Cheap eats: How to find healthy food

(funky music) – [Narrator] Smart eating
can seem difficult, especially when you’re on a budget, but with careful meal planning,
shopping, and cooking, you can trim your waistline
without trimming your wallet. – With the current economic climate, many people are finding the need to budget their food dollars. It is possible to eat
healthfully on a budget. By planning carefully and taking advantage of lower cost items, you can really stretch your food dollar. Hard economic times don’t mean that you have to eat less well. By planning ahead, shopping the sales, and trying out those
generic or store brands, you really can save a
significant amount of money while also providing healthy, well-balanced food for your family. A lot of people think that you can’t shop on a budget and still eat
fruits and vegetables, and that is not true. There’s several strategies that you can use to
buy lower-cost produce. One would be to choose
fruits and vegetables that are in season. These are gonna be less
expensive and also taste better. Canned and frozen fruits and vegetables are just
as nutritious as fresh because they are packaged
at their peak of freshness, so they maintain their
nutritional quality. When you’re buying meat, it’s best to buy it when it’s on sale so you can plan your meals
according to the weekly ad, or you can freeze those that
are on sale for later use. When shopping for
different types of grains, there’s several things that
you can do to save some money. Buying the plain brown rice rather than a rice mix is less expensive. If you’re trying to save some money when it comes to beverages, get a filter for your tap water at home, and keep it cold in the refrigerator instead of choosing bottled water. Also, buying the frozen juice concentrate instead of a large bottle or a can of juice can save some money, and lastly, making your own coffee at home and adding a specialty
creamer or something that makes it a little tastier
is a lot less expensive than going out every morning for that specialty coffee drink. A good overall shopping tip
to save money is to look for the generic or store brand. Often, these products
are a lot less expensive than the brand name but
yet taste just as good. Look for bigger containers
and boxes to save some money, and to see if you are really
getting a better deal, check the unit price
that’s on the store shelf so you can compare the
smaller size package to the bigger size to make sure you really
are getting a good deal. When money is tight, people
tend to eat fast food more, thinking that that’s a cheaper way to spend their food dollars, but actually, preparing your
meals at home or bringing food for lunch at work is a lot
cheaper than going to fast food, and not only that, you’ll be getting less
calories, less sodium, and less fat overall by
making your own meals rather than going to fast food. (funky music)

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  1. How about suggesting lower cost protein sources? There is protein in many vegetables, beans, nuts, soy. Suggest not drinking juice which is expesive and use those dollars on real fruit. Powdered milk without additives? I think more research could go into this video.

  2. 2019? In certain states in season fruits the average fruits and still pricey. There's no planning ahead on a budget. Its more like OK I have $20 which stores will cater to my budget. Shopping 99 cent stores first,then regular stores.

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