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  2. That's exactly right Brian, humanity are speeding towards the top, and we have never been better.. just everybody stop insisting that we have to think a certain way to be moral, and stop forcing western societies into accepting being multicultural societies (we don't want it!) and we'll all be fine!!

  3. Modern vegans are like religious zealots. Shots fired.
    Useful interview, time well spent, thanks LR.
    Good interviewer too.

  4. Nope high testosterone means you are more likely to produce sperm with an X chromosome. This means you are more likely to have a female offspring. This is why typically the oldest child is female and men later in their lives typically have boys.

  5. Socialized medicine is worse than privatized? Has this man read the "literature" he likes to brag about? We in the U.S. devote 50% more of our economy to healthcare than most other developed countries, with worse overall outcomes. Read the mortality and morbidity "literature," Mr. Poliquin, you sound like a lout.

  6. He forgot other main point of low T levels in men: Pollution (including plastics)

    Tap water: Hormones, Pollutants, Heavy metals, Xenoestrogens, Pesticide residue
    All food: Covered in plastics, people eat from plastic containers
    Water: 99% in plastic bottles
    Packaging- Cups, Plastic forks , sythentic fast food wraps
    Pesticides – Could be brought back to carbs, high amounts in wheat etc.

    Trust me these cause cancer in women and men. Do yourself a favour and MINIMISE plastic. Buy meat from the butchers wrapped in paper, avoid tap water (if you can't buy glass bottles then plastic bottled spring is still better than tap). Tap water also has flouride which kills gut bacteria, killing your immune system)
    If you eat pasta, buy organic. Avoid plastic cups, forks etc.
    Also. get yourself a metal food container (or glass). The research is out there. Plastic turns male fish female.

  7. How the fuck you can be whith out carbs all bodys don't respond the same to fats speacially if you have health issues, I don't do good whith fats to much ,meats ,are you comparing enhance person to a natural ,cuss you look enhance sirr for your age ,depending were your health is is what the body is going to need to repair itself,…

  8. I loved the knowledge of Charles regarding to training, when I found that he had absolute 0 knowledge of nutrition;. VEGAN have lower IQ. AH AH AH …. Don't you think that eating meat, that stay 3 days into your body to digest prevent your mind to stay clear and to think well ? Come on.. this is common sense..

  9. I started consuming 20g per day of omega 3's and he is correct, the changes are remarkable, improved hair, skin, vision (had to get new lower prescription glasses), libido +, Etc. I

  10. Poliquin's remarks are harsh about vegans and as untrue as true. Many vegans go about it very uninformed and clearly are suffering from poor nutrition and that definitely has ramifications on cognitive function as well as physical performance. That said, there are some very well-informed vegan athletes on an all-plant diet that eat smartly with balance nutrition and incredibly energetic cognitively as well as physically. For those not familiar with the vegan olympic weight-lifter Clarence Kennedy, please do a search of his name here on YouTube to see the incredible, comically heavy weights he lifts. He is a very intelligent, articulate vegan with enviable strength. So there are good counter-examples. But again, most do not take the time to approach veganism right. It requires patience to learn, read, and prepare your food correctly.

  11. When are you going to have the great Paul Chek on the show Brian? He's blowing up the ONNIT & Aubrey Marcus podcasts on his way to Rogan!

  12. London Real would have done much better if they had interviewed Paul Chek. He is much more knowledgeable (its four "white devils" you brain dead gear head stroke victim) on these topics, is drug free and much more articulate.

  13. So how much is it going to cost me each month if I do all these tests , consume all these various supplements and the prescribed diet ….????

  14. Doesn't really give you an advantage!? Wait what dick? Your pumped on TRT JOKER! You should be thanking Vegan's for helping global climates. Also I know plenty pro-bodybuilders and athletes at the highest level who are vegans. Personally I'm a vegetarian. But I gotta call you out clown.

  15. Novak Djokovic went vegan and his career went downfall, then he got back eating meats and won Wimbledon.

  16. what a fucking quack… the reason why people are obese is because they're overeating on black beans, red lentils, bananas, chickpeas, apples, blueberries, mangoes, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, quinoa, buckwheat and wild rice? Shut the fuck up you fucking TRT Keto Quack.

