Build Strength and Muscle (3 MINUTES 19 SECONDS FROM NOW!!)

What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. So if you want to get bigger, you’ve got to
get stronger, you’ve probably heard that. There’s a lot of truth to that Your body won’t necessarily produce the ability
for you to grow if you’re not giving it a reason to. But here’s the problem, lifting heavy weights
can sometimes be pretty intimidating. Especially if it’s new to you. And we don’t have to talk about heavy as an
absolute. Heavy is not an absolute. Heavy is what’s relative to you. And if you’re used to lifting even 150 pounds
on our Bench Press. Heavy could be 180 pounds. Now obviously that could be light to somebody
else but the key is, you’ve got to make sure that you’re exposing yourself to heavier weights
than you’re accustomed to, if you want to start allowing your body to
grow. Here’s what we do. Watch this video of me here doing a Bulgarian
Split Squat. If I’m used to using dumbbells in the 60 pound range, I can allow myself to feel the heavier weights
by getting into an Isometric Position. I’m doing the same thing here now with 90
pound dumbbells, 180 pounds holding an Isometric Position here for as long as I possibly can. Now what this does is allows me to feel what
strong is. You see if your always used to working out to what you’re comfortable with,
you’re not going to know what strong is. Feeling what is strong is your first way to
getting strong. And I can take this now over to a Pull Up.
Here I’m doing a Weighted Pullup, 90 pounds and I’m just getting into a mid range position
and holding it. Again, am I going to be working out with sets
of 90 pounds on a Pull Up? Likely not, not now, not at least now. But I can work my way up there and the only
way I’ll get there is if I feel what being strong is, and what feeling what 90 pound pull ups will
feel like, Once I do that and then I go back to doing
the weights that I’m used to using, even a 45 pound plate or god forbid bodyweight on
the Pull Ups, I could let my body fly. Because I’ve got the confidence in my ability
to lift more what I thought I could and I’ve got the ability to actually feel like I’m
stronger than I was, because I’m lifting far less on my subsequent
work sets. So the most important thing you can do is,
start allowing your body to feel what strong is. Be stronger than what you think you are by
allowing your body to feel how strong you really are. Take a slightly heavier weight, utilize the
Isometric position. Remember guys, Isometric strength is going to be greater than your
Concentric strength ever will be. So take advantage of that. Get strong in your
Isometric position, hold it, you’re usually in a safe position if you have to bale, if
you have to bale, and then go back and perform your Concentric
sets. It’s going to make a big difference in how
fast that you can start bumping up the weights that you’re using and therefore start packing
on a lot more size. Guys if you found this video helpful, make
sure you leave your comments and your thumbs up below, and if you want to start taking your training
to the next level, if you want me to coach you through with my best coaching tips, day
by day, across a 90 day Training Program? Then I’d invite you to come on over to ATHLEANX.COM
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one of your workouts, providing you wthl all the same tips that
I do with my Pro Athletes to make sure that they’re not just getting bigger and stronger, but they’re dominating whatever they do. You could be doing the same thing, even if
it’s just the sport of life. Alright guys, I’ll be back here again in just
a couple of days.

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  1. Hey , how you doing. I want to loose weight and build muscle the problem is when I go gym I just dont know what to really do to maximize my workout to allow me to loose and build more muscle can you help me out? Thank you. ?(I'm 16 male I weigh 84-90kgs)

  2. Oh fuck. The first excersize you did looks brutal.

    You've introduced a lot of new things over the years with this channel. Much appreciated. Today is just one of those shit days where I got a 3 hour sleep, went out and did my daily routine and feel like absolute crap but a workout is better than no workout.

    Lucky for me I set up a home gym a month ago for days like this. 🙂

  3. Yeah. I've only been lifting for about 7 months and in all those months I just stood in the 8-12 rep range. I got amazing! results when it comes to muscle building but my strength is kinda lacking. I just started doing Reg Parks 5×5 to get stronger and still add some muscle. Do you recommend 5×5's, Jeff ?

  4. I've looked at your website and your starter 90 day program and I want to start it but I looked at before and after pictures of the people who did it and the lost a ton of weight. But I'm skinny, can I still do this.

  5. Great idea, and I see how this would work with the two exercises you did here, where, if you fail, the weights just drop safely to the floor. Not sure how it would work with, say, a bench press (unless maybe on a machine) where failure means the bar falls on you. But I guess I just answered my own question: I'd try a heavy isometric bench on my cable machine, where the weight stack just falls back to the ground.

