Can this thing train osu! Stamina?

Hey what’s up guys, this is Miraie. Welcome back to another unboxing video, but today, it’s actually a mix of osu! and unboxing, so I feel like you guys might be interested. Half unboxing and half osu!. (:D arigato miraie) Now you might ask why “osu!”? It’s because the unboxing is related to osu!– I mean, you kind of get what I mean… (-_- really miraie) China finally sent me another package and let’s see what do we have here… If you guys didn’t know, I started learning music and producing music lately… And I made a song with a friend in Tokyo, I don’t know if you guys would like to see, I’ll be sure to make a tutorial on… …Sunday, so… Alright, first of all, this is really special. *box sounds* But that is not the most important part. The most important part is just this box right here. It’s a very unique thing that’s currently trending… in China. It’s called “Infinite Cube” because you can *drops>_

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  1. ミライエさんはじめまして
    オスのことについてお話したいですm(*_ _)m

  2. Lmfao using the finger training for 10 minute is like lifting a weight once and expecting to be stronger instantly, that's not science Miraie! Still great video: infinite cube/10

  3. 2:26
    What is with these flawless cursoe movements
    Curosor constantly in the center of a slider
    And perfectly following the follow lines

  4. 2:14 looks like my father when he plays Mario Kart 8 with me. He keep being shoot by EVERY GREEN SHELL lol

  5. the name of the video have no sense: Can this thing train Osu!? (i think you wanted to use Entrenar).

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