Brushing your teeth properly. How when and why? Healthcare for kids.

Meet Ali. Ali loves baseball. And this is Ali’s grandfather Yusuf. Every Monday, Yusuf cycles with Ali to his
school. Ali loves the ride since he gets to hear a
new story. Today says Yusuf to Ali, I will tell you a
story about teeth. TEETH, Ali laughs. Why teeth, Grandpa? Yusuf smiles. Close your eyes for a minute
and imagine yourself with no teeth. Do you like what you see? No Grandpa, Ali shouts. Then listen Ali and listen carefully. You are laughing now but you had no teeth
when you were born But at 8 months, something magical happened.
Your FIRST tooth appeared! You then had another and then another and
by the time you were 3 years, you had 20 teeth. Do you know what these teeth are called, Ali?
No Grandpa, says Ali. These teeth are called Milk teeth. But why are my teeth falling just like yours,
Grandpa? Yusuf laughed. Don’t worry Ali. These teeth will fall and
you will get new ones. By the time you are 18 you will have 32 permanent
teeth. This is 12 more than your milk teeth. Teeth help you break up your food , so that
it is small enough to be swallowed. But that is not all. Teeth also help you form
words so that you can speak properly. So Ali, since teeth are so important you have
to ALWAYS take care of them. Start by brushing your teeth daily, once in
the morning and once at night, before bed. I always do that Grandpa, Ali confidently
says. Good. But you got to brush your teeth for
at least 2 minutes and also floss. And don’t forgot – Brush the front as well
as the back of your teeth! But how do I know when I need to stop brushing,
says Ali, sounding concerned. No problem says Yusuf. Tomorrow listen to
your favourite song when you begin brushing. And promise me to keep brushing till the song
ends. Ali smiles. Ah, we have almost reached but before you
go, I have one last thing, says Yusuf. It is not just brushing and flossing that
will keep your teeth healthy. You also need to be careful about what you
eat and drink. Remember bacteria love sugar and are just
waiting for it to arrive. So eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and
drink water instead of soda. I will try Grandpa, promises Ali. Have fun at school Ali and don’t forget to
smile. Thank you.

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  1. Cute video for kid's pediatric dentistry! This will help show the kids how important it is to brush!

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