Can Diet Cure Autoimmune Diseases? Dr Michael Greger

Autoimmune diseases are when your immune system, which normally defends your body against disease, decides your healthy cells are foreign and attacks those cells. It’s been said that over 50 million Americans are affected by an autoimmune disease and there are as many as 80 different types of these diseases. The Common ones are rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, lupus, multiple sclerosis some forms of Osteoarthritis, celiac disease, vitiligo, scleroderma, Psoriasis, and inflammatory bowel diseases, such as colitis and Crohn’s. To learn about how autoimmune diseases occur in the first place check the description below for links to Dr. John McDougall’s fantastic talks and articles on the subject it’s absolutely fascinating. The current medical treatment for most autoimmune diseases, focuses on relieving symptoms, because they subscribe to the belief that there’s no curative therapy. However, I recently heard a fantastic excerpt from Dr.Michael greger on this very subject and here’s what he had to say. So autoimmune disease are inflammatory diseases and plant foods are not only antioxidant rich but they’re also anti-inflammatory so eating a whole food plant-based diet has been proven to reverse a variety of inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, Very effective in combating even osteoarthritis which has an inflammatory component lupus a horrible autoimmune disease. So it hasn’t been tested against Sjogren’s disease or been tested against a bunch of different autoimmune diseases, but based on its effectiveness towards rheumatoid arthritis And I have a bunch of videos about that showing these dramatic improvements literally within weeks of changing one’s diet. In multiple sclerosis That’s also an autoimmune disease where your body attacks your nerves. There’s a diet, that’s been found more effective against Ms than any Surgical or any drug in history it’s called the swank diet named after a prominent neurologist Dr. Roy Swank, S-W-A-N-K It is a plant-based diet, low in saturated fat. He put people on it and followed people not for like three months or three years But has like you know thirty year follow up Here’s the 50 year follow up, of what happened to these patients. So absolutely remarkable results the most powerful intervention for multiple sclerosis is diet, but it’s not one food it’s not one Magic Bullet the entire diet and Unfortunately these studies show that people went off the diet because they felt so much better All of a sudden they’re out of their wheelchairs no symptoms they’re cured. No you can eat whatever you want, and then a few years later They’re dead because they went back to the original diet and MS flared up and horrible things happened. Crohn’s disease the most powerful intervention for Crohn’s disease. Is it steroids? Is it surgery? No, the most powerful Relapse preventing therapy to date in the medical literature is a plant-based diet. So same thing with MS. In MS and Crohn’s the best thing we have is diet, and the reason doctors don’t tell people with those conditions to eat healthier is either they don’t know that weren’t taught about it, or they Patronizingly think well my patients won’t do it. You know, they’re like oh, I know my patients They’re not gonna eat [that] they’re not gonna eat this way They’re not gonna change the diet if you know someone suffering with an autoimmune disease why not share this video with them? Have you yourself seen an improvement of an autoimmune disease going on a plant-based diet? Leave a comment below sharing your thoughts hit that like button and subscribe for more videos [you] can find me on Instagram @ 80/10/10 in [London]. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you next time

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  1. I have had several friends completely cute rheumatoid arthritis with a combination of vegan/juicing diet and mind healing (therapy, positive thinking, spirituality, etc). Totally healed from a state of Being crippled.

  2. Someone I work with has been prescribed the chemotherapy agent, methotrexate for his arthritis. The drug is causing him nausea and constant tiredness but he'd rather suffer this than give up meat or dairy, and try a plant-based diet. It makes me really sad seeing people attach so little importance to their health though, to be fair to them, the system (government, health profession, and the meat and dairy industries) is stacked against them! 🙂

  3. I have been diagnosed with 5 different auto immune disorders; at one point, I was on 17 prescribed medications at the age of 28 and was getting hospitalized twice per year. Not a single one of all the specialists I saw asked me about my diet. I started noticing flare triggers when I ate certain foods so started a food diary and by trial and error ended up a vegan. I do not take any medications and consider myself completely in remission. Whole-food plant-based works!

