Hi I am Dominic Colenso and in this video
I want to share with you some exercises for confident public speaking.
Now I know breathing can sometimes be seen as a big kind of hippy and a big woowoo but
actually is really important for making you sound confident and feel confident when you
are in front of an audience. I fact when I was in drama school we spend
three years doing voice classes and we were doing voice classes every single day and the
majority of that was work on the breath and working with the breath in that way allows
actors to be able to fill an auditorium of 5,000 people but also gives you the support
to be able to talk to a camera in a really engaging way, so you can use this in any context
whether you are making videos, you are giving a presentation these things are gonna work
for you. The first thing to think about is is were
we place the breath. A lot of people that I see especially when they are nervous they
start to breathe up into the chest and if we just take a few breaths it starts to make
you feel panicking its starts massage your adrenal glands and you start to get that rush
of adrenaline around the system and you enter that fight or flight mode. What we want to
be doing is thinking about low breathing working with the diaframma , relaxing the stomach
muscles and allowing the breath to drop in full the lungs, use those ribs and the intercostal
muscles and imagine you are filling up like a barrel. So I want you to pop your hand on
your chest and just take a few breaths up there for me, not very nice is it? and now
I want to allow the breath to drop down to the belly and take a couple of deep breaths
down there, very nice, good. In fact blow all the air out of the system…and then relax
the stomach muscles and just allow the breath to drop in, so we are gonna do that for three
times, so just breathing out…and let the breath drop back in…. and breath out…and
let breath drop back in… and breath out…and we filled with air, so we are working in a
completely natural way, I have an 18 month old daughter thats exactly how she breaths.
So once we got that low breathing going, the little exercise I am gonna give you is how
to calm yourself down before a presentation. All you gonna do is breath in for four counts
and you gonna breath out about for four counts. Simple as that but using that nice low breathing
that we just found there. So we just gonna breath in…and out… and in… and out…
and in… and out… and
if you just keep working with that breathing with in for four and out for four, in for
four and out for four, what you actually start to do is you start to feel yourself relax
you start to actually low your cortisol levels which is your stress hormone and you increase
your testosterone as well which is your confidence hormone so there is an ablsolute win win.
So thats my breathing exercise for confident public speaking.
I really hope you ‘ve enjoyed this video, I would love to hear your comments, leave
those in the comment box below or tweet me @dominiccolenso and you are watching this
video anywhere else but the website, get yourself over there because thats where
all the good stuff is, until the next time keep shining and keep breathing.

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