Changing Your Mind’s A Strength

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  1. You can just see how tuned in Gary is with his ideas. Privilege to be a fly on the wall soaking it in 💡

  2. Having enjoyed the last years and now having to step up to the responsibilities, now that is excitingly scary ❤😶

  3. Thank you for your words of wisdom G.

    Audio peep: either turn Gary up or turn the girls a tiny bit down because one is a little too loud for the other. Hope that helps.

  4. hát a lányaid akik ribanc oldalaon vannak:))))) azok csak ribik lehetnek:))))))) lol huvos de igaz:)))))))) remélem segit .. én biztos tiszta vagyok:))))) ti soha nem lesztek. :)))))

  5. Hustle is like Dwell (dwell means think Unless it means being negative). Dumasses twist shit up. And concentrate on just being critics. Words are words Actions are Real time. pushOn

  6. man, you speak truth so much! I am absolutely blown away by your thinking! Just tonight I reached out to an old High school friend I hadnt talked to in decades I was shocked to hear he hadnt spoke to anyone we all hung out with since high school I feel like I am the only one who does this on a regular! you can change a persons life by one compliment in 8 years ive been on social media not one person has said hmm let me say hi to Steven to see how hes doing its been 2 years since I saw him, but I am the exact opposite, ex's old friends, people I just have met I always try to connect. more by txt and social media but still connect! Best compiment to give someone is the that you were thinking abou them when there is no reason to!*

  7. Damn Gary, you hitting even harder than before on your points, or its maybe that starts to resonante inside me more and more? I dont know but Im thankful! Your ideas and messages empowers me! 🔥💪🏼🔥

  8. Self awareness is so important. For me, spending quality time with my children and family is the key. Finding ways to spend more quality time with family is what fills the cup.

  9. I've always said GV is akin to a Buddha / spiritual guru, the way he stays in state and zone 🎯🎯 #garyveeforpresident

  10. Nowadays, that iss what I am looking for.I am dropping university now.I don't want to spend my entire life in labs

  11. It’s amazing to see the difference between Gary’s interactions with men & women. I’ve never heard Gary apologize so much. Much respect man‼️

  12. Damn.
    I think though there is a difference between declaring to the world I will start this business, and then go to Uni instead if you realize that's the right thing for me.
    But there is something wrong with promising your parents you will study and then don't. Or promising your Business Partner you will start this together and stay with it and then dont stay with that promise.
    What do you think?

  13. 12:23 — Gary near-perfectly explaining the meaning of the lyrics of my song called “Alive” that I’m currently working on.

  14. Why would anyone care what people think about you? Their comments and opinions are as insignificant as themselves.

  15. I feel like these gals don’t get him at the end 😆, Gary can work as much as he does because he adores everything he chooses to do, the ultimate career. All of us would work as hard as him if we pursued the things we love as much as he does. This is an awesome podcast, thanks for having him on ladies!!

  16. ~C.I.P. #Nip📿🕊👑💎 #TheMarathonContinue🏁🏁🏁❤💙 💪💰🦍🦈 ~Shxt we building can't be fathomed."-Corporate ~SpitYoRachet! •€£¥• •Bag_Talk:101🤑BLING💎⚖️ #WeWorking👷‍♂️ #HoodHard🎧🎼 #Radiopusherstv📺🔌 #BET⭐️

  17. How do you have so much patience with people that do not understand your mindset? and how to you influence using words in such a way you don't come across to them as "attacking them"? Is it just empathy, gratitude, compassion, self-awareness? Also, how would you suggest to someone who is naturally introverted to become more naturally extroverted (others would call me extroverted but I seem like I am almost faking it when I know I'm not, I'm just faking it until I make it…)

  18. So much to take from this interview, especially the idea of just running with an idea and not being hung up on feeling how others may feel by any decision we make. Lots to learn and follow!

  19. Fact: Russians are known to show clairvoyance, like knowing exactly what other people are doing at any given time

  20. Any musicians here?!
    I’m starting to realize it really is up to us. He literally leaked his content model. It’s a real challenge to break free from the opinions of others, so I’m grateful to see Gary Vee and all of y’all do it.

  21. another platform … any of you people see what today's entertainment is doing to society? all that is own is stuff the majority of people mindlessly watch [ the majority of people are braindead idiots] every movie i found had a violent killing in it in the first 2 to 5 minutes? you think the world is getting to be a better place?.we do what we are exposed to…when certain situations arise we act on what we are programmed to do [ i have seen this first hand ] and since the majority is [ we know ] they don"t care…

  22. 5:34 – 6:03 the answer of my insecurities
    17:57 – 18:00 the clue that I need to answering my question
    19:14 – 19:52 Ok. ASAP. I'll finish my video's lectures of Stoicism
    20:29 – 20:49 / 22:23 the answer of my goals at build my parents's small restaurant
    22:26 – 23:41 this make me attempts to rewind my old routine. 6 hours at night, maybe 1-2 hours at nap time.
    24:00 – 25:09 I'll do it. ASAP.

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