  4. With MS this is incorrect. Diet does make a difference but it does not stave of exacerbations. I know many many people (including myself ) that engaged the Swank Diet and the Wahls protocol diet. Symptoms do improve for many which should be of no surprise just as does good dieting in other conditions and healthly people. It however is not a cure. Most people will relapse just as I did and just like most people do. Terry Wahls relapsed.

  5. the thing about that the best intervention for chon's is a plant based diet isn't true. he is referring to a study with 18 participants on a semi vegetarian diet

  6. I love your videos, Thanks a lot and continue the great work!! Such valuable information
    Ps. Your accent is cool xD im french canadian and not used to it haha

  7. If you have Spondylitis Ankylosans plant based is not enough. You have to cut out the starches, too. I feel best if I base my diet on raw fruits and some vegetables mostly raw.

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  9. Most people I run into who claim they have something like that, think it's gluten instead of animal foods. But I know better, whether they are just poorly informed or just willfully ignorant I don't know, but I doubt they've tried a plant-based diet, cause that's probably too extreme for them.

  10. No,not if it's based on molecular mimicry.His method won't help for the reason that actually many auto immune diseases are caused by molecular mimicry ,where your body mistakes part of a virus or bacteria for being the same as something in your own tissue it then does what it thinks is the right thing to do and makes antibodies against them relentlessly ,it's gonna take more than veggies and fruit to stop that ,all this crap about eating this that leaky gut ect is all BS,it can keep you in better health sure ,it CANNOT stop autoantibodies due to mistaken identity of a virus or bacteria ,you need plasmapheresis for that to remove the antibodies then Rituximab which is a man made monoclonal antibody to remove the memory B cells that "remember" what antibodies B cells should be making ,in many cases once memory B cells are gone the new ones can reset and not make the same mistake.and btw RITUXIMAB is not masking symptoms it hits the cause which is the incorrect memory B cell antibody production.

  11. HUGE Improvement in 3 weeks and massive improvement in 9 weeks – I'm now in/out of my WC and that's mostly out of my wheelchair. At the hospital 4 neurologists were standing in front me and the head neurologist said, "I wish I could get credit for giving you the little white pill", absolutely fucking incredible!. Ever wonder why doctors are the 3rd leading cause of death? They're sales agents for drug companies and only mask symptoms.

    I created my own specialized diet and have followed mostly plant based.

  12. So are you saying that the only proof of the success of this diet: patients who were diagnosed with MS and got healthy – are not here, because they died??? (because the felt so good that they got off the diet and this has killed them).

  13. Its a sad realty of how we pay very little attention to our body.
    A while back i had a bad autoimmune disorder and i went to few Doctors
    and they couldn't help at all other than prescribing temporary relief
    pills, but i started to get angry over my changes in my life and how no
    one could help me with this problem, until I read this book "the amazing
    liver and gallbladder flush" by Andreas Moritz and i fallowed all of
    the procedures and to my amazement all my problems where gone. And so i
    became aware that our bodies needed a organ cleans, just like a car who
    needs a fluid change after a while.
    Here is the link to the book for free for anyone who is interested.
    good luck… and watch out for the Dr. who are interested more in your money instead of your health.
     …Knowledge is Power.

  14. Is there a diet for Systemic Sclerosis? I eat a plant base but high fat (coconut oil) diet. I'm doing extremely well so far but wonder if there's anything I can further do that I don't know about? I know when I had zero energy another doctor on Youtube said with Scleroderma you have to feed the mitochondria cells with a high fat to get energy otherwise it won't happen. I did this as the high vegetable diet with lots of greens (kale, spinach, broccoli, chards, watercress – you name it) but wasn't helping with my energy I thought this was it no energy ever. I tried the high-fat diet and soon enough my full energy came back. However, I have high cholesterol which the doctor said would happen but you will be healthy. My doctor called me in because of my high cholesterol and said they are going to do nothing because it's working but just monitor it. If there is anything else I can do please let me know?