  6. @ATHLEAN-X™  Jeff don't make short videos, take your time specialy for the PT ones. Everything you say is gold and we want to keep learning and listening to you. You are the best coach and PT teacher I've ever had.

  7. Relativity could also mean using 1 arm(or leg) rather than 2 for body weight exercises to develop stability. An Example would be a squat vs pistol squat.
    If the pistol squat is to intimidating, spot yourself with a chair, wall an object or a partner.
    Over time slowly move away from using that spotter less and less
    Begin to move towards the goal of single leg squats (or push ups, or pull ups etc) weekly.

  8. Thanks Jeff,  That isometric routine is just what i need to be reminded.  I have been using your three set pulley routine now for about 60 day.  The one where you taught us how to blend in an isometric move…with pretty good results  thanks again I really appreciate it 

  9. So essentially, what you're saying is that whichever workout I will be doing, hold heavy weight right before a set while holding the isometric position in which I'm about to do? For example, barbell squat. Put on slightly heavier weight and hold the squat as long as I can and then do my set?

  10. Great advice. I always start a progression to new 1 rep max by "feeling" much heavier weight. It's one of the principles that's served me well the last 30 years

  11. GUYS ! I need help with my routine, fix it up in any way! ( my main focus is arms tho)
    Wednesday- arms
    Friday- arms
    Saturday- rest

    And if anyone has an ab workout that would be great cause mine sucks

  12. I compare it to baseball when you swing a heavier bat on deck and then use a lighter one at bat. It does work. 

  13. Hi Jeff my name is Jay. My current workout schedule is this. Monday-bench and upper chest, shoulders, and traps. Tuesday- legs. Wednesday- forearms, biceps, and triceps. Thursday- legs. Friday- bench and lower chest, and back. Saturday- quick full body workout like the 300 workout. Sunday- rest.
    My question is I have 2 months before I go to a convention like comic con but smaller and I am trying to get my abs to show. I'm a fit guy who is dedicated to working out. I also have insanity. I was planning to keep my gym schedule the same but also do insanity at home after the gym. I'm not looking to get ripped I just want to start to see my abs show. I only plan on doing this for 2 months. Can I achieve my goal by doing this and what are the positives and negatives of doing it? If u can please give me any advice it would be greatly appreciated. I don't have the athlean x workout yet but I watch all of your videos and adjust them as I learn more tips and tricks from your videos. I would not be where I am now if not for you. Thank you.

  14. How to you focus on certian part of muscle while working out, because everytimes when i try to work out my chest i would always accidently use my tribiceps for lifting up the weight

  15. Well put,because I defer this truth to (some guy who told me it b4)…by sayin it in so many wrds.

  16. How does this work with let's say a bench or OHP and lifts where the weight is on you and if you bail out the weight would fall on you.

  17. hey jeff thats very true, i always look forward to your hints and tips they always help ALOT, you should do a tip of the week or month like this one or on nutrition, we're over due a nutrition one lol 👍😉

  18. This is pretty similar to half reps! Being able to load up on the weight ur not used to using and shortening the range! What do u think Jeff?

  19. I Invented this trick to aid my squat a while ago, I would load up a weight much heavier than I was going to work with, and just hold it the highbar position for a little bit, then deload and go back to a working weight. It helps tremendously. The weight you work with now seems way lighter than it would normally feel

  20. About 6 years ago i got a hernia in my bladder they put some mesh in there but when i go real heavy i feel pain or sometimes just discomfort i stop doing what im doing when that happens but it makes it where i advance more slow do u thank it would be safe to just push through it

  21. Hey guys, so I wanted to buy the athlean-x program but my credit card got declined cz it said that it didn't have enough money even though it had more than enough does anybody have an idea as to why this happened? Thanks in advance

  22. I normally bench 245 max, but I tried this with 335 to see if my confidence would go up. It fell and decapitated me. Thanks a lot

  23. This looks like a good technique and I am going to give it a try.  I have been working out for decades (I'm 55) and the problem with most guys is not that they don't go heavy enough but instead they go too heavy and too often. This limits the total amount of work done reducing stimulus for growth while increasing risk of injury.  I have been getting much better results the last few years using moderate weights with perfect form.  My muscle mass is still excellent 30 years after my profile photo.  I almost never max out except on bodyweight tests of strength such as the human flag progressions or handstand pushups for reps.  Max effort bodyweight is generally far safer than max effort barbell work.

  24. I work out at home so I have limited weights. Is there any way to gain strength that way? for some exercises (like side lateral raises) I can obviously increase the weight but for bench press for example I can't

  25. jeff, I'm having trouble with my transverse abdominis control. can you give me please give me advice on exercises to do?

