CHEAPEST Envy Wheels Strength Test!

Jumping over get us one name. Whoa. Oh, I almost died again, dude. That’s a second time night Hey there she is scary. Boom good job dude, Braden just learned how to do buttercups. So how many of you done now? 20 it’s a lot more than I was thinking he was gonna say but we were over here to make it a skatepark tonight and I have a actual pretty good idea. I got a little bit of a test tonight We’re testing out like the cheapest any wheels And I want to see how strong they actually are and if they can withstand A whole bunch of tricks here at to make the skatepark now there’s a lot of things here that require a lot of pressure on Wheels, for example, we got a couple drops over here We got this big hip that I really like to jump and land like right about here And that’s a lot of pressure on your wheels. So we’re gonna find out tonight how strong the cheapest end wheels actually are But before we do all that we gotta warm up all right line number one of the night is gonna be a 360 bar spin over this first box straight into the W up over the pyramid and then we’ll go up and I want to jump the pyramid to the roller gap All right, so drop it in. Like I said first trick is gonna be 364 now we have crews over this way get the double keel up on this side And this is the guy that we’re doing right here It’s actually really scary gap but it’s a lot of fun if you can do it, right Of course if you screw it up not fun at all jumping over against one name Wow, oh I almost died again dude, that’s my second time tonight Yeah, but barely Okay, boys, let’s get a little comeback from that Let’s drop in and get a quick back here on this one because this is always a lot of fun How about a quick flare on this No, I’m not kidding you guys I almost frickin got sent on that gap over there I almost died like he jumped and I couldn’t control how much I was going forward. Was that good at all? Yo, I don’t know what exploded right here, but it doesn’t look like it was very pretty. You know what that was was it really it looks like wax and someone just tossed down cuz it melted and just Exploded so this is actually my second time being here at this park today But when I was here earlier, I actually forgot my camera which was super struggle Street But when I was here earlier this due to actually went to jump this gap though I’ll actually do right now. So who’s going down right here you jumped up and as he got to this spot He landed he had some Gucci slides on his feet came out of the slides any faceplant. It’s so Freaking hard. I’m really really glad he’s okay because it was really scary and he was sleeping. He was snoring Now here we go bar bar bar bar Do you mean trick to do fly out? Please? Live whip whip whip to people? Nope Oh people on that Okay, so flip what land in people okay that I can do it. Whoa, homie. I Was gonna take you out Oh guys get this flip flip really fast What wasn’t happy was a salad but that counts right? Yes, sir. I got a flip double now Do you think I got fluid double first? Try good? Cuz I think you got it first try – He was not excited on that little remark, all right flip double That was a feeble born Tuesday May I’m doing right straight in front of you old goodness. Oh Dang it I try to hold it. Let’s try it again. Maybe we’ll throw a bar in the beginning anyway, whoa Jesus There we go It worked. Thankfully. I wanna clean up that cat really quick because I want to leave it that Chi was really nasty She was dirty. Oh god. I was just fell riding with one hand. All right, here we go again That was better that one I didn’t even get close to dying. Thank God All right. I think I’m ready to throw these wheels on and see how they’re feeling Okay, so here are the wheels that were putting on they are the env1 wheels The pink ones are the only ones I have but at least I’ll stand out they’ll match my grips I actually am kind of confident in them I think they’re gonna last throughout the rest of my session which unfortunately is not that long because we got here late There we go, how long did it take you to learn buttercups, that’s how I know Let’s see. So I learned it at summer leaf and then I got it here so I mean I think it took me about four months because other than the motion and then I started trying it on the corner down there I just sort of sent it at somebody because they have like an 8-foot quarter and I got it in about five or six drives if I told you try it five times How many times do you land it or ten? Okay, probably about seven out of the central. Okay, so that’s actually pretty good Especially you’re just learning it stupid oh Dang it struggle Street wheels are both Officially on let’s try these things out. Okay, so we have the wheels on right here again These are the env1 wheels in pink and they’re a hundred millimeters, but they’re actually in still an eighty six a year thing So the same hardness as my wheels, but they’re not the same formula at least I don’t think I could be wrong on that But I’m pretty sure they’re not because they don’t feel like when I actually ride it being that they are a hundred millimeter wheel They’re a lot slower than my 120s, but they still work really well, so that that’s a plus regardless But I want to see if they can handle some of the bigger drops that we’re gonna do tonight And like I said earlier mainly like that hip over there So let’s go give that a shot and see how it works while we’re on our way I should let you guys know that we did just recently restock in all of the mint doodle hoodies Sorry That mine’s a little bit dirty right now because wheels. Hit me Bless where yours won’t show up nearly as dirty as this one and that includes all sizes. That’s using medium Use large small medium large and extra-large be restocked in every city We also are restocking in hats gloves should be here in exactly three weeks now I talked to the factory in the same three weeks I should be here in my hands and on my hands and hopefully on your so don’t forget to get all those products on your Christmas list because christmas is Coming up really really quick. So here is the drop in for the hip so, let’s see if this goes well, alright, so dropping in let’s get that quick jump the big Like that, they handle that pretty well like no problems there whatsoever I want to do it again and I want to go a little bit faster because that one I did hold back a little bit cuz I mean I am still a little bit nervous these wheels are probably like if I had to take you guys they’re quite like Fifty bucks for the pair and that’s for a brand new pair and they come with bearings again. I could be wrong I’m not a hundred percent positive because I haven’t seen them in a shop before because I haven’t worked in a shop in a long Time, but if I had to take a guess, that’s it. They would be round two on the hip Let’s get an invert this time. All right, drop it in. Let’s keep it nice pump Like no problem at all still like they’re still feeling just as fast as they were when I put them on for a cheap wheel This can definitely get you by no problems whatsoever It is a little bit weird when I do wigs because they whip so much faster because there’s so much lighter than my Lambos even Though the Lambo is an extremely light wheel for its size. Not nearly as light as these things are so earlier I did a flip double out of this. Let’s get another one of those and see if they withstand that trick drop it in Yeah, no problem still like this, I’m solid I’m actually pleasantly surprised right now I’ve ridden these before and I’ve done like small tricks like triple whoops, like a couple quality things like that But it’s all been at like serenity never take them into a big part where you can do big drops we’re not gonna do the for block tonight because that’s not really even a like a hard landing cuz you’re landing into a bank but Maybe another night not tonight. How about we try that big gap again? Let’s give that another go and see if it works Yo, look at this though. Look how far away my brake is from the wheel It’s so much further Away than when I have my wheels on so when I go to stop it’s really weird because I have to pushed so far Thankfully, we don’t have to slow down on this trick. We’d have to get as much speed as we can So hopefully it works full stead. Alright, so getting that speed up for it over I Landed hard on that like on purpose and still no problems So far these cheap env wheels are proving to be extremely strong especially for their price. How about a quick quad? Whip on the hip. All right, drop it in and a quad. I Think I freaking caught the heck out of that one Okay, so in this bold corner? there’s like a Steeper spot in here so you could do flares and there’s also like more of a Bank ashari ax so let’s get a couple flares On that side and get a lot of pressure on these things if they explode the session will be over all right drop and let’s let’s do like I want to get a spot where it’s like a little bit of pop so we did a little bit more on the pool corner than I wanted to but let’s do another one and go a little bit more left just a little bit I did land really hard in that backfield right there. So actually I do want to take a peek at it really fast Nothing nada. We haven’t even scraped off the Graphics on the side of them yet and the bearings are still rolling nice. These are actually the same bearings I ride in my wheel. So that’s really convenient Even more convenient. That’s our lasting. I do, you know, what time all the lights turn off here? Four minutes. All right, let’s get that flare That when we landed really hard it didn’t say how I’m good, but it felt good I must just hit the side of my deck right there because the wheel still like it’s brand-new no problems at all like the hall We said we only have about three minutes left in here. So let’s get a couple tricks over the Box over there. Shall we? First one let’s just get a three whip over it All right that worked out really nicely Seeing here’s why I can kind of tell these are cheaper wheels because I can’t hold my speed nearly as much as I can with My Lambos again not saying they’re slow. They’re just not nearly as fast as my other wheels. All right, rig number two Let’s get a flip. Of course. We have to flip it I’m too much of a flip or not to do it on that ramp, especially with these cheap env wheels. I drop it in Let’s get that one push going down pop beki Done. We’ve probably got like two minutes left in this session. So I want to get a couple like hard flat tricks real quick So I want to get a triple up really fast. See how they do. I only have a couple tries to get this Otherwise, I’m screwed That was definitely four. Oops. Finally my did you three backtrack ray backtrack only three Solid let’s do another one really fast turnaround go right over this line again Yeah, dude still solid for a cheap cheap cheap scooter wheel I feel like these empty one wheels are actually super super solid if you’re in a bit of a pinch You’re trying to get a nice wheel on a budget check out the mv-1 wheels I’m not sure which shops you can actually get just the wheels app But I know when you do get just the wheels they come in like a really cool packaging and you can get stickers with it I think it comes with bar and some tools actually a cool little little package thing But yeah Check these things out if you’re following on a budget and every time I put these wheels on my scoot They look freaking fire like look at this. I love it. I love it so much, but we’re gonna tune out for the night Thank you guys so much for watching as always. Hope you guys enjoyed today’s video I gotta get a thumbnail before these lights turn off and then we’re out of here. So until next time peace

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