Cal State LA’s Healthcare Revenue Cycle Administration Program

The program patient revenue cycle certification really delves deeper into the front and back end of what happens for a patient who enters a hospital That’s why it was really important to me and extremely eye-opening. We are bringing Cal State, LA We are bringing Pacific gateway as well as a Cedar sinai together and really creating and developing this specific curriculum based on the employers and needs it provides potentially a new pool of Employees staff that will have at least a basic understanding and kind of groundwork of the revenue cycle so it actually recommended to people who are not really interested in the clinical aspect of the hospital but interested more and Clerical aspect of it. What are the things that have to occur to create a hospital bill and then Once we have the bill, how do we collect it? It’s probably one of the few industries that still exists where someone come in without a college degree At the ground level and make a good income and have a lifetime career opportunity they know that they could get their start in a new career or Definitely upgrade their transferable skills into healthcare. This is the best opportunity to transition from one Type of career into another and it’s given me the knowledge in the background that I need to move forward And it’s opened up an industry not just at hospitals. It could be a doctor’s office This is just different locations now it gives me the knowledge to be able to explain out the revenue cycle to patients to help hide in patient experience on the Front end by knowing what’s happening in the back end Pacific gateway provided the scholarships for all of the students And we were able to not only provide that scholarship but also support them in providing them transportation childcare services the people that should be attending this program or anybody that’s Willing to go to school every Saturday because it will definitely benefit them in the long run The program has been great. The instructors have been extremely knowledgeable in this entire time. The students are benefiting from hearing What’s really happening in the working world? connected to the topic instead of Just theory and at least I understand conceptually what it is. They’re doing the documents that they may see This could be a Obie’s explanation of benefits remittance advices claim forms It has really broadened my horizon as to where I can go It’s been a wonderful experience one of the highlights of my career truly. We do save life So we really do in all levels in actuality. I was recently promoted to a team lead at live registration And this is all really thanks to this patient revenue cycle certification class. It’s one of a kind There’s no other program like that anywhere in this area. Absolutely Awesome do it

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