  15. I've had psoriasis for 37 yrs. I've been a strict vegetarian with mostly vegan days for over 20 yrs and that didn't clear my skin, the only thing that did work was one I ate and drank on green veg for 6wks. I have done that twice with the same result. The only problem with that diet is that it's very strict, and that's why I stick have psoriasis now.

  16. I so wish this would help in all cases. I am a vegan since many years and yet I am suffering from severe ME/CFS, just like many non-vegans… So even though I eat healthy plant based foods (and avoid processed foods) it hasn't helped me. I'm in no way saying that eating healthy plant based food is a bad thing, but my own personal experience is that it doesn't necessarily help against all diseases, al ofl the time… Unfortunately.

  17. Celiac disease can not be cured. not by any diet. listing this here in this context without mentioning that its not curable is dangerous in my opinion.

  18. Prednisone destroyed me. It's more than "plant based diets are better." It's also, "the drugs offered by western medicine might kill you, or mess you up so bad, you'll never be the same."

  19. I have ocular myasthenia and my symptoms went away in four months after I switched to a whole food plant based diet.

  20. Did NOT mention that IF you have the disease ANYWAY, stress is just a trigger of it…….. Any while i do believe HOW you life your lifestyle and What you eat, because the gut is a main immunity channel in the body; YOU can NOT tell people with serious non treatable diseases, that you can FIX it…. It can help it… especially inflammation, but not cure it. just so people understand. Outside understanding this, then this is a great video that is very true……… saying you can cure all, and so many its been PROVEN with so many, then WHY is it NOT the treatment. I still agree this has MUCH to do with getting healthier and that is can help one maybe… to help one go into remission. I have seen that juicing and lots of B, D, K, pro tics, and high amounts of antioxidants when taking hot sauna 25 minutes… And i did that for 6 months with Fibromyalgia. I had it so bad i was bed ridden over 3 yrs. After doing this for 6 months, it finally went 90% in full remission! But to say I dont have it and it cured it.. i still have it. But it surely helps. I eat well and still developed more serious ANA results. But i am doing better most likely because i eat FRESH food and such.

  21. I wanted to quickly share my experience. I had psoriasis for 16 years and saw every doctor known to medicine and none helped. Until I saw Dr Gregors presentations and videos and started to look into gut biomes, leaky gut and diet as a source and cure.
    And I worked it out. I went from 70% covered in spots to virtually clear. I can wear shorts and a t-shirt in public, go to the beach and not feel like a leper.
    But the previous poster is right. Whenever I try to tell someone about it they scoff and deny it works. They are conditioned to expect a pill to fix it, and most GPs and the medical field are to blame for it. It took me 3 months to realise it worked. Just 3 measly months to see that it worked. After 16 years of suffering for nothing.

  22. I have ocular myasthenia and my symptoms went away after four months when I changed to a whole food plant based diet. I am now symptom-free for four years.

  23. Anyone know what is Noboremed Secrets about? I hear lots of people cure their skin disease safely with Noboremed Secrets (just search it on google).

  24. Came here for the video, stayed for all the testimonials.
    Amazing to read how many people have lowered and even cured their diseases by just changing their diets.

  25. Low fat is important for ms, but dr. Swank's diet isn't plant based, although it is low fat. Swank slows meat and dairy, BTW.

  26. all autoimmune diseases are caused by leaky gut syndrome. Heal the gut and bingo. Not easy but essential!

  27. I am going through a hard time with several of autoimmune disorders due to Lyme Disease. I've been an ethical vegan for around 15 years, basically I will NEVER EVER eat meat again. But here is my issue, for the past 4 years I have tried a whole foods plant base diet very low fat and I have not gotten better. This is not an excuse for me to eat meat as I will never eat animals. I am just sharing my experience. I cannot, due to my inflammation and autoimmune issues, eat rice, many times of beans, gluten, and many other fruits. This leaves me very limited. I have also noticed I feel so much better eating oils. "Healthier" types of oils which are consider a big no no with Dr Greger and the like. I see so many people thriving on a whole foods plant base low fat diets and it makes me happy because that means less animals are killed and more people are becoming vegans. Unfortunately, for me, as I mentioned above, I do not do well with low fat diets. I also cannot eat many of the important foods in a whole foods diet, again, like rice, beans, gluten, grains, and many fruits. Anyone out there with this same issue?

