California to offer health care to undocumented migrants

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  1. I wonder if we can change the homeless status to illegal immigrants in order to help the homeless😵

  2. California still lying about their budget as they do every year. President Trump needs to have Gavin Newsome arrested for aiding and abetting illegal aliens. They accept money from communist. Communist always lie. If they don't enforce the laws. Then why should anyone obey any laws.

  3. This is unacceptable policy, totally insane. Not only are they providing these benefits for ILLEGAL residents, they are enacting an Obamacare-like penalty for uninsured CITIZENS to help pay for it. This is pure theft and injustice and totally treasonous. I pray Californians suffer enough to force these traitors of their backs and restore sanity to their state. As far as I’m concerned California is NOT part of America, but I hope those people kick out the traitors and rejoin our republic!

  4. IF there's a tax surplus, you do a refund, you don't throw it away on causes such as criminal invaders. If not a refund, how about saving it until next year? I think this notion of blowing a surplus ought to be against the law.

  5. And hey, if those illegal aliens didn't improve their own economy in South America, what makes liberals think they'll improve it in North America?

  6. Why isn't the mainstream reporting on this ebola outbreak that has spread to our country? Why? It is here. We know about LAX, Texas and then Fiji. We will not be silent. If it means saving lives, we will broadcast it day and night.

  7. We need to admit that the majority of calafornia has a problem. They now longer know what’s best for them and they need help.

  8. the idiotic & destructive policy from the radical left is why Trump happened, "budget surplus"????!!! yeah right~~ as a middle-class Californian, never in my life had my state provided me any health coverage(not even close) and now they are telling me my tax dollars will dump onto foreign invaders who have no respect for law & order in this country and I will be fined for not buying overpriced worthless plan…..

  9. I love it, I’m moving to California. Oh, wait….I’m a LEGAL immigrant therefore I’ll be the poor sap paying for these criminals. Never mind!!!

  10. Quick, every US citizen 19-25 run to California with a fake name and get free healthcare!!! Remember you don't need to show ID, you're illegal!

  11. I am sick of filthy immigrants shitting in the streets of Fresno, send them all back to Mexico, I am 16 and it sickens me to see this garbage flooding my city

  12. in 2020 put a US Marshal at each voting booth,these lawmakers are in their positions by committing voter fraud.

  13. True white devil. Queers he's. A queer. Yes i said. It. Read your bibles. Queers. Calfionia suck natsy in open sight

  14. Gov. Newsom is happy to spend money to help people he does not represent, but helping legal California citizens is ‘off the table’.

  15. More insanity! Americans should remove these clowns misappropriating our tax money. No questions asked! Of course we won't do that, no balls anymore…


  17. Between the ages of 19 and 25 prime anchor baby 🍼 making ages.. The communist left democrat party want to completely change the demographics of California and the country pushing out the middle class and replacing them with a new permanent, underclass, dependent servants.. They call it culture dumping! The goal is to gain control of the nation via the voting 🗳 booth and eliminating the constitution…

  18. as one commenter on this thread stated " the people who created these liberal shitholes should be forced to stay in them"…..all of these blue sanctuary/open border States should not receive federal funding of any kind, we should dump the thousands of migrants who illegally cross our border right on their doorstep.

  19. California the poop state, you all need a new flag , one with a couple Turds on it , like Kamila Haris and Mad Max Waters

  20. It's all free in the ER. This is only for 19-25 years. How much health care do they need, that isn't ER related?

  21. I am an American citizen in California…I don't even have healthcare…guess I was born in the wrong country to reap those benefits….then again I'm not a dirtbag looking for a handout either.

  22. It don't pay to be a citizens in California, you'll be fine if you don't get health care, but if you're an illegal you'll get health care free…

  23. I get more benefits if I am an illegal citizen then if I am a citizen. I am so done with this state. This is the stupidest sh*t ever

  24. I remember that northern California tried to secede but were shut down by California's supreme court. Here a question that I'd like to get answered – Is it possible for the Union kick a state out?

  25. California decided to violate the constitution and essentially leave America.  How should the situation be addressed?  1.  Send in the troops and declare martial law?  2.  Take away ALL federal funding?  3.  Boycott all products from California? 4. Expel the state from the United States?  States rights end when a state violates the constitution and aids and abets criminals.  For the benefit of legal citizens of California, probably sending in the troops is best and restoring California as a state of America.  Trump should do this in his second term.  This poster no longer recognizes California as a legal legitimate state of the USA.   Their politicians are criminals.

  26. This is what happens when you allow other races to gang up on, judge, and bully a race because of their ancestors.. This country is done when Trump leaves office..

  27. Gavin has a poor way of dealing with illegal immigrants. He is just stirring the pot, so he can be on camera. Smile your on candid camera fool!

  28. Republicans are letting this all happen because they subconsciously want to lose. Brainwashing can do that to you

  29. they're crazy! they'll wreck the economy and rip off the taxpayers! There'll be so much corruption , and theft of services, there'll probaly be a mass exodus out of California!

  30. Hard working Americans can't afford health insurance, but let's figure out a way to offer health care to undocumented migrants. Keep voting for the Dems!

