Certain Essential Oils May Increase Running Stamina

hey everyone its Bretta Riches from RunForefoot.com and today I’m going to talk to you about how a runner can use essential oils to their performance advantage and for potential performance games and I’m not just talking about using essential oils for massage post1 recovery purposes and uses I’m actually talking about how you can use he sent aroma of certain essential oils to potentially boost your running performance because according to the research. Accompanying taking a few whiffs of some essential oils is a boost of confidence a reduction in fatigue as well as better hormonal balance to potentially give you more physical and mental longevity when you run among other reasons, poor performance is often the result of fatigue, lack of confidence because running can be a mentally daunting task that can be deeply frustrating which can undermine your running performance so what difference would it make if you were to take a few whiffs of certain essential oils before you go running the research suggests that may make a huge difference as smelling essential oils was proven to be quite successful and effective at resuscitating and brightening mood getting you more pumped up for running mentally recharged the research which i will link below if you’re interested makes the case of recommending the following essential oils to help get you be more wired for high speed running just to be clear the best practices for safely inhaling essential oils is by adding a few drop’s of the selected essential oil to a q-tip or to a cotton ball and placing it in a ziploc bag or a zip-top bag in you inhale the aroma accumulated in the bag peppermint oil according to research out of Cincinnati university taking a few whiffs of peppermint oil was found to provide energy rush that lasted hours and may end up making you push harder stronger and more steady for long periods of time how do we understand the role of peppermint oil and offering more brain energy for running according to the researchers the odor molecule behind peppermints mental stamina inducing capacity is menthol and it’s the menthol in peppermint that is the active ingredient that when we catch a whiff of peppermint the menthol is directly involved in increasing mental strength and stamina smelling the aroma of peppermint essential oil maybe a strategic necessity to consider because it may provide a more sustainable basis for re-strengthening your stamina and endurance lemon balm essential oil you can also get your brain fire burning brightly with a zesty aroma of a lemon balm essential oil encouraging evidence has found that lemon balm essential oil boosts energy by reducing and slowing the breakdown and reduction of a brain chemical responsible for mental alertness and memory that’s the mechanism of action behind lemon balm essential oil that is key in helping you perform at a higher level moreover lemon balm essential oil is also full of quercetin which is a naturally occurring compound found in fruits that promotes brain health and really had the gravity for making you more mentally energized as quercetin has the same energetic effects as caffeine and is really change-making in keeping you running with an enhanced level of mental strength and focus clary sage essential oil the overall result is positive with Clary sage essential oil which is a Mediterranean herb. Its promising way to get you energized for running because it balances your hormones particularly the aroma of Clary sage is closely aligned with reducing cortisol levels which is a stress hormone that often makes us very angry frazzled worried and mentally burned out so this Clary sage helps with igniting more energy and drive what is more according to aromatherapist Clary Sage may normalize and restore hormonal balance by having a leveling effect on hormonal balance irregularities thereby reducing symptoms of anxiousness stress fatigue and irritability and other forms of emotional and physical symptoms that comes with having very high cortisol levels so Clary Sage is a good resolution against performance damaging mental stress and overtiredness and i hope you really take stock Ylang Ylang essential oil, you can get great preparation for running with Ylang Ylang essential oil year long long essential oil is a potential positive force for helping you make performance progress there is evidence that Ylang Ylang may make it easier for you to push through the challenges of endurance running by catalyzing more drive and liveliness for example according to brazilian researchers smelling the aroma Ylang Ylang essential while can boost mood self-worth and self-esteem which empowers you to do more try harder with sustained attention and alertness so the floral scent of Ylang Ylang essential oil is a great way to crank up your confidence as confidence is a central theme for good progress giving you mental resilience to stress so there you have it These are 4 essential oils that have an inescapable correlation of their scent aroma and their ability to boost and enhance mood and energy and potentially make a sizeable difference in your running performance and they can certainly be a strong safe practical and affordable way to help feed the drive and the will to try harder for running we see the value of the energizing properties of these essential oils and that they do have a ripple effect because when you feel good you perform well so don’t do any eye rolling about how essential oils that are factually based may enhance or boost running performance because they really could be a positive tool for providing some additional progress for your running performance for more information regarding the proper the biomechanics of running for instance what is a forefoot strike and why it’s a better way to run as compared with a heel strike landing pattern please subscribe to my youtube channel to be updated on all the latest research regarding the health benefits of barefoot running and the health benefits of minimalist running thank you so much for listening watching have fun out there on the road bye for now

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