  28. So if trying to build muscle if someone has colitis, is it okay to consume beans such as kidny beans, rice potatoes, vegan diet, is that good to consume if someone goes vegan and has colitis

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  30. I have three of these and I've been on a vegan diet for a year and it hasn't helped what am I doing wrong?

  31. Hello greetings I have psoriasis and hashimoto both autoimmune diseases, you know if I can eat rice, carrots and broccoli ? I'm a little confused I think I read that it's not good
    thanks and regards

  32. Have been vegetarian for 25 years~ just saw the documentary What the Health produced by Joaquin Phoenix-most phenomenal one to date no kidding. So I have gone total vegan no eggs or dairy. In less than three weeks can already feel the changes in the autoimmune issues I have- and excited about becoming free of it once and for all. Absolutely amazed. Never thought stopping the best you can buy eggs, butter and very little milk in cereal would make a difference in inflammation! I also had noticed years back reactions to carbs like bread and pasta-pounding or racing heart and the last few years horrible pain with any pasta or bread even occasional dessert !! so went gluten free and sugar free as well. Those two things-gluten or, what's been added-and sugar literally treat my body like I've been poisoned. It's sounds crazy but it's true.

  33. I have Crohns and i know for a fact that MD's wont discuss diet at all. I had to research an anti inflammatory diet on my own and have had good results. I just wish i would have done this before they cut half of my small bowel out.

  34. Okay, I have Hashimoto's syndrome and have been vegan for almost five years. No change whatsoever, not in antibody count and not in how I feel. So it probalbly is not a miracle cure that works for everybody to be honest. I am happy to be vegan for ethical and environmental reasons, though.

  35. There are many factors in treating MS at home. One plan I found that successfully combines these is the Denelle Multi Care (check it out on google) definately the best resource that I've seen. look at the super info .

  36. I have/had crohn's disease and was on biologic (tnf inhibitor) medication before. Then i stopped the meds, done 2 prolonged fasts, changed to whole food plant-based diet, picked up yoga, and, as a result, in a remission for about a year now.

  37. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis at 21, was put on colitis medication for life. I switched to plant based diet and am completely off of my medication and experience no symptoms pertaining to colitis symptoms.. I am now 23

  38. Mostly doctors don't tell because they are getting kickbacks from pharmacutical companies to make money by selling the medication. If the doctors can prescribe and push to take medications SO they can recommend and push to eat healthy. It is not their place to judge their patient what they will or will not do. there is a documentary of Netflix how doctors take kickback and pharma spends in billions to pay the doctors to promote there medications. I am seeing my doctor, since I have been diagnosed all he did was push an expensive medication and already has me on plaquinel. Each visit I keep asking if I need to high quality vtiamins from prescription and or change my diet and all my doctor tells me there is nothing you can do or I can prescribe instead to keep taking prednisone and must take plaquinel. I was told different stories each time I asked if I will be off of them or one of them and the doctor one time said yes you'll be off and another time plan is to reduce and you'll never be off. My doctor with prednisone knowing it will cause depression never warned me and never even gave me depression medicaiton and mentally I felt miserable. If my mother hadn't adviced me from that early age to control yourself I would have commited suicide because that's how it felt. As I hated medication and the horrible state I was in I took the chance to stop my depression by stopping the prednisone and watch comedy (and that is one thing is to avoid sad depressing shows because I couldn't mentally enjoy the physical activities I enjoyed so I would sit). So when I stopped slowly my medication and started encorporating veggies and protein and vitamins and fish oil (other good fats) I felt really good mentally and physically and weight wise and no processed stuff, not sugar, no milk (anything witch creates acid in your stomach). I hope this helps someone in need. You to weigh your judgment what the doctor is prescribing you. Lol the doctors have pledge to support other doctors but not the patient but they advertise they care about their patient. Doctors don't know any better than from how you can judge your own body. The doctors say its all in your head or because of age your are to have so take this or do that, I highly doubt if anyone wants to intentionally get and take medications. I have a long story about Lavequin too for which all the doctors gave me a run around and told me it was in my head, well no one suddenly gets sick.

