Chael Sonnen describes crazy Khabib Nurmagomedov private training session.

My coach Fabiano Scherner was in New York a week ago for PFL. Or, err, my teammate Rick Story was fighting, he was out there cornering Rick and Khabib was out there, Khabib was cornering somebody. and Khabib did a workout in the back room and my coach sat and watched it, and he said: You know Khabib didn’t have you know, these master submissions or things you haven’t seen before, it was all pretty straightforward he said, but, He had a pressure. And he said he-well first let me tell what the workout was Okay, so Khabib comes in he’s got five guys, and what the workout is gonna be is one-by-one Khabib is gonna work out with each guy until each guy gives up Once the guys had enough reaches a level of exhaustion he’s done and the next guy comes in My coach said the workout was 90 minutes. The first guy was the most talented guy made it 20 20 minutes in the Giger. I’m done. I have nothing left to offer you great Kobe beef stays a new guy comes in died. Number two comes in for 15 minutes or so guy number three comes in For 15 minutes or so the guy number four Even though when it was done could be was standing up and all five guys were laying down just from exhaustion He didn’t hurt him. It was a grappling work. I didn’t hurt these guys. He just put a pace on him now We’ve seen could be do this on television. We’re well aware of khabib space. I Was just sharing with you guys as this fight gets closer and closer So much is made of Conor space Connors old opponents talk about that pace And we’ve also seen that on television through. Khabib. I thought it was a good story. I thought it was very interesting It’s very hard to wear somebody out Usually when you’re with another trained fighter a trained killer in there one guy does wear out first, of course he does but It’s very hard to do and once you finally reach that critical mass generally the workout is now over If one guy can’t go on the other guys on fumes as well and the workouts over Sometimes you will do a rotation Where every two and a half minutes a guy will come in and then he goes out another guy comes in But then the first guy comes back in it’s just two guy and they are coming in repeatedly Maybe we’ll call it a shark bait or Ironman are Our colloquial terms in the industry for that kind of a drill could be brought in five Guys and wore them all out. I Didn’t get to see it, but I heard about it. The only time I’ve ever seen that Seen that with my own eyes was Tony Ferguson When we used to train at the rain training center He would go through the entire practice everything warm-up drills live rounds conditioning he would do it All everybody’s headed out maybe a couple of guys are sticking around Working on something at a real slow pace not getting their heart rate up, but work on a position or a technique Tony’s in the middle looking for four guys to spar with round after round after and he used to wear guys out He would wear them out to the point that nobody else would come in to spar with him while he was in the middle no rest and Then he would go over to the only thing that could continue a workout which was the heavy bag It’s the only guy I’ve seen do that with my own eyes, but I heard This Conner story. I thought I would share with you guys because I think ultimately it does come down to pace. I Think so many of us are talking about if Conner can land the left or khabib can land the take down But it’s usually an intangible It shows you never as straightforward as we think you don’t have to go back any further than when we all thought DC had to Wrestle steep a down or steep. I had to knock DC out and it ends up going the exact opposite direction You don’t have to look back any further than that to realize it’s never as clear as we think it is it’s always an intangible who can deal with the pressure who can keep the pace who can go five rounds who can go harder than The other guy it’s never about who very seldomly is about who is technically more proficient Who’s more dynamic who’s more explosive those things all have a little piece of the pie? But it’s generally in intangible and Generally when you have to get ready for a fight outside of that lucky punch or submission You have to plan for a worst-case scenario Which is to be there out there all night long It’s wife worked so hard it’s why they get in such good shape for that worst-case scenario I can’t get this guy out of here. I’m gonna see him again round after round after round I Don’t know that that favours Could be I think it does. I think it does but when you when you talk to Conners former opponents They all talk about that pace, too so Connor jumps right on you never lets up and there’s a narrative out there about his conditioning and that largely came because of his fight with Nick Diaz where Connor said I ran out of energy, he said that I Just don’t know that that was an accurate assessment. Meaning that Connor was in poor shape Or if you should also look at the intangibles of which one he was surprised So when you have an adrenaline dump or some kind of a frustration It’s gonna cause some stress which is gonna cause fatigue and also he was up two weight classes He was a forty five pounder back then Passed up 55 when all the way to 170 when you have those bigger guys. You’re also gonna run out of energy faster That narrative was expanded upon After he fought Floyd Mayweather for a half hour, and he said yeah My problem was that I ran out of energy So so many people came out with this old Connors not in great shape. They did not take into consideration the stress of being an event where he’s a sizable underdog his first time in a sport against the greatest to have ever done it and Still did it for a half hour. I? Would ask I will ask you guys shadow box And all shadow box means is you you clench up your fists and you throw them in the air one hand after the next Do it as hard as you can Doing this podcast is over do it as hard as you can Hitting nothing hitting absolutely nothing, but I’m not talking about moving your feet I’m not talking about a head movement and slipping and dealing with stress and someone punched out your I’m talking about plant your feet still And just throw your hands one after the next in any combination you want to do as hard as you can for 30 seconds You will be exhausted You will not think 30 seconds could have ever been so long Hunter went out and did that for 30 minutes? in a sport that he had never done against the greatest to have ever done it so I would just tell you that even though Connor helped to add fuel to the fire Which was I didn’t have enough energy which created a false narrative what I believe is a false narrative that he has cardio and Lung issues. I don’t think that’s true. I think he was in a ridiculously hard environment Where fighters will fight for years and years and years three rounds years ten years of three round fights Maybe in their career if they have a high enough level of success, they’ll even be signed for a 12-round fight he had none of those things and fought for 30 minutes, so I just suggest you that I don’t know that that narrative is Accurate The Nate Diaz fight to weight classes up. Yes, you’re going to get tired faster The Floyd Mayweather fight he went out there and did it for a half of an hour You’re going to get tired. I think that that’s false and I think that that in many ways is what’s going to decide this People believe that khabib has a higher pace I am one of those people I believe khabib has a higher pace I’m just not sure that that makes it so so I’m going to share with you my coach Fabiana shared with me when he got to see a private workout and There was five exhausted guys Laying around and khabib standing in the middle saying who’s next?

