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– [Thats Good Money] Can’t help it. All right Daai, talk to the people man, let them know what’s
getting ready to go down. – All right, my name is Daai Ibrahim, guys and today we’re gonna
do calisthenic workouts for leg strength. So, this is the first
thing that we’re gonna do, we’re gonna do five exercises that’s gonna target our legs as a whole and these exercises, we
have to make sure we keep the proper form and alignment
of the spine and the hip, so make sure everything
is properly engaged. So the first exercise
that I’m gonna let you go, I’m gonna give to you guys, is we’re gonna do a regular
lunge with hip flexion, like so. So when you come down with the lunge, you’re gonna hip flex, one. Come down with the lunge, hip flex, two. Make sure it’s controlled, make
sure it’s controlled, three. Control, four. Control, five. Six. Seven. Eight. Now slow, up, explode, nine. 10. So when you’re doing this exercise, guys I wanna tell you a few tips to actually
do it the proper way. As you’re coming down, to 90 degrees, right? You wanna make sure that everything, you’ve got a 90 degree here and approximately a 90 degree here. As you’re coming up, you wanna extend and
push your glutes forward, controlled like this. So as you’re coming up,
control and hip thrust, so you can actually use your glutes, as well as your hamstrings, to fire up that extension of the hip. So we’re gonna do it like so. Up. So again, I’m not just coming down and just coming straight up like that. I’m coming down and then forward. As you’re doing that as well,
make sure your core is tight. You don’t wanna over-extend your back. When you use your back and extend it to compensate for you
coming up, that’s very key. Tighten your core, come down, use your hip to drive yourself forward. This is the first exercise. – [Thats Good Money] Doing
10 on the other leg too? To even it out, you know?
– Yes. – [Thats Good Money] Okay. – So we get down with this leg. Now we’re gonna do the other leg. Come straight down. Up, one. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. 10. That’s your first workout. The second workout is we’re gonna do, we’re gonna do squat jumps. Lunge jumps. So it’s same thing like a lunge but we’re gonna be exploding up. You’re gonna use some power to
get ourselves off the ground and we’re just gonna force
our muscles to work harder, to contract. So it’s gonna be like so. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. 10. That’s what we’re gonna do. It’s called lunge while jumping. That’s gonna cause you to explode up, to power it up and it’s gonna cause you to
use a lot of your muscles. Everything is firing at that moment using your quadriceps, using
your hamstrings and your butt, everything firing at the same time to throw you up in the air. So you’re gonna do 10 more. So we can have a 10 total. Ready? One. Two. Three. Five. Six. Seven. Eight, engage that core! Nine. 10, core engaged the whole time. That’s your second exercise. Now, for your third exercise what you’re gonna do is, we’re gonna be coming down on one leg and making sure we control it. So the exercise is gonna go like so. You’re gonna come down, like so. Up, one. Come down. Up, two. Come down. Up, three. Come down. Up, four. Come down. Up, five. With this exercise, what we’re doing is we’re forcing our gluteus
medius to stabilize our body because we’re off
balance, we’re on one leg, our body can shift left,
it can shift right. Our gluteus medius is controlling our body and keeping us from falling,
so it stabilizes the hip. As we’re doing the
exercise, we’re making sure we’re stretching the
fibers of our hamstrings while coming down and then exploding, up! Same fashion when we’re doing the lunges, we’re moving our hip forward and flexing that muscle right
there, it’s really activated. So we’re gonna do the same thing, we’re gonna do it with this leg. Come down. Up, that’s one. Come down. Up, that’s two. Come down. Up, that’s three. Come down. Up, that’s four. Come down. Up, that’s five. All right, so we’re gonna work
both of them, the same way. Make sure we control as we’re going up, core is always tight,
don’t forget that, guys. The next exercise that we’re gonna do, is your typical floor bridge. A lot of people are
ashamed to do this workout but this workout really
attacks your glutes. Glutes, which is your butt
muscle, is a big muscle that is helping you with a
lot of extension of your hip. A lot of people never
really work their butt but it’s very important to
activate your butt muscles because this is the foundation of the movements around your hip. So the exercise, we’re gonna
come straight to the ground, like so. And this is called the floor bridge. So we get more down to the ground. We’re gonna have approximately
45 degree right here, a 45 degree angle. Everything down and
we’re gonna have our legs approximately shoulder width apart and we’re gonna thrust up. Up, one. Come down. Two. Come down, make sure you
control in this exercise. Three. Come down, come down in
a controlled fashion. Four. Five, make sure your core is tight, so you don’t over extend your back. Six. Seven, contracting it on the way up. Nine. 10, hold it for 10 seconds. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Drop down, come up. That’s your next exercise. That’s gonna really fire
up your glute muscles, you’re gonna feel some hamstrings as well, but that’s really powerful. So incorporate that
exercise into your routine. The last exercise we’re gonna do is we’re gonna work with explosion. We’re gonna try and explode up. So we’re gonna walk over there and we’re gonna explode. So this is gonna really fire our muscle and everything’s gonna
be working right now. We’re gonna come here, find a platform or something where you have to jump on. Like so, we’re gonna
be jumping onto there. Gonna make sure everything is controlled. When we get there, we’re gonna hold it for
three to five seconds. You know, you could hold
it for two to five seconds, you know? When you get up there, I
want you to jump up there and hold the squat for
approximately two seconds. Ready? One, two. One, two, three. Jump back down. That’s the first one. One, two, three. That’s the second one. One, two, three. That’s the third one. One, two, three, up let’s go! One, two, three, up let’s go! One, two, three, this is gonna explode, it explodes, you’re using
everything to get up there. One, two, three, up! One, two, three, up! All right, I’m feeling it, I’m feeling it, I’m feeling it, one, two, three, up! I’m feeling it! Let’s go, how much have we got left? About four. One, two, three, up! That’s about three more. Don’t stop. One, two, three, up! Don’t stop, let’s go, we
almost done, two more! Up, one, two, three, up, wow, you’re gonna feel it! One more. One, two, three, explode! There you go, man. These are the exercise
that you’re gonna work with to really fire your muscles. Make sure when you’re doing that exercise, you’re exploding, you wanna
have flexion of the hip, flexion of the knee and as
well as flexion of the ankle, it’s gonna be a triple flex. As you’re going down, this is
flexed, your knee is flexed and your hip is flexed,
when you’re going up. Make sure everything is flexed. Like so, when you’re jumping up, extend. Make sure everything
extends, your hip extends, your knee extends and your foot extends. So as you’re coming down,
everything is flexed. Up, everything extends. That’s the proper mechanics
when you’re jumping, to do a plyometric squat jump. There you go guys, that’s your workouts. Very effective for working your legs, you don’t need no weights at all, all you need is your body,
the motivation and the time and there you go, guys. – [Thats Good Money] All
right, thanks a lot Daai. Links to his YouTube channel and his Instagram will be
in the description box. Thanks a lot. – All right guys, have
a great one, all right. – [Interviewer] Okay.

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