  39. Do you have any diet ideas for spondylitis? Someone I know has that and rhumitoid arthritis and Im looking for ideas.

  40. I think this impossible and I will be trying it. However symptoms free does not always mean cure but remission is good .

  41. hi,my mother had reumatoid arthritis and helth problems from young age for many years 20-30.. dificult and painful life, methotrexate,lasix and dozens medicines,alot of visits to doctors spend her life and money without..after kidney failure for her last 4 years..she died next to me. i was always with her but i will never forgive my self for..that simple information i did not knew(plant based diet)…recently 15 days ago i saw my hands my fingers were swollen, redness ,like inflamation, it was like reumatoid arthritis and i stopped eating wheat,meat,dairy and thanks god it went away until now….i will never forgive doctors and medical system for my mothers suffering.
    it looks so simple.. just change your diet..

  42. why would the body attack itself it crazy. i believe that autoimmune diseases are a fraud to cover up the real causes and keep the big pharmaceutical money spinning business the richest on earth, i will put this as simple as i can WE ARE BEING POISON TO DEATH AND WE DEFEND IT. pesticides herbicides insecticides fungicides preservatives additives flavorings emulsifiers gums ,,,,chemicals that have no place in the human body your immune system is not attacking itself its attacking all the poisons you keep feeding your body with day in day out


  44. Thank you so much for sharing this. My vegan son sent me the link. For many many years I have not been able to open my eyes on waking each morning. This is because they are so dry that when I am sleeping my eyelids stick to them. Opening them is a slow and painful process. I have a Sjogrens diagnosis. I began a vegan diet a week ago. Yesterday morning, and this morning again, I have been able to open my eyes immediately on waking and they have also felt more comfortable during the day. The only thing that has changed is my diet. I can also open jars more easily, after watching this I am thinking it is a sign of joint improvement. You have given me hope as now I think the change of diet is really helping me and it's not just some fluke thing happening.

  45. I have been diagnosed with a skin condition known as "Pemphigus Vulgaris". I am a vegan for almost 6 years but the allergic condition still persists. Can someone help me with some advise, please!

  46. I suffer from Ankylosing Spondylitis, and eating a whole foods (gluten/oil/sugar/soy/nightshade/corn free) vegan diet has helped me be completely free of pain and off medication, so YES, but you have to be disciplined.

  47. I have been vegan for 3 days I like it my digestive system works way better (I poop everyday now) but I went vegan because I have eczema. When do you think that I will see improvements? My eczema was getting so bad that after i watched what the health I had to switch to a vegan diet. Also….. I’m 13 your old girl do you think that this vegan diet will affect my growth and development. Will I get toooon skinny. I’m already skinny. So I was just wondering.

  48. I had itchy and peeling eczema on my calfs and hands for 7 yrs. I kept it from flaring up by using mild oatmeal soaps & borage oil. It would flare up unexpectedly all the time. At that time I was a vegetarian who ate eggs and dairy products, I loved feta cheese and half and half. I changed to a plant based diet for the animals but got the unexpected result of my eczema slowly diminishing over 9 months – it never came back, that was 8 years ago. still vegan. Another added bonus: I battle my weight alot less.

  49. Ok don't get mad at me because I have not watched the video but to prevent auto immune diseases, it this simple. Get lots of fiber from nuts and seeds. Eat yogurt for good bacteria that'd help build your micro biome. That then can prevent auto immune diseases. Your welcome

  50. I'm 70 years old and was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis about 10 years ago. I was taking Remicade and Methotrexate, both now known to be very toxic drugs. I found a good holistic doctor who said he could have me off of both drugs in six weeks, and he did! He had me rebuild my immune system with supplements, vitamins and minerals, and get on a plant-based diet, no meat or dairy. 10 years later I have absolutely no symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and I'm strong and healthy! You can believe everything this video says!