  26. Hey, Jeff. Can you do a video on any methods to relieve or help promote a reduction in shoulder pain due to impingement? I have no idea if there's a cure for it other than time.

    One day I tried raising my left arm and noticed I felt pain. Trying to get a sense of what was going on I tried raising my arm a number of ways and saw that I only felt pain when I tried raising my arm directly out to my side (i think it's a lateral raise). I also felt pain when I had my arm in that position and rotated my left hand so that my Palm faced the ceiling effectively directing my thumb to point behind me. When I rotated my hand forward so that my Palm would face the floor, I didn't feel as much pain. Today the pain is better, I have better ability to perform a lateral raise of my left arm, but I still feel some dull sense of pain. That'll teach me to try pushups at 300lbs when I haven't been doing them my whole life.

    Anyway, hope there's something you can talk about to help me since I want to get started with improving myself before spring sets in (if possible). Thanks for the work you've been doing. It's been valuable to me.

  27. Jeff can you do a video on Active Insufficiency, how they occur, how they affect the worked muscles,…?


  28. Hey Jeff! I have a video recommendation.  As a freshman college student, I have a question about sleep.  Others in college may wonder the same thing as well. Is there a guideline for the amount of sleep (and a smallest "acceptable" amount) in relation to a training day the next day? I'm in Month 16 of NXT — which I FULLY recommend Jeff's program to anyone who is reading this! — and some nights are a challenge to get more than 5 hours of sleep. I am up at 5 a.m. to go to the gym every morning before class … and I have a roommate that wakes me up when he comes back to the room often between 1:30 and 3 a.m… he's also a night owl video gamer .. anyways, how should I gauge whether or not to train the next day (based off of amount of sleep)?  Energy level? How my body feels? — which sometimes, with a lack of sleep can give a false feeling of energy — thanks!

  29. So what if you're trying to cut? Lose fat and keep as much muscle as possible? What are the best workouts to do for that? I've heard low weight but HIGH reps, any comment on this jeff?

  30. Nice! I always feel the weight especially when i am not comfortable with the weight i am gonna do. Its nice to now that if you talk about this in a video that i just wasn't doing something out of the ordinary. Thanks

  31. Another way is 5 sets of 5. For instance, I can comfortably bench 60KG (132 lbs) so for this work out to be effective I would have to go a bit higher to 65KG (143 lbs), do 5 reps of that, go up to 70KG (154 lbs) 5 reps again, move up to 75KG (165 lbs), then go 80KG (176 lbs) and once gain 5 reps and the last one do quite big number, in my case, 90KG (198 lbs). But remember 5 sets, with 5 reps. High volume, less rep. Quite an effective method in building your strength. However, this is just my plan. Yours may vary depending on what you're currently lifting. 

  32. @ATHLEAN-X™  Jeff can you help me with my compound lifts bench press, dead lift and squats. I am currently 95 kg, 180 cm and whenever I tend to do heavy compound lifts I can fell pain in my lower back. I can do 60 – 80kg just fine nut it's when I try to do 100kg compound lifts I feel my back after I do the lift maybe it's due to my power lifting belt too tight. Not really sure. This is an example of one of my set for squats: 12-15 reps at 50kg, 8-10 reps at 60 kg, 8-10 reps at 70kg, 6-8 reps at 80kg, and now I am starting to feel my back (i am a little weak at my squats) not sure if that's normal. I have been lifting for about a year now. Cheers.

  33. I think this is why we need to train only for strength 1 week every 4 weeks. So if you are doing 3 weeks hypertrophy training, 1 week should be focused on strength. During that week instead of aiming 8-12 reps, increase the weight to aim for 1-3 reps, rest and then do another 1-3 reps, 4 sets. This teaches you how much weight you can actually handle when the rep count is not an issue, puts you in a positive mood and creates a stronger mind-muscle connection. As the weeks go by, you start noticing that during your hypertrophy weeks those weights you used to do 8-12 reps with are getting lighter and you can go heavier without feeling stressed about it. And that really is the sticking point in our minds, to be able to go heavier without feeling stressed, creating that confidence during the strength training weeks.

  34. This video can help you stay on track and reach your goals. Check out in Google which helps for how to build muscle faster from the kisel bodybuilding program!

  35. Ngl this video was pretty fucking useless. Lift heavier weight so when you lift lighter weight it will feel easier and you'll get more results because you'll be doing more repetitions. Couldn't have made a more common sense video.

  36. This is glorious, I been tryin to find out about "muscle strength training exercises" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Fonmich Strength Smasher – (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my colleague got excellent success with it.

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