Calisthenics VS Men’s Physique Athlete – STRENGTH WARS 2k16 #2

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  1. calisthenics guy should have killed it in the dip section, he was within 5 reps of catching the other guy but still choked, he doesn't seem to have the desire to push hard

  2. Nice battle. Ill try to make this comment fair as possible.
    1st Both were incredibly strong. Credit to d white guy for winning he proved that he had d stregth for that too.
    But that the exercises were not totally Calisthenics oriented Bertrand did very well for that. In Bench Press he was just 20 Second behind d white guy and approximetely so in Squats. In the Dips he supposed to beat him actually as a Calisthenics guy but those exercises Bench press which he better said his muscles are not so used to, his muscled to to work more respektively his muscles has to recrute more and deeper muscles fibers to perform those for him not so used to exercises.
    The Bench press takes lot of Shoulder and Triceps strength slightly more than the chest. I believe he didnt feel his chest while Bench pressing and his Tricpes and Shoulders front delts were pretty much fatique and exactly those muscles are required strongly for those normal regular dips. Maybe yess it true Bertrand needs more mental toughness but we should bear in mind that every brings different Condition with himself. Maybe he had two much stress was not fully regenerated, to dehydrated, no as much fired as d white guy and so on and so fort….
    The white guy was not weak yeah.
    I agree but pls in such or similar competions in d future try to make the exercises more fair. Like Two calisthenics two Gym Like Pull ups Dips or Pistol sqaut front lever/ muscle up and shoulder press and bench pressing. Thx
    Credit to Both

  3. Betrand is like the anime rival who always loses but slowly becomes less of a dick 😂😂😂 eventually winning our hearts……but never a round of strength wars😅😅😅

  4. To be fair to Bertrand, it's bloody hard to fight your way back to catching someone when they already have more time to rest between exercises.

  5. when you listen to him already anyway he has already such a strong "i dont give a fuck lets smoke pot" voice im not surprised at all of the outcome.

  6. African athletes have extreme endurance when doing lighter less intensive exercises but with heavier weights they tire more easily,and i know cause I train with them

  7. This is not strength wars only simple (monoton and useless) body-building exercises.
    This is simple monoton robotic body-building/powerlifting/weight-lifting exercises.

    There must be useful variation of exercises which show the human body skills.
    There must be functional body skills exercises like backflip burpees, handwalking, balance- flexibility-, speed-, fast-, dynamic- and endurance exercises.

    Do a competition with real useful body-weight exercises like these:
    – 20 kilometers running
    – 200 meters spider walk with medicine ball
    – 200 meters crab walk with medicine ball
    – 400 meters swimming
    – hand walking
    – wall-climbing
    – rope-jumping
    – rope climbing
    – 10 reverse (backbend bridge) push-ups
    – vaulting box jumps with 10 kong vaults
    – vaulting box jumps with 10 handspring vaults
    – precision jumps on the balance beam 10 jumps
    – 10 backflip burpees
    – 10 pullovers on bars
    – 20 hanging leg lifts on stall bars
    – 10 seconds human flag hold on stall bars
    – 10 seconds front lever hold on still rings
    – 10 seconds back lever hold on still rings
    – 10 seconds hand stand hold on parallel bars
    – 10 handstand push-ups.

    Compete with these the real useful bodyweight exercises.
    These exercises show the real useful strength and the real useful human physique and the real human body skills.

  8. that coach is bad for the dude, he gives him too many rests he needs to understand that every rest means the next reps are going to be harder than if he kept lifting. if he left him alone the dude would have won the dips and the battle

  9. Bertrand, enough of the Strength Wars. You have a great, athletic physique, but…You struggle with the same things every time: Dips, Putting on the weight, and endurance. Enough.

  10. Playing field wasn't leveled at all! Calisthenics guys don't do any weight lifting to begin with vs weight lifters who doesn't do any Calisthenics to begin with. So scales are tipped to whatever event they're favoring. Weight lifter won this before it's begun. Unfair asf

  11. Bertrand why?????
    why would you keep letting this white boys keep beating you
    you discrediting yhe African heritage bro

  12. Why let these two battling with heavy weights (actually light ones) they should competed in calisthenics and gymnastics these two look so stupid compared with the faceless and the anabolic whorse, thesr is absurd and wasting my time biches!

  13. Bertrand needs to really push himself, his improvements are not visible at all, his facial expressions during those strength wars shows he isn't 100 percent focused on Really Really winning especially with a coach he should workout mainly on his weaknesses.Words of Wisdom from another Untamed Lion

  14. White people are stronger , black are more explosive .look at strong man all white, look at jumping and running sports all black

  15. Bertrand ! Take steroids brother .. im not trying to be negative but just saying … Take steroids.

  16. Strength wars. the show that tests Calisthenic, strongman, and power lifting athletes in power lifts and wonders why calisthenics never wins…

  17. I personally was rooting for Bertrand at first. Until he said "There is no way for him to win." That's when I started wishing that he loses, and I'd get to see his facial reaction.

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