  31. drip drip….drip… In florida, native households pay more than two thousand in taxes every year to pay for the education, healthcare and legal costs of illegal immigrants

  32. California gives free medical care

    United States: wait that’s illegal

    Mexico: it’s free real estate

  33. So is this free healthcare? I'm a citizen and a veteran and I was paying $190 a month for health insurance until I started going to the VA. If it wasn't for the VA, I wouldn't have health care.

  34. God forbid there is a major earthquake and the whole state falls into the Pacific Ocean. Instead of being called a natural disaster it will be called a Gift from God.

  35. If the Democrats get the office or whenever they do in the future one day they will they open the gates and let all immigrants in legal or illegal no matter what country they're from that's automatically go to increase unemployment for American citizens to increase the homeless it's going to be hard to find jobs because the old saying goes they were cheaper than we do no more raises right now I see a really big difference in the workforce my paycheck is increased pretty good with no problem since Trump has been in office and I like to have the choice of what HealthCare coverage I want

  36. A few more of this guy and the illegal immigrants will have succeeded by taking over america from the inside out

  37. What President Trump should say to the Democrats is 'I'll reconsider my position on the immigration into this country when the Democrats show progress in our homeland.  Create some bills to get a majority of the homeless off the streets with housing and stablize the Veterans afterlife of war. We have many ongoing social issues being ignored for them to get that 15min of political fame! The USA cannot bear the weight of other countries failure when we are failing ourselves.'

  38. Ages 19 to 25 only, 90,000 people, cost $98 million per year. Financed entirely from a new penalty on those who do not buy health insurance, a state individual mandate because Trump killed the federal mandate. So no taxpayer, other than the free riders, pay a cent.

  39. Here's the problem: We're already paying for healthcare for them. When they go into the emergency room, we pay the top dollar for their care. Giving them state funded health care actually resides the amount we pay for their health care.

  40. This boy is going Broke / bankrupt before the election and his federal funding is coming due in September ??? This is not going to pretty for California ???

  41. It's time for Washington DC to end all federal funding for California. You can't put your middle finger up to the law and expect to get away with it. And Governor Newsom should be arrested. And then the people can storm Sacramento and take over by force.

  42. They did it. And Gov. Newsom says it will cover 90k. Good luck! You are about to be the welcome wagon of healthcare for illegal aliens nationwide. You can triple that 90k pipedream.

  43. Actually no one was ever without medical care. In the old days undocs went to emergency rooms and the hospitals had a person who filled out Medicaid forms on the spot. They were temporary so the ER visit would be covered or hospital admittance. Since the incredible growth the ERs can't keep up with it anymore. ERs turned into clinics and it just doesn't work. Temporary cards can be issued if someone is ill. To offer Medicaid in this fashion is incorrect. No docs take Medicaid or medicare anymore anyway.

  44. Better get out of Calif. It'll draw the sick into Calif. There will be ill people in wheelbarrows next and TB and all kinds of disease coming in for medical care. Then AOC and the rest can show the ill people being detained. It'll be like Jesus with the throng of 5000 around him and asking who touched me. They already go through your homes looking for food and clothes when you are out. Well, it's over. bye

  45. One program after another in California. Public schools have become an atrocity. Who would fund such nonsense. Americans are struggling there. They need all these services too since you're offering. Clean that up first.

  46. FOX NEWS: They're ILLEGAL; get in touch with reality. Call them what they are. They're people who broke the law.

  47. We need to vote this clown out of the office, governor Gavin!! Call his office, write a letter and most importantly show up at the polls and don't give him your vote. He is not taking care of his citizens who should come first. If you don't pay into the system you will not get access to healthcare. If you truly have an extensive medical health issue that interferes with your labor, than I have compassion, and that your a legal citizen. # Americanscomesfirst

  48. Democrats using taxpayer money because they don't "like" Trump. This isn't about "immigrants". They could care less about immigrants. It's just a game to them. Counteract everything Trump does no matter the cost. A political game for power. Unfortunately the only losers are us. The hardworking taxpayers. The middle-class ALWAYS ends up paying the debt.

  49. 1.3 trillion in debt including unpaid pensions and Newsom gives free healthcare. I can not believe the times we live in today.

  50. So now all “Undocumented Immigrants” can move to California. Thank you California. No reason for all these people to stay in our states now, they can come to you and live with all the other people living in tent cities that you can’t take care of. You Democrat’s have lost your minds and don’t think for one minute that the world does not see this. I hope Trump takes all your government funding away and we all get to see you squirm. You just can’t fix stupid!

  51. So,,,,,, the working class idiot Americans are struggling with bills and bills and bills barely making it from pay check to pay check and somehow California can afford free healthcare to criminals????? So are these doctors and pharmacies working for free also ??????

  52. So whos paying for this? The federal government needs to use this data for deportment! And if this effects my taxes im going to opt out and pai zero and you you can do that get a tax lawer..

  53. Democrats ride on their moral high horse paid my taxpayers. They never lift a finger or open their own wallets to help the poor.

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