Broadway Play Auditioning : Broadway Play Audition Stamina & Rejection

In this final clip on how to audition for
a Broadway play, I’m going to talk about how to keep up your stamina. Don’t quit, it’s
a hard business, there’s a lot of rejection. It’s not just about how talented you are but
luck. Do you look the part, do they love you, are you luck enough to fit in with the other
cast members to have the look that the producer’s going for. There’s so many factors that are
beyond your control. If you find yourself burning out, you know what? Take a break,
take a month off, take a vacation find a side job a side passion. Produce your own play,
then come back to it do whatever you can to try not to quit. Even if it means taking breaks
to rejuvenate yourself. Don’t go crazy and overboard on it, try and have realistic expectations.
Remind yourself that it’s beyond your control to a certain extent. If you’re doing everything
that I said, if you’re going to your lessons, you’re doing this you’re doing that. You have
a great look, you’re going as the character, if you’re doing research you’re doing follow
up. I mean what more could the world ask of you. Give yourself a break, be nice to yourself,
surround yourself with good people who encourage you and believe in you and love you. Take
breaks when you need them so you don’t burn out and just keep at it don’t quit.

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