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  1. Chael is one of the best talkers in the game by far, looks at things of an angle that’s just unmatchable..

  2. It begs the question: just how good Connor is?
    He does the same thing on tweeter
    Nobody can keep up with his tweeter pace, not too mention googling Russia’s history to make sure he wins the press conference argument
    Khabib can’t keep the pace with Connor on tweeter

  3. I don't think Conor wants to even fight him., khabib as that style of fighting it so hard to beat., is like a snake he's wrap himself around you and there no way out

  4. The truth is there is a load of drama and bs in the game but thats the green paper maker,every fighter stepping in the ocegon is a true champ..

  5. Rematches are for a good fight. Khabib vs Conner was not a good fight,it was Conner getting spanked the whole time till he tapped. He's got shit cardio and against Mayweather, Conner could have been knocked out in the first three rounds. It's all politics! Did you see Mayweather vs tension nasagawa?
    That was a realistic demonstration of what he could have done to McGregor but that wouldn't have been a hundred million dollar fight, people would have been upset and UFC would lost a lot popularity.

  6. When your culture allows you from the time your a child to train and first and everything else second what do you think the results would be. Khabib didn’t grow up with distractions from training like his Western Hemisphere opponents. Khabib was molded from birth to do what he is doing.

  7. Tony doesnt have the punching to keep khabib off him and on the ground khabib is levels above tony……khabib will really hurt tony!
    people think highly of tony because he beat a couple of guys but tony needs to pull magic to be in khabib's league.

  8. Chael never um's or ergh's….quite incredible….also saw a youtube of greatest coach rivalries and Wanderlei was having a go at Chael…Chael smoked him…ducking under his punch…class act this guy!

  9. You're a Real contemporary movement & combat sports Philosopher, mr Chael Sonnen; though you recognize that or not.

  10. This was awesome. "You'll have not thought that 30 seconds could have ever been so long." So true. I wrestled a wrestler once in high school. I was dead out of breath in 25 seconds.

  11. Chael is looking in some direction looking like he's talking to somebody but is actually not..which makes it kinda funny…

  12. You know this is a blatant lie when he says " all 5 guys were lying down" . So the first guy was still lying down 60 minutes later lol

  13. 1st time I gotta call chael out on being wrong, Conner didn't fight the greatest ever, THE GREATEST is deceased, just like the "greatest" conversation is in boxing. I'm surprised you'd say something so egregious being a fighter's fighter, a man that appreciates the history of the fight game, in fact, if you did read this, I'm fairly certain you'd agree with this, Mohammed Ali will always be the greatest, no man has ever had the footwork, handspeed, and head movement Ali had, to have the skills Ali had at heavyweight shouldn't be possible. Mayweather is the greatest of his generation for sure, but not the GREATEST period..

  14. Tony v khabib, covington v khabib, or even gaethje v khabib. All macthups I would like to see. Everyone he's ever faced back up the whole fight. They need some dude with a crazy mentality and excellent cardio. Even then khabib is still the heavy favorite. Also he is like jon jones in the way that if you beat him be prepared to beat him again because you will have to rematch him.

  15. Conor has never fought (Nick) Diaz Chael, your getting senile!! As well to make it perfectly clear and everyone knows it, Conor LOST both fights to Nate Diaz!

  16. Screw Khabib and Tony lets see if Khabib can take on GSP that's the fight we need as a passing of the torch…or maybe it will be the old school dominating the new.

  17. Conor are done he are good at beating an old man now, lousy fighter lousy ground game A fake champ got expose only good at cheating begging fast tapping and barking all the way to octagon what a pathetic drunk cowards irish scumbag rats that disgrace to the sport history..

  18. Connor did not throw his hands right after another for 30 minutes..he did some running in that fight what the hell were you watching

  19. anatomy dagestani got big lung nepalese sherpa come 2nd bigest can spot it straight looking at their rib cage size

  20. Connor didn't have no goddamn pays that motherfucker gas out at the end of round 1 every time. Really Chael? Really?
    Riddle me this why did he shoot on Nate Diaz? Cuz he was tired you dummy

  21. Don't understand the dislikes ..
    This is interesting and an intelligent opinion from someone who's been there. Can't find anything here to dislike

  22. Conor's pace? What are you talking about? No one ever talks about Conor's pace. It's the power in his left hand. He is a fast twitch guy with not amazing cardio. He is not a pace fighter.

  23. Wrong. He was 145 and 155 champ in his previous org before joining the UFC. He was never just a 145'er. The reason the fight was at 170 was because Nate took the fight only like two days notice. Can't expect him to cut down to 155 in like two days. Stop making excuses for loverboy.

  24. may weather was facing a bigger man. and nate went up a weight class also. and conor once again proofed with khabib right he has no conditioning bc all he does is spend his money on alcohol drugs and traveling and then he’ll try to build an endurance in a 12 week camp which is impossible. he makes fun of diaz for doing triathlons year around but the dude never stops coming forward and he’s never quit. Conor has quit about a half dozen times so stop.

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