel meddling in our elections. Why doesnt Muller look into Israel instead of Russia. They have been screwing with us since 1948

  10. 8:33 I was thinking the rock should make another fast n furious with Roman Big show and ofc BRAUUUUUUNNNNN STTTTRRRRROOOOWWWWMMMMMAAAAANNNN

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