Can You Get Pregnant On Your Period? | Not Dumb Questions | Women’s Health

— Girl I had my period for like two weeks.
And I thought I was gonna like, jump off my building.
— No…. — Oh, Mother Nature.
— We’re both on our periods! — Can you get pregnant on your period? Yes. — Yes.
— Yes. — YES.
— Yes. I don’t know how, genetically, but like you can. — That’s like… yeah.
— You can. Not genetically, biologically. — No. Because it’s like coming out; like you can’t put a new one in! — Are you ovulating when you’re on your period? — Probably not.
— Slim chances but it can happen. — Yeah, absolutely.
— Everybody’s body’s not the same so I wouldn’t trust just because, you know,
it didn’t happen to her. — It says it’s unlikely that you’d get knocked up from having sex on your period, but not totally impossible since sperm can stick around for a few
days. — Damn sperm. — That makes sense! — Mmm, I don’t trust that. — You don’t trust the experts?
— Nuh-uh. — Can stress mess with your cycle? Completely, yes.
— I feel like stress can mess with everything. — Yep. I feel like stress does mess with my cycle a lot. — I think yes. For sure. Definitely has messed with mine before.
— Really? I’d like to say that I agree but there have been times where I’ve been super stressed out and I never was blessed by missing a period? So… — Yaaass. Because when I’m worried about getting my period, I don’t get my period.
— Doesn’t get it, yeah. — I have noticed that under extreme circumstances I won’t have my period for like three months. — Yes. But it has to be something truly dramatic. Although, over-exercising can also put enough stress
in your body to affect your period. — That’s actually really good
to know, because I feel like maybe it was the exercise that messed up my period.
— Yeah, I didn’t know that, that actually over-exercising can actually affect your — ooh.
— Yeah. — That makes sense! I was going
hard at the gym and then I heard it was like one day and I was like
what, what’s going on uterus? — Huh. I’m just a very stressed out person.
— Hmm. — I’m gonna have to breathe and do some yoga. — Is it dangerous to use birth control to
skip your period? — Huh, I didn’t even know people did that. — Who does that?
— I used to do that. — What? Girl how you manage? — I don’t think so!
— I don’t think so. There’s nothing wrong with cheating. — Would be kind of nice to not have it.
— Yeah, but it’s a sign that your body’s healthy. — I think it would be dangerous because
it’s like, you’re changing your cycle. — You knew.
— Yeah because I’ve done it so many times like you know you’re going on a trip
or you’re going to the beach and you’re like, let me just take next month’s. — I would say it’s not dangerous, but I’m not a scientist, so… — Not one bit. But let your
doctor know so they can prescribe you the right amount and so insurance will
cover it — my issue every month. — Because ain’t nobody got time for medical bills. — That’s good to know; it’s not dangerous. — That’s interesting; I did not expect that. — I guess it wouldn’t hurt. It’s not
a bad thing to be on birth control. — Yeah.
— It’s probably better if anything. But like, find the one that like, works for you.
— Yeah. — Do you have to avoid certain
exercises during your period? — Exercise is supposed to help when
you have like periods and cramps. — No. I’m gonna say no.
— Yeah, I don’t think so neither. I do everything at the gym.
Actually I have more strength. — In my personal experience, when I’ve done like a lot of cardio or if I’ve done like abs
for the first couple days I end up with really really bad cramps. — There are a lot of times where
I’m on my period where the pain is so bad I can’t stand up, so
I’m not about to go to the gym. — It goes “only inverted yoga poses, shoulder stands,
head stands, and the plow pose which can cause more cramps.” — Well I can’t do any of those, so that’s not… …an issue for me. — Oh, it can cause more cramps. I
would think like okay, you’ll faint. — I mean it makes sense cuz just it’s
trying to come down and you’re upside down, and… — I think so right?
— Yeah! — I don’t do yoga, so. — So then you’re good!

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  1. anything related to birth control isnt healthy. putting hormones and foreign things in your body is never good for your body.

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