Caller: I can Find no Canadians who Want American Health Care…

Bobby in Mesa Arizona watchin free
speech TV in the Dish Network a bob what’s up okay I was listening to the little conversation there but the Canadian
singer they’re supposedly inept a health care
system sure and I live in an RV I live in an RV
park down here Mesa resort area sheesh and it is 50 percent Canadians
every year year in and out and I’ve been here for thirteen years
now for just saying rhetoric from republicans down here by
Callum well okay wat won the argument with
anyone Canadian just once want to switch with us i’ve been waiting
13 years by storms see more I talk to him all the time we left they
laugh at they laugh at that question yeah I you
know anyone just for everyone he kinko well maybe we can find one
knows just you know thanks america is a paradise or something but I yeah I I lived I grew up in Lansing I
lived in Detroit lansing is like 110 miles from the Canadian border 10 miles from the Canadian border or
write on it arguably and and Louise and I live for ten years yeah
I spent 27 years michigan and we live for 10 years in vermont in
my pill your which is in the central northern part of Vermont and we were
about an hour and a half from the Canadian border and I never once in my life saw a Canadian coming into the united
states looking for health care never saw canadian doctors office never
saw Canadiana in a hospital I’m not seeing dead Canadians falling
all over the border but what I did see when we lived in my
pill your with every Saturday morning Louise I would get up we would walk into
downtown Mobile you to have breakfast at forgetting the name at the diner now
there’s this cool little diner in the middle a town that served scrambled tofu one on Saturday mornings
would we do down there to have breakfast and there would be the boss is where
people were and Bernie Sanders organize this when he was a member the house
representatives there would be the boss is I’ve elderly
Americans walked lining up in getting on these
buses to drive up to move to to Montreal which was directly north of
us so that they could buy their pharmaceutical so americans are
certainly going to Canada but so bob you you have not hurt what it
what you know what are the Canadian say to
you when when are they still using the canadian health care system yes as a matter fact when they get sick
down there ever some real serious don’t fly back to Canada that have take
care because they’re going to start with thousands and thousands of dollars in
bills like we are in this country for said it many times as number one
reason for bankruptcy in this country and I’m living proof that actually i’ve
i’ve already gone through that due to health care NIST just get over a
hundred thousand dollars and bills going for a car just a couple years ago I but there they don’t have that problem up
there I’m still waiting for the first one to be brought to me by republican if the so terrible bring the one that
wants a swift and that event they are maybe maybe even
start listening to a little bit what you have to say but it
hasn’t happened I’ve been asked that question for thirteen years yeah where is the Canadian movement I
guess that’s that’s the question I me if the other words the American more
than most americans want single-payer health care systems but if what we get we get Americans for
Prosperity get you get out a phony grassroots front
group for the Koch brothers that is you know and and in creepy ads
with Uncle Sam you know with a speculum are or ugh are
a gloved finger you know and and it’s like really what why hi I have these guys doing bob thank you
for the call thanks thanks very much great to hear
from me

55 Replies to “Caller: I can Find no Canadians who Want American Health Care…”

  1. PolakFury's lying. Universal Healthcare is functioning properly. The US already has private insurance & the results are devastating.

  2.  I'm Canadian and appalled at the lies told about our healthcare system. All you have to do is check the difference in health outcomes.infant mortality etc. I feel sorry for Americans.

  3. What about the thousands of Canadians who go to the US every year for treatment because they're tired of waiting in 8 month long MRI lines in Canada? I guess non of those thousands of people actually exist right? Just listen to one person calling in and ignore the facts.

  4. There are complaints about the Canadian healthcare system, but the day they take away our healthcare is the day you see ALL Canadians riot in the streets!

  5. Funny you should bring up this. I am a Canadian, living in Canada and am very happy with our health system here.  Tell you who does NOT want our current single payer (government that is) to continue. Our wealthy people and our insurance companies and their cronies, the Conservatives! I have a couple of doctors in the family and whenever they go down to conferences (fully paid for by vested interests), they come back singing praises of the American system. One of them is my own brother-in-law. In such circumstances, I have to tap him down for a couple of days by reminding him that his own sister and nieces would be homeless if any of his mutterings were implemented (I have had long bouts of bad health). This usually calms him down as he envisions the cost and trouble taking care of (downtrodden) us as he loves my family very much!