  17. Took less than a minute to recognize this dude is a disinformation assclown.

  18. People need to stop being Vegan just because its 'Cool'. People rather make it more difficult to do anything just to form a new identity, but they are still stuck in society's constructs.

  19. Nice guy and good physique for his age, but has no clue regarding dangers of meat and dairy. You cannot ignore clear cut evidence of meat and dairy health dangers. Interesting interview.

  20. I love how all the meat bros in this thread talk like adolescent dipshits when they are met with actually data and arguments that challenge their opinion.

  21. I think this show is good but the guy running it seems to become a freak more over time because he has like 100 gurus

  22. Interesting, he says doctors are better in US because it's not a socialised system, hence their knowledge is advanced.
    Meanwhile, life expectancy is US is 78 years.
    Canada, 82.
    Australia, 82.

    Something wrong isn't right, if you know what I mean.

  23. All Western medicine, whether USA, Canada, or Europe SUFFERS because they are trapped by the Rockefellers!!!! Do your research as you say. Try to get cancer cured in the USA!

  24. Everybody complaining her that he is contridicting himself are utter idiots. He clearly states that diets and nutrition are genetic and individual.

    Yet you pick out information to try and discredit him for advising on a specific circumstances which is a man who not going to consume meat and only Vegan food which is 90% carbs! So obviously he'll need to eat alot of it.

    Pure moronic dicks

  25. I am not entirely surprised Charles has not coached any plant based athletes. He does not really come across as very interested in them ….. so why would they be interested in him being their coach? He obviously has fantastic knowledge. Shame he can not put things across in a calmer / kinder way. Obviously has no problems with his t – levels, not that he would divulge that if he did! 🙂

  26. "They see all this bull shit that meats gonna give you heart disease" cause of death = Heart Attack….Great coach on strength and conditioning. Nutrition still questionable.

  27. Glad he died. His death could save many misguided lives. Avoid steroids and animal foods especially meat and fat. Imagine his dying thoughts “I was wrong. I fucked up!”

  28. I’m sure Poliquin sold undetectable drugs to Olympic athletes. What else do they need him for? Wannabe doctor/authoritarian.

  29. 20:48 Poliquin sure ate those words!! Right, eat yak and grass fed meat and your heart will be just fine- NOT. 🍖 =⚰️.

  30. 23:40 I found the DUMBEST Poliquin Q&A of all! “We only have one stomach.” 🤔 so smart!! Umm mountain 🦍 have one stomach. Horses. I mean if you’re interviewing this arrogant fool who only looks good due to steroid use, why not stop him right there? You could’ve saved his life. But again, it’s best that he died of a heart attack to put his fanboys on notice.

  31. and the vegans laughed and laughed at the Bro Science this guy who died at 56 preached… keep eating that meat idiots!!!

  32. my theory has always been if you cant catch kill or grow it dont fuck with it. just some guy from the panhandle of wv

  33. And what is the result of this supposedly healthy lifestyle? 50 g of fish oil a day, zero scientific proof. No carbs unless you're endurance athlete, zero scientific proof for that. dead with 57 years, heart attack, should I laugh or cry now?

  34. Sorry for Charles loss.I used a lot of his training ideas accept his diet which many studies show can lead to cardiovascular disease. It does make some of his views on Plant Based Diets and cardio vascular health ironic.

  35. He was one of the greatest strength coaches there ever was. He coached olympic athletes. Yes he died of heart disease but so did his father before him. He had heart disease in his genetics.

  36. He did what he enjoyed and got the most out of his life. If you live to 90 and couldn't do everything you wanted then it's a waste. People forget that there is a risk/reward ratio no matter what you do in life, his lifestyle isn't any different than any other if it was fulfilling to him. Vegans want to waste their life on social media trying to tell people what to eat, good thing they have all that extra time to do that. When you actually become 70,80,90 you'll regret any time you wasted worrying about others instead of yourself.

  37. Died at the age of 57 from a heart attack – it just goes to show you can be a health and fitness guru and talk about long Jevity and nutrition and strength training – yet when your time is up it’s up – gone to soon…I guess steroids growth hormone and nutrition are not the best combination.. but still missed by many..

  38. Rest In Peace old friend. I have followed your work for more than 20 years and achieved results that still blow my mind. Some may view you as crass or even rude, but I see it as being straight forward so someone doesn’t waste their time on foolish ideas.

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