  51. With my patients, I find that balancing their hypothalamus helps reverse their autoimmunity.

  52. Wait but I thought M.S patients did well on the Keto diet which sounds like the exact opposite of this diet

  53. The Effects Of Emulin On Autoimmune Inflammation
    Dr. Ahrens Nobel Prize Nominee 2015 and 2016

  54. Yes, I improved quickly and relapsed when I regressed to my old way of eating. I am returning to a autoimmune diet as I've spent the last two days in bed with harsh symptoms. Will not go here again soon.

  55. 40 yr old diagnosed at age 19 with colitis have had many flares and many colonoscopies. No prescription drugs work. I am trying probiotics and keeping sugars low.

  56. It's not enough to eat just a regular plant based diet. Unfortunately nutritional content of the conventional food supply has declined drastically as a consequence of increasingly poor soil conditions, government-subsidized GMO and contamination with chemicals(pesticides) and their toxic byproducts. If you really want healthy produce then get it from your backyard or a local organic environment.

  57. My Hashimoto thyroid disease was cured by a Vegan diet with very low salt and no oils and gluten free diet.

  58. I was on 5 different medications for a severe chronic skin condition. Been plant based less than a year now I’m on 0 💪

  59. I am 18 years old boy suffering from autoimmune disease polymyositis. ..m having steroids and several other medicines and doctors told that i would have to take all this in whole my life…I have taken several medicines but have no effect on me. My situations are being worse day by day…I have been suffering from almost 5 years and took doctors suggestions 2 years ago….can anyone give me any suggestion about my food my medicines etc???? Plss

  60. I went plant based vegan and it didn't reverse my autoimmune illness. I'm going to try raw vegan diet now

  61. My rheumatologist had recommended a whole food, plant based diet, but I was going insane with stress. Anyway, I became extremely ill and changed my life in steps. I gave up processed foods, began getting probiotics that I make myself (water kefir, rejuvelac, etc), ate more produce, became vegetarian, then gave up dairy. I also quit my job and moved to NC with my husband to be closer to my family. The biggest change I've seen in my psoriasis was giving up dairy. Oh, I weaned myself off of 5 meds, including 3 controlled meds. Change for me only works when I make small steps.

  62. Vegans please be safe and track your vitamin intake. I use an app called wholesome by Kody labs. It tracks EVERY vitamin, not just the main ones. The reason I say to check your vitamin intake is because vegans don't eat meat and so they'll be missing B12 and maybe niacin as well.

  63. I have rheumatoid arthritis crohns disease osteoporosis.iv removed dairy and lactose away from my diet 4 weeks ago. I have never felt so good

  64. I have crohns, i have a very sensitive gut lining with sores and i get pain when i eath fruit and vegetables, so what should i do?

  65. It's really confusing, I have vitilogo, and I started the AIP diet two month ago and now I'm on keto, my discoloration started to blend and original color is coming back gradually. So I'm confused to see comments of people gone vegan and treated their disorders, despite the danger of gluten, I think that a high carb diet is bad for your gut, and your whole body.
    What I'm sure about now, according to what different people following different diets report, I can say that diet is not a one-size-fits-al!

  66. I went on a whole food plant based vegetarian diet one year ago. And i switched to full vegan a few months ago. My thinking is clearer. My attitude is better. I feel better. I lost 50 pounds in the first 8 months. Thank God.

  67. Not a lot of information. Will take you through step by step.
    Step 1. Strengthen the stomach in order to be able to absorb nutrients. Salt food liberally with himalayan pink rock salt which has 84 essential nutrients. Also supplement with calcium. Can get calcium from eggshells. Boil 10 minutes and pound into powder. Add to food or put in salt shaker with pink salt.
    Step 2. The human body requires 60 minerals daily. unfortunately our soil is depleted of minerals . In order to get these minerals it is necessary to get wood ash from an ancient area which has sediment from ancient volcanoe.Sieve the ash and store in jars. Use half teaspoon ash , half teaspoon black seed oil and one teespoon honey daily morning and night. Black seed oil (nitella sativa) has been shown to cure 97% of ailments including aids.
    Step 3 . There are many foods which cause inflamation and free radicals which cause many problems to our health . It is very important to eliminate foods which cause inflamation. Any oils including extra virgin olive oil. Never never use oil in any way because it has been oxidised and is free radicals .only use 1 teespoon black seed oil and that's it. We will still get free radicals into our bodies from the enviroment and to combat this problem drink green tea and honey morning and night .
    Step 4 absolutely never never never eat anything with glutin. NEVER NEVER EVER. Barley , wheat rye and oats. The human stomach cannot break these down to a manageable size to comfortably digest . By eating these products will lead to the deterioration of the villi in the lower intestine which processes our food. Every ailment known to man will become a product of eating this posionous food . SUICIDE. Is what it is. A biproduct of modern production of flour is a thing named ALLOXAN . The only thing that Alloxan actually does is casuse DIABETES2. NEVER NEVER EVER eat anything or feed this poison to anyone especially your children because now you know that you are actually KILLING them . NOW NOW spend the next most valuable 30 minutes of you life and watch Dr Peter Glidden " 12 foods you should never eat" This man is a protege' of Dr Joel Wallach. Absolutely the most learned man in health and how the human body works . Am hoping that even one person gets benefit from this information. Honestly there is no mystery to health. WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO . We have been and are being scammed RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH ps. if you have a dog feeling down then by all means give them ash black seed oil and honey in their food and be amazed almost immediately.

  68. I don't have enough money to be fleeced by Doctors. My hands hurt as did many other parts of my body couldn't grip well. Felt like I couldn't go on much longer. I on the starch solution diet and in less than a week I felt much better. I keep getting better. Thank you Dr Mcdougall.

  69. Eczema gone. My other health issues are still there as they are genetic and have no cure but eating this way helps, not cures, but helps.

  70. Whole foods, lots of veg, Low protein seems to be the way forward, with either high fat or high carb but not both?

  71. Why is there apparently evidence that a high fat, low carb, low protein vegan diet also seems to have the same benefits? (As long as protein is 6 to 10% (low), but either high fat or high carb, not both a high carb high fat diet. Is it because insulin is controlled better with either of these diets?

  72. Can I be able to fold my legs and hand by whole food plant based diet. I have rheumatoid arthritis since 15 years

  73. Maybe BUT greens and night shade foods are said to INCREASE. Symptoms in autoimmune diseases do explain that?They are vegetables right?

  74. I've got Diabetes Typ 1 since 15 years and switched to a vegan diet last year. In the first monthes the insulin intake gone down. But now, one year later i'm on the same medication. Still on a plant based diet. I'm not on the Swank Diet, but being vegan, there is a low intake of saturated fat. Also no animal protein, what causes the disease saying mc dougalls words.

  75. Many people are discovering the diet our first parents were given in Genesis 1: 29 "All food generated by seed" is corrective for many of the ailments afflicting mankind. Consider what is not brought 'from seed'. This is not just animal- based foods, it is also salt. Also, some plants are not edible at all, such as betel nut and tobacco. A person who applies understanding to dietary intake will do better than the one who consumes in ignorance.

  76. I have Myasthenia Gravis and need desperate help in addressing the disease. Has anyone cured them self and if so what treatment. Thank You!!!

  77. I had autoimmune hepatitis in 2016. My liver numbers were over 500 and doctors said I would have to be on high dose steroids the rest of my life, but Dr. Fuhrman told me to eliminate animal products and gluten and eat a high nutrient diet. In 2 WEEKS the new diet started reversing the damage. After 4 weeks my liver numbers were almost back to normal again. It works! I have had a healthy liver ever since except for the time I accidentally had 2 store bought smoothies with "whey" (milk product) in them. My liver numbers immediately started to get bad again! Don't cheat! It's not worth it! 🙂

  78. No animal flesh, no sugar, no wheat…this also reverses the signs of aging including wrinkles and gray hair. Dr. Greger you're the best!

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