Build Strength and Confidence

– Getting up and down from a seated position is where independence lives. If you can build strength and confidence from here, you’ll have it everywhere in life. So I’m going to show you
a couple of different ways to get up and down safely and then we are going to
challenge it a little bit. So if you want to just
start with me you can, comfortable chair, bench, whatever you have available to you. If you need help and it’s hard to get up and down, what I love to do is put a sturdy chair in front of a counter. So now I can also support with my hands like over the sink, I can grab that and help pull myself up and down, with my legs at the same time. First one is normal stance. So, however you feel
comfortable with your feet, shoulder-width apart, toes
are lined up, feet are flat and strong on the floor. Here’s the first key,
before we go to stand up, be conscientious about sitting up. Before we stand up, sit up. So we get into our sit bones, our chest comes up, our head comes up, we
can lean our arms forward to create some momentum ahead,
push through the ground, stand up nice and strong. We go back trying to
find that spot behind us, sometimes the arms in
front help us sit down, keeping the sit bones underneath us and the chest up. Once again let’s try it. Arms can go in front, if
you need to lean forward, push your feet through
the floor, knees stay out, use those legs and those glutes, stand up nice and tall. Find your place. Feel the ground underneath your feet. Sit down. We can use weights, we can hold them here. We can hold them here. So all of those are options
for you if you’re stronger. Second variation, now we’re
going to start to challenge it a little bit toward different patterns and different muscles. We bring our feet closer together, you’re going to have less balance here, still we sit up, we can lean in, and then we stand up. Oh, lot of quads, lot of core. Come back down, you can
put your hand behind you if you need to for help. Or in front of you, if you need support. One more time, let’s try it. Sit up, lean forward,
strong through the ground. And it’s okay if you sit back and fall back, as long as you are safe. Now, last variation. We’re going to split our feet, so it’s almost like we’re going to gait. So now we can come forward and push through both legs,
stand, find your space, find your place. Different balance. We come back down, you can
use your hands if you need to, there’s weight on that back leg. Let’s try the other leg. We’re going to switch here,
going to come forward, we got a lot of push here now. So more on this back leg, if
there’s pain we don’t do it. We come back down. We can switch now, more dynamic, you can roll back a little and roll into it. So that’s a little more dynamic. Control down, roll back. It’s a little bit more dynamic. So if you play with these patterns, as long as you feel the ground, you get up and find your balance
before you start to move, you’re going to keep capacity and getting up and down. It’s going to give you
independence in everyday life.

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