CHG Healthcare Saves Over 28 Hours A Week With Asset Panda

CHG has been in business over 30 years
we have roughly 2,500 employees. Our mission is to put people first: our
employees, people in our community, doctors, hospitals, patients. My name is
Chris Loving I’m a facilities manager with CHG Healthcare. We are a medical
staffing agency here in Salt Lake City Utah. Our facilities department we’re a
little bit unique. We are not just responsible for maintenance, we also
deliver the mail, we’re the receptionists and our customers are all
the employees of CHG. Before we had Asset Panda all of our
stuff was just a photograph and then a description on a spreadsheet. People
would make a request individual who received the request might be the only
person who knew about it. There was really no way to see how we were
spending our time. Other tools were just really rigid. With Asset Panda we can
customize it to do whatever our team needs I knew that we needed a facilities
management software the most important thing to me was flexibility. Being able
to have a ticket system that suited CHG’s personnel needs. I also wanted
something that was light that had a mobile application Asset Panda checked
all those boxes so it was an easy choice For me as the leader of the facilities
department Asset Panda really helps me keep my people accountable, keep them
organized, and it really helps us with the customer experience. So Asset Panda
allows us to assign a ticket to more than one person. More than one person
can put notes. We’re able to put documentation about specific locations
and times and needs we can all stay organized on the same page. For our team
it’s made a huge difference. Asset Panda has really allowed us to take
care of our people better using the ticket system so they don’t have to
worry about is my chair gonna get fixed they can call us up and they have a
timeline of when they’re things to be fixed so they can concentrate on making
money so they can concentrate on their job to be comfortable and be safe.
If I were to recommend Asset Panda to a friend I’d say the three main selling
points are the flexibility the customer service that I’ve received and just the
ease of use it’s been really easy for our team to learn to pick up and to
implement right away.

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