Castle Crashers Gameplay and Commentary

You are a homosexual sir. *unintelligible gibberish* Uhh… Where to my good kin? I cannot, for I have a jousting tournament at noon. You are an homoerectus. I am, thus we are. Alright, alright, let us charge into battle! Oh yeah, baby. Baby, baby. *Early cavemen governmental structure recording* *Intercepting alien signals* *sigh* *mic spam* Oh yeah… *alien language* *Sounds of sacrificial lambs crying out* Oh, I have thus gained a level in penmanship. Castle Crashers? *Tornado* *Tropical Cyclone* *fighter jet passing by* You are not heterosexual! I have weight issues. I do not need firearms to obtain respect from my fellow peers. *throat clearing* Mein gott! I just spammed it… I am lagging a lot. *anti-air cannons launching*

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