  6. Injured at work in 2000 rushed to hospital because I was one of the 20000 in the city without a doctor I was given the short program (the medical establishment knows what I mean( no tests were run then sent home. Over the years all kinds of problems blood pouring out of my rectum my bed sheets socked with blood some mornings. Finally after 7 years went to London, Ontario where they ran tests and found a major spinal injury that should have been tested for 7 years prior. Waited another 4 years to get a spine surgery that would uncover other major issues not seen on the tests. Had fixed and been fused. Lost the house, Pension 420K savings, Job 84K a year no workers comp or any social help what so ever. Discovered that the government is structured to hide a massive policy that is creating the highest homeless rate per capata in the developed world. I watched 8 people die needlessly at the hands of mistakes and mess ups in Canada by the system. Also learned the governments pay the legal fees for all doctors when it comes to medical malpractice. And even worse the provinces use in house lawyers that are instructed to stall cases 10 to 15 years bankrupting 95% of those people that try and go after the government forcing them to drop out and fade away. As for the wait times in Ontario going down mentioned in the show that is deceptive just like the governments. It is a smoke and mirror actuary trick all Ontario did was change the way wait times are calculated. Now the wait times are calculated from the time the hospital gives the date to the family doctor and the time the patient is called with the date of surgery. They no longer use the date of Surgical request from the doctor which might have been a year or more earlier. Plus to top this off they also fudge the numbers more by using a trick used by government on employment numbers. Those who have there name on a cancellation call list and get called earlier then they were expected to get in. The difference in days from the internal real wait time numbers to them getting in is used to reduce the overall averages in reporting the numbers. Canadians are once again getting played by the magic of the worlds most deceptive and misleading government system in the free world. Oh well the people in Canada can stay delusional about the truth they are not able to see.

    I am a Canadian and have to say it is a shit hole here and sadly the
    majority of the people are a bunch of brain dead idiots. Wait times for
    last ranked health care yes Canada is 8 hours. Alberta got hit with a
    french style terror attack back in Jan 2016 and the government blocked
    it from being spread through the news. Between 5000 to 7000 people are
    murdered each year by the Federal and Provincial governments by using
    wait times in the health care to kill off portions of the population
    that saves both governments money big time. The feds don't have to pay
    out pensions to those who are dead. The governments uses the bullshit
    Privacy laws and the Communist Tribunal system to keep its human rights
    and mass discrimination of its people from the WHO, Human Rights Watch,
    the media and the people from having a clue what the government has been
    doing. The feds only provide 1/3rd funding for education to the
    natives that is pathetic but is willing to hand over 26,000 to 28,000 a
    year to tens of thousands of foreign smucks who make the political party
    look good around the globe. Never mind that they are guilty of
    atrocities against their own people. The Canadian system is a commie
    Hypocrisy that is the mast of the world in deception. manipulation and
    deceit against its populous. And sadly the people are so Ffffing brain
    washed not to look past their nose and outside the paper towel tube they
    have been trained to tool through since the commie dictatorship they
    has in the 1970's yes the father of the jerkoff now in the PM seat.

  7. Here is something, my mother was diagnosed with Stage 4, metastatic colon cancer. She spent one month in ICU, 3 weeks in a hospice bed. In the end, our bill was $0.00. No worries about who was going to pay the bill, no worries about the family possibly going bankrupt. The system was there, end of story.

  8. I'm a Canadian who lived in the United States for two years. The American healthcare system is dreadful. I would never raise children there until they have a proper healthcare system.

  9. I'm Canadian and this is right on. We almost never go to the USA for health care. We are very proud that we have a great health care system and would never change to the crazy American system! Honestly we think you guys are a little nuts about this issue

  10. i am Canadian and the caller was 100% right, you will never find a Canadian who would prefer to have the American health care system, never. He is also right when he says that when he asks a Canadian that question they laugh, that's because that is a truly laughable question to us. Americans are getting pissed on and told it's raining by the 1% and unfortunately a lot of Americans buy into their B.S. It's more about the people in Canada less about the profits, in both our health care and politics.

  11. even still in 2018 I can assure you still, that NO Canadian would want the american healthcare system here in Canada

  12. I wonder sometimes why people go to the united states for healtcare, maybe do an operation and stuff.. And i know now why.. bcs.. they can charge that high amout for that operation, i have never seen a high paid doctor driving a old honda civic..

  13. I agree no Canadians should never love American healthcare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. The story of Canadians going south for health care was made up by insurance companies who would like to see Canadas health system privatized. Nobody would go there for care. Why ? Because they would have to pay out of pocket. If you go to the U.S. for care, that means you have a "pre-existing condition". And Canadian insurance companies still deny claims for that, or they would deny you a policy.(My bet is they will still take your money and give you a policy, they just won't pay)

  15. Canadian wait times! In an emergency ward you will find people waiting simply because services provided are based on a NEEDS priority! There is a quick assessment when the person 1st arrives and then asked to take seat until the appropriate medical person is available but when say a heart attack person arrives in the emergency ward he will be treated at once and someone there for a lesser medical reason will need to wait. The vast majority of Canadians fully understand and appreciate this! ALL of us pay our various taxes which are probably more than a typical American but we never pay for medical services. I spend a fair bit of time in the USA and I have heard some pretty sad and scary dialogues on securing medical services when there is no money to pay for needed medical services. I am a very proud Canadian who is very concerned about the nasty tone coming from Americans since Trump became president………I doubt if you will ever repair the damage that has been done!

  16. Did you know? When the Canadian government first proposed Medicare it was the doctor's and other healthcare organizations that opposed it on the grounds that it limit what they were allowed to charge for their services.
    Now however Canadian doctors are biggest defenders of Medicare.
    There are some problems with this system however for example it is nearly impossible to get rid of those doctors that are utterly incompetent. Another problem is the fact that our GP's milk this system by making you come back every 3 months to renew your prescriptions.
    Both of these problems could in my opinion be solved very easily keep the existing system but change the payment structure so that doctors only get when they actually fix your health problem rather than just throwing pills at it.

  17. False. I was in the hospital six months ago due to a spinal injury from hockey. While the costs were all entirely covered and the surgery went flawlessly. The after surgery care was very disappointing. The spinal wing was full and I was put into the neurological wing where I stayed in a room with older patients. My treatment was poor but my neighbours treatment was horrible. The nurses had 2 faces. One for when family was around. Another for when the family left. The day time staff was, for the most part, solid but there is definitely laziness evident. The nighttime staff were terrible. Pure indifference. The definition of just showing up and collecting a pay cheque. I could list off everything but I’d rather have spent hard earned money to have a choice for something better. There is zero incentive for accountability except for the goodness of the staff which is hit and miss. I cant speak from experience about the American system. But Our system is most certainly not the answer.

    I have a coworker who’s mother just left the hospital. She also had nothing good to say.

    I’m vancouver. Her experience was Richmond.

  18. I lived in Canada for 3 years back in the eighties have my family lives up there they all live within 10 miles of the US border and all of their personal doctors are in America. They say Canadian Healthcare is great in an emergency situation they treat you first and worry about bills and filling out paperwork later. But if you have a problem that you know you have and it's not an emergency you better find a US doctor otherwise you're going to die of cancer waiting to get on the list to see somebody to see if you need on the list

  19. It's funny…in the United States the only people saying the don't need universal healthcare are the people who can actually afford healthcare

  20. To lose your free health care ..a Canadian .need to be out of the country for 6 months plus 1 day…in a given year!….after that you need to reapply for your health card .And alot of questions will be ask..

  21. You have to be a fullproof idiot to go for the US healthcare! Americans think the have the best doctors, the best medication etc, They dont realise that other countrys with public healthcare doing way better then them and way cheaper!

  22. You can tell that lots of Canadians are responding . Not from the obvious comments, but from the way people conduct themselves. Way to represent.

  23. Due to your capitalism. Healthcare focus is for profit. Until you learn that it's a right of every American to have healthcare you will continue to pay a fortune for your health care

  24. I moved to the US from Quebec and would NEVER go back to the crappy Quebec health care system. I'm much better served in the US.

  25. We know and it’s CHEAPER. ALL ABOUT THE MONEY! I know people who have moved to Canada and LOVE the Healthcare. PERIOD

  26. I am a Canadian who lives in Canada. I was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2010. Had resection surgery and six months of chemo. It must have worked: here we are eight years later and I'm still healthy. As close as I can estimate, surgery + chemo cost at least $100 000; probably more. Mind, I never saw a bill. Our public healthcare system took care of all of it. Five years of follow-up tests also resulted in zero billings to me. I'm guessing some, but my wholly successful cancer treatment with follow-ups, probably rang up a bill of at least $150 000. It was all covered. Americans' attitudes toward public health care utterly baffle me. What the hell is wrong with you guys..?

  27. The only Canadians who go the USA are the very rich who can afford your healthcare who want to get right-away and have the money to pay for it. We have these kind of people here in Canada and they believe the rich people deserve jumping queues, and get asap medical help in the US.

  28. I can tell you right now, as a Canadian. The wait time you experience in the Canadian healthcare field is dependent upon the severity of your condition. For example if you roll your ankle and go to the hospital for xrays, you can find yourself waiting 2-3 hours. Depending on the amount of people requiring xrays that day. If you are faced with a severe life threatening condition you will be treated within days, if not hours. Not to mention the fact, that if you make under $24,000 a year your healthcare is entirely free. Let me say that again. If you make under $24,000 a year EVERYTHING to do with healthcare is free. 13 hour brain surgery? Free. Giving birth? Free, entirely free. There is a small cost however. which is dependent upon your income, which can amount to 30-100$ a month, I, as a Canadian do not mind paying monthly premiums towards healthcare, if it means a senior in Newfoundland can afford to get a heart transplant, or a child in the Yukon can afford a brain surgery. This is the main difference between Canadians and Americans on healthcare; Canadians understand that a communal healthcare system benefits the entire population compared to Americans who believe that the " PAY TO WIN" system benefits everyone, which is just plain wrong.

  29. The Canadian Health Care system is called by most Republicans a "socialist system" which it is not. North Americans, Canadians and Americans, don't know the difference between "Socialist Party" or "Socialism" and the "Social Democratic Party" platform which of course is very different. The Socialists were in power in France for a certain number of years and they were nationalizing banks and I don't know what else but they were eventually thrown out and some other party took over. The "Socialists" you Americans are portraying are very different from the "Social Democratic Party" which are in many other countries not necessarily in power right now but they were at some point, e.g. Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Finland. etc. The Social Democratic Party is very different than the Socialist Party. But you North Americans don't seem to understand the difference or don't want to understand the difference because of your right-wing bias. These two parties were established in the 1890s in Germany but I bet you they were established around the same time in other European countries. And Bismarck had to fight in elections against them and succeeded because he took some of their ideas and made them his own for his loyalist party for the German monarchy at that time, e.g. child labour, health care for blue collar workers, pensions, etc.

  30. Any American who says that Canadians want the same healthcare system in Canada that exists in America is either a liar or a fool. Not sure which is sadder. Our system is not perfect and we don't claim that it is, but it is still better than what passes for healthcare in the U.S.

  31. 45,000.00 Americans DIED last year because they did not have access to healthcare. They couldn't afford it, so they had no healthcare. For GAWD sake America, why are you even focusing on the Canadian Health Care System with your typical non-intellectual understanding about it. Your ignorance is astonishing. Again 45,000.00 Americans DIED last year because they didn't have ACCESS to health care. That should tell you everything you need to know about the American health care system!

  32. OK Canadians answer this. You play basketball or weight lift etc ,i.e. you're athletic and active. You blow out your knee and need surgery (lets say its Jan 1st) and you want to play basketball in may. What do you do? here in Utah it took 10 days to schedule and complete the operation. When i got a job offer from a company in Vancouver BC i asked the HR dept how long it would take to get my surgery if i took the job. Answer? minimum of 18 months to 2 years. I've had 10 such surgeries here and all by your Canadian system would be considered elective. Can anyone refute or confirm this? because most healthcare I've received in life is not urgent or life threatening, but going to the gym is crucial to my health and waiting for such long periods would turn me into a couch potato

  33. I live in Costa Rica and they have a National Health Care system too. Part of the problem here is Costa Rica is a relatively poor country compared to Western Europe, Canada & the USA. It's a 2 tiered system, with private and public medical care. We've had two surgeries in the last 10 years in the public system with great success and low low cost.

  34. I am Canadian and by no means is our system perfect. That being said I will take our system… good and bad…over not getting care because I can't afford insurance or burdened with bills for the rest of my life. I personally have not had any issues with any care I have received be it MRI's, specialists, tests, etc. I'm sure there are some that would switch but the vast majority of us wouldn't. 🇨🇦

  35. Funny thing: There is no bigger "leftie" than me…..and I'm 100 percent on board with the idea of medicare for all, in America. But, I was working in a store (selling mattresses) in Flint, Michigan and I had some customers who had just moved to the US from Canada. It was a guy and his wife, and, the guy was an engineer at General Motors and he's been transferred to a plant in the US. I brought up the fact that I liked the Canadian health care system (I'd gotten sick in Canada once and got great, free health care as a US citizen) and the woman said, "Oh, you wouldn't want it….." blah blah blah. She beefed about wait times….and, of course, these people had a lot of money and GM provides great insurance. So, I guess, if you look hard enough you can always find someone with some sort of complaint – but in the US some people will literally wait until they die to get health care, if they get it at all. No system is perfect, but unless you've absolutely got limitless funds, the American system is a nightmare….in my opinion. A profit driven health care system is insane, even if medicare for all is imperfect.

  36. you wont find a single brit outside of conservative mps, that want an american healthcare system, because its the worst system in the western world. we love our British NHS

  37. I'm Canadian, and I would NEVER trade the Canadian healthcare system for the American one. The question itself is a joke. The fact that Americans accept and advocate for their healthcare system makes me seriously question their intelligence. It's barbaric.

  38. Never would I trade Canadian health care for American! I can't imagine that constant worry if you get sick and have a bill you can't pay off for years or ever!

  39. 10 million hard working Canadian middle class people pay 1/2 of their paycheque to give all 37 million heath care . We don’t like it but we can’t change it . I pay $5000 in payroll deducted taxes a month for Canada’s heath care . I will have to lose my job to pay nothing. There is no such thing as free heath care . Someone has to pay. There is only greedy insurance or incompetent government.
    Doctors don’t work for free.

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