Build Strength with Eccentric Training

welcome to callisthenic movement my name is Sven and in today’s video I show you how you can increase your strength and overall performance by using eccentric movements so what I sent with movements and why do we use them it’s quite simple you just choose an exercise and only use the negative part of it we do this because the negative part is easier to perform than the positive when you do a negative repetition you can handle up to 130 percent of the maximum strength this means you can perform a negative movement of an exercise which you can do positive let’s take a look at push-ups as an example when you can do a push-up you can either work with an easier version of this exercise like knee push-ups Voyager’s perform negative reps when you do a negative rep use 4 to 7 seconds time under tension for 1 rep and repeat this until you can do any more negative reps of a minimum of 4 seconds time under tension eccentric training is great to build up strength for exercises you can do yet but keep in mind that these santak movements are really hard for your body and that you shouldn’t work with eccentric movements alone your body will need more rest when you do this kind of training so be prepared for sore muscles you can also do this with many other exercises and here are some examples you

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