Build Upper Body Strength: The Upper Body Blast Workout

Hi, I’m Tom Holland, Bowflex Fitness Adviser. This is the upper body blast workout. We’re going to do five exercises. Ten repetitions
each – two times through in a circuit fashion. We’re gonna start with a chest press so Ryan Lisa, they’re going to sit back, gonna take their dumbbells and begin. 10 repetitions and go. At their own, slow, controlled pace, ten repetitions of chest. You’ll see they’re stopping right at their shoulders, coming back up pressing those weights together. Ten
repetitions and from there going to do a seated tricep extension using one dumbbell. So take your time at home; you don’t have to go at same pace. Do what you can do. Ten repetitions. Great job working the chest, triceps, and shoulder muscles. And good. When you’re done with ten, gonna place one dumbbell down. May switch weights (depending on what works for you), arms are gonna come back, putting that weight back over your head. Palms are holding the top and press it up. So they’re both going to extend that weight straight up, perfect form. See that right here? Lisa is extending the
weight straight up she’s working the back of her arms. Give me 10 repetitions. Then were gonna transition. We’re gonna go to bicep curls when they’re finished. 10 reps. Nice and
slowly trying to control the decent, perfect form. Nice and slowly. Nice. We’re gonna work all five body parts of the upper body: chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps, and our back. We are going to bicep curls. Once again, at home you may change the weight, up to you. Ready? So open those weights now and begin. Ten repetitions. So the most important thing… one question we always get is … “what weight should I use?”. The weight you’re going to use at home is a weight that is challenging for the last few repetitions. If you finished that tenth rep and it’s really light, you need to raise the weight. If You can get those last few reps, you’re going to lower the weight a little bit, make it a little bit easier. So take your time, squeeze each repetition. We’re working one arm at the time here, if your crunched for time do both at the same time. But this gives us a little extra
ability to focus on one arm. See their biceps working. So we just worked the
back of the arm now they’re working the front. And excellent, now we’re going to
transition to shoulders. (Change weights? Are you good? No. You’re good.) Bring those weights up. Overhead press and begin. Yeah? So again if you watch they’re stopping, controlling that weight. Making each repetition count. Really good posture, and bringing those weights up and over their head, working the shoulders. Great job. From here, we’re gonna finish up with one arm dumbbell rows Good. Alright. So now we’re working our back. The back muscle is a strong muscle so you can switch weights. You’ll see Lisa, she’s gonna go heavier. Whatever you can do at home. But our back muscles little stronger than biceps, generally. You’ve got it. So let’s pick one side. You’re gonna hold that weight down. Ready and begin. 10 reps. So you’ll see here, if at home without a bench maybe using a ball or something different, you just want a nice straight back. You’re pulling that weight up, it’s not an arm exercise – it’s a back exercise. So you want that shoulder blade to really move towards the ceiling. And a
great thing about doing one arm at a time, a unilateral exercise, it gives you the
ability to focus one side of your body. And now we do the other side. (I’ll get out of the way here.) Excellent, so you work one side then you work the other. Come around, and begin. Good. So take your time. Squeeze each repetition. You’ll see
they’re looking forward so they have a neutral spine. Nice and relaxed. This is the fifth exercise once you do ten repetitions, do the whole thing one more time. So two sets ten repetitions each. Good job you guys. And they’re breathing. Good. Is that ten for you? Excellent. So back to chest press. So that’s round one. We go to round two. Another important thing is you may get
tired after the first round; you may use different weights, that’s fine. You want to challenge your body while utilizing good form. Can’t stress that
enough. Lean back, chest set two. And begin. So nice and slowly, one of the greatest exercises for upper body. Lisa and Ryan are working their
chest muscles, their shoulder muscles as well as the tricep. Great phenomenal exercise. Make sure you’re working with weights though that are challenging for you. Ten repetitions. One again from here we’re gonna transition into the tricep – the one dumbbell overhead tricep extension. So you’re gonna hold that dumbbell with one hand and gonna extend it up towards the ceiling. And begin. Good. So you’ll see once again, upper body is straight. Upper arm is straight as well. So pressing the weight up, extending the arm – that works the back. Ten good repetitions. Once again, we work the back of the arm, then we work the front. Really good. Simple exercises yet effective. So you’re gonna grab a dumbbell, gonna alternate again. Alternating bicep curls. Ready and begin. So take your time, squeeze and again you’ll see both Lisa and Ryan they’re controling the weight. They’re not throwing the weight round around, not utilizing momentum. That gets you better
results and that keeps you from getting injured. Really important. Good. Excellent. Ten repetitions. From here we’re going to go to the overhead shoulder press. Great job. Remember to breathe. So we work the chest, biceps, triceps. Then we go to shoulders – over head shoulder press. Great job. If you need to change the weights at home, change them. Now we bring those weights up over our shoulders, palm facing forward and begin. Press them up and over. Really important exercise really important for our activities of daily living. Lifting things up over our head, this is a functional exercise. Ten repetitions. Those shoulders should be tired. Fatiguing them. Great. Two rounds. Exercise number four. Good When you’re finished, we finish up with one arm dumbbell rows. Take your time, it’s not a race; it’s about doing the exercises correctly with the right amount of resistance. Alright. Good body position and begin. Ten repetitions. So once again the upper body: chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps. We want to do exercises that target all five of those regions. This workout does that. Great job. Remember to breathe. Towards the end of the workout is when you’re gonna start to fatigue. You really want to pay attention at this time to your form, you’ll see. Great. Alight, Lisa’s done. Ryan’s done.
Final set. And begin. So there you have it. Five exercises focusing on the upper body. It doesn’t take a long time; it doesn’t have to. Couple more repetitions, great job at home. Excellent. One more. And awesome. There you have it. Five exercises, ten reps
each done two times through – the upper body blast workout. Subscribe